16 pumping coups, let money bags get involved

After 95, I was born, growing in a poor hillivar. Due to the poor of the family, I will rely on tea, picking up the tea, picking wisdom, etc. from childhood.

Due to no money, I used to wear a pair of slippers through a whole winter. There is only slippers without cloth shoes, wearing socks appear to be extra alternative, thin, afraid that I am a joke, I don’t wear socks in school.

Due to no money, when other students took a 1000-month life fee consumption, I could only take 300 yuan of monthly living expenses.

Due to no money, I started to do summer holiday workers, cold holidays, and university during the legal age.

Have a bitterness of no money, have been tired of no money, realized that there is no money, I have a consciousness and action of savings.

More than 10 years of payment experience, let me learn the following 16 savings, it makes my money bag more and more drums, can make your money bag more and more drums:

16个攒钱妙招,让钱袋子越来越鼓 01. Building a blueprint

How big money blueprint, the money bag can have a drum.

What is the money blueprint? It is the ideal castle you want to build with money.

Inside the castle, there is your house, car, career and family, etc.

Build a blueprint, you need to build the type and size of the house and the car, you need your resettlement and family, you need you to design all your ideals.

Build a blueprint, but also finalize the time of completion of the castle.

There is no money blueprint, which is in the daydown to move the brick, and the original money bag is kept in the year, and live in the most beginning.

There are people with money blueprints, always urge them to make money bags more and more drums, can land ideals into a new castle.

02. Cancel Credit Card

Do not use a credit card.

Credit card spending, the flower does not hurt, quietly, it is easy to lead to the situation of \”a loan to the bottom, not clear\”. Therefore, cancel it early.

03. Avoid violations to make money

The money earned, it is also in a hurry, and it is rushing. Moreover, it is not just the money you earn, and you still fall in the principal, you can’t get lost.

Anyone who is in violation of money is not done. If you distinguish if it is unclear, please find a distraction to help you resolve.

04. Planning assets

Planning garment and sheaks, educational entertainment, humanity, investment wealth, etc., you will spend money and saving money.

05. Abandonment of desires

Desire consumption is cool,Money back blood crematorium. Desire consumption makes your money bag become flat, can’t help you build ideal castles and is a waste.

Non-emergency unnecessary consumption is to look at the consumption, please pay up with the first principle of the money blueprint.

06. Cherish every benefit

Every benefit you cherish will be every penny you have.

For example, cherish the company’s full-quality award welfare, monthly salary can take a few hundred.

Multi-time a few months that can get up, it is not fragrant?

07. Purchase cost-effective items

I used to feel that money is saved. 16个攒钱妙招,让钱袋子越来越鼓

But since I bought a variety of cheap conditioners and hair care cream, I didn’t have used it several times because I was thrown away because I was not good, I started using brand-named conditioner, expensive is expensive. But it is over.

This makes me awake, the consumption of the province will not only make the quality of life, but also let the money bags become flat, and the cost of purchasing high cost is the most cost-effective.

08. Old things

Idle reusable old items, such as books, with them to fall ash, not as grayed.

The old substitute can make a larger space, but also make the old things to play a role, but also a money, why not?

09. Long-term regular deposit

Some people are moonlight, can’t get money.

If you can regularly save money, it is not taken for a long time, even if you can save 2,000 yuan a month, you can save 24,000 yuan a year, and you can pay interest.

If you can exist in some or a treasure, it is better, because interest will be higher.

10. Investment yourself

Investment yourself, learning and upgrading is the best savings.

more investment points to learn, improve, develop your brain, the more your skills, the faster your growth, the higher your value, your money bag is also drums.

11. Complete the rich people

The poor people have a thousands of people, while the rich models of rich people are always traces.

Following the rich people, not a gold, but in order to know more money the mystery, and based on money mystery to more reasonable and legitimate money.

12. Reading the financial book

Not everyone has the opportunity to make a real rich man, but the financial book makes each of us can make a rich man.

Reading the financial book is a minimum cost of learning the money.

13. Earn \”live money\”

\”Live Money\” is that you don’t work, you can make money bags more and more drums.

For example, writing from the revenue of the media article, rent, as long as someone looks, someone can buy, you can wait for the money bag to change the drum.

14. Beginning

Because I usually pay attention to the teeth, I lost a teeth last year, and then spend 10,000 yuan to teeth (the pain).

Every part of the body value is worthless, and the fitness plastics is the most worthy of a trick.

Have a healthy body, shaping a good body shape, you have gave yourself a lot of doctors and doing money.

15. And family share the payment experience

Home is a \”wealth community\”, which can be taken away from each other, this poorest can drag the poor.

Everyone is really ingredient, share with the family, you can avoid the pit sang the pit, let a child’s money bag getting more and more drums.

16个攒钱妙招,让钱袋子越来越鼓 16. Adjust assets

With the increase of wages and \”live money\” income, adjust assets, re-plan, can dribding money bags.

The above 16 strokes, helping me and my family have saved money and physical efforts.

I hope that they can also help you get the money bag and more drums.

Author: warm, one belief in the 95 post-job field! Focus on the growth of the workplace, share learning and dry goods, help individuals to advance ~

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