100000000!Just 18-year-old high school student, actually came up with this method to make money!

Self-study software programming technology, research and development hacker software, use the website registration vulnerability crazy to steal the individual information hundreds of millions of citizens, open sale in the domestic and foreign networks, just 18-year-old high school students actually conceive an illegal \”data empire\” dream. Recently, Huishan District Procuratorate, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, filed a public prosecution in accordance with the law of suspected of violations of citizens’ personal information.

Taking the invasion of citizen personal information case

In September 2018, Wuxi Huishan District police received a netizen report, some people were in the forum, post, etc. Platform sells citizen personal information and hacking software used by theft information, the police first filed case investigation, quickly broke the 26-year-old Jiangxi criminal suspect pay.

1亿!刚满18岁的高中在校生,居然想出这种方法赚钱! In January this year, the case was transferred to Huishan District Procuratorate review prosecution. Paying for a \”breeze\”, a strong interest in software programming and hacker technology, in early 2018, in the beginning of a network exchange forum, ask a netizen to obtain the personal information of others, and purchased from the other side A hacker software is used to obtain citizen personal information.

Data map.

Since May to August 2018, Fujian uses the purchase of hacker software to attack all site system vulnerabilities, illegally obtain citizenship personal information, upgrade the hacker software, through the network forum and other channels The price of 500 yuan is selling, and more than 2 million citizens are infringed, and the illegal profit will be profitable. On April 3 this year, a public prosecution was filed by the procuratorate, and the court was sentenced to a period of sentence in prison for three years and six months, and he was punished for 3,000 yuan.

Paying in the interrogation process, the netizens who sell to his hacking software are called \”I Spring and Autumn\”. Huishan District Procuratorate and the police dug a larger network violations of citizens.

only is interested in theft of citizens

Through the network name of \”I Spring and Autumn\”, the technical survey is launched in the network all-life. The network IP address of the net name determines the user of \”I Spring and Autumn\”. It is Liu, which is positioned in Guangdong. At the same time, the police discovered that Liu was suspected of stealing the personal information of citizens, selling in terms of domestic and foreign networks, and taking the case.

In April this year, the police went to Guangdong to investigate, and he did not expect that Liu was actually a senior school in Xinyi’s senior middle school, just 18 years old. After Liu was taken away by the police, the school teacher and classmate have never believe that a high school student who is about to go to the college entrance examination is a hacker who is proficient in network technology and theft of citizens.

After investigation, Liu is a science student, the family conditions are superior, and the computer is very interested in the computer, often using the holiday operation of computer, self-study computer technology, and browsing the \”Take Bicyse\” of the overseas website through the wall software. ,ThatMy parents thought that Liu was just playing a computer because Liu was only playing a computer. To high school, Liu has mastered the ability to write software programs independently.


The case site. The police are mapped

According to Liu’s explanation, from the second half of 2017, it is interested in the personal information of online users in the second half of 2017. It is interested in learning. The technology got the personal information of others, and I didn’t know that I didn’t return it.

No one month, Liu wrote a software, through the built-in interface, after receiving it, then easily obtain the website user account and the corresponding mobile number, then sell the program Pay someone. But soon Liu found that the software is cumbersome and cannot obtain information in batches. In July 2018, Liu found the solution in the Network Forum and started to build a \”information database\” belonging to himself.

In order not to let the peers are discovered

to the website feedback vulnerability

is inspired, Liu also wrote a software that can batch information, and put the software interface and After a website is docked, it is easy to obtain the user account of the site and the corresponding mobile number. In order to establish its own \”data empire\”, Liu hily used network data to store information and specifically leased more than ten server support operations.

For a month, Liu illegally got about 100 million citizen personal information, all stored in its own database. In order not to let other peers discovers the vulnerability, Liu, in August 2018, Liu, stealing the website feedback from the personal information, and blocking the vulnerabilities existing in the website. Since then, Liu has established WeChat, QQ group in the domestic network, using \”Telegram\” and other chat tools, self-service \”Information Query\” robot, tells the database through WeChat, QQ and other groups to sell to others in the form of monthly inquiry, And in the abroad of Bitcoin for the trading currency trafficking in the database for two months, a total of nearly 20,000 yuan. Because of the concerns of public security organs, Liu will not sell the database.

According to Liu’s envision, he will organize the personal information in the database, and then obtain the user’s name, mobile phone number corresponding to the real name, home address and other citizen personal information, using technical means to realize latitude and longitude Real-time positioning, thereby establishing a powerful \”data empire\”. However, the emergence of the police will shock Liu’s dream, Liu will also pay for its own illegal act.

The Office of the Prosecutor pointed out that the total amount of data in the case is large, and the illegal acquisition of citizens’ personal information is accurate. It should be approved by the criminal suspect Liu. But after Liu’s case, he was in the college entrance examination. In the investigation, the public security organs took the protection measures and allowed to participate in the college entrance examination, Liu fell on the list.

August this yearHuishan District Procuratorate was approved by Liu.In the case of handling the case, Liu was found to be immersed in the network \”virtual world\”, the values and mental health were affected.For future life.

Source: Zhongxin.com, Procuratorial Daily

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