20 ways to minimally life


Author: Cave See Autumn

You are simple, the world is simple to you.

Have a very interesting \”three-seven law\”:

a mobile phone, 70% of the function is useless;

a house, 70% The space is idle;

The family’s things, 70% will not be used again …

Have you found it, many times we are not happy It is because we are always irrelevant 70% fatigue, but miss the most important 30%.

In 2022, it was time to sweep a lot.

I summed up 20 ways to live, let us empty it together and put it off.


The material is minimized, and it is lightly installed.

Do you feel that our generation is more and more tired.

Simple clothing food and shelter is constantly packaged, and people’s desires are also expanded.

There is no such thing in the family, the more you are, and it is more troublesome and tired.

The new year, I want to live easily, I have to start with subtraction.

1. Regular cleaning, hierarchical mining

Since the home is safer every half a month.

The clothes that have not been worn in the past few years, the eating and cosmetics, the balcony and the debris accumulated in the cabinet …

You must not throw, talk about what life quality.

Develop good habits, headphones, data lines, and finished things, remember to be returned to the original position;

Packaging bag, manual, useless little things will be lost.

2. Don’t buy anything that will increase your workload

For the clothes that you need to spend my mind, time to wait for the clothes shoes, half a year, one-time small electric appliance.

Flower is for convenience of life, not to increase the burden to yourself.

3. Pay attention to quality, use

with clothes, the classic model is a heroic device, and black and white is always.

The trend is changing per second, and the quality is always more valuable than the quantity.

The meaning brought by the flying treadmill once, and the running shoes wearing 3 years will not be more than.

Constantly use is the best respect for items.

4. Always remember: The protagonist of life is not anything, but yourself

The most expensive decor of a family should be a net, laughter.

A person’s best clothes are always a refreshing appearance, full of essence.


Energy is simple, focus on self.

I believe that many people have such experiences: 新的一年,极简生活的20个方法

Look at a bunch of information every day, but it is almost no useful.

The age of information is flooding, our attention is slowly stealing.

Ask yourself, how long have you not calmed down?

Society is extremely simple, and it will not become a junk prisoner.

1. Only reserved software software

mobile phone software into 100 thousands, but how much do you really need?

Think carefully, but chat, shopping, and work.

The attention and chase of gossip hotspots, except for the waste of time.

From now on, try only to reserve several software using the highest frequency.

Put your heart, is the top self-discipline of adults.

2. Time to brush mobile phones to invest in self

Listening to people online, it is better to take a few classics;

I have envious of others to be bright, it is better to How to make money;

Collected a bunch of fitness videos, not as good as half an hour every day;

believe me, the happiness you want, always have more advanced alternatives.


emotional minimits, stops internal consumption.

repeatedly pondered the views of others, one thing tangled to entangle, serious self-doubt …

In the past, you must have done a short night because of the spirit of the spirit, exhausted.

新的一年,极简生活的20个方法 Society is emotional to let go.

1. Embrace your imperfections

People with severe internal consumption, often feel that they are not good enough, love with themselves.

In fact, where is this absolutely perfect?

Ten fingers have long short and trees have a high low.

Learn to reconcile himself to do emotions.

2. With sports removal missions

There is a term in psychology, called calibration.

Yoga, meditation can drive away impetuousness; run, go to vent trouble.

Timely supplementing the spiritual energy can we drive away the pain and exhaustion of the internal consumption.

3. Use action to cure inner heart

Life is not like cooking, can’t wait for materials to prepare for the pot.

Do you spend a second in your emotional tear a second, just solve the problem for a second.

Beat entanglement and hesitation is often actions.

4. Dance with the uncertainty of life

Luo Xiang said I like: \”Keep cautious about controllable things, keep optimistic about uncontrollable things.\”

[ 123] Life is a war with no smoke, and the growth is to learn, change, let go.

The highest realm of emotional minimalism is to be natural.

The thing is in line with the future, and the internal consumption will really stop.


Financial minimalist, control life.

Ask yourself a few questions:

2021 this year, how much do you have, how much? Which is the biggest expenditure?

If there is no income now, how long your money can you support?

I believe many people may not be able to give a clear answer soon.

Xin Xi’s hard work, big hands, blurred, is a confused, it is the current situation of too many people.

The new year, the financial minimization is time to mention the schedule. 新的一年,极简生活的20个方法

1. Adhere to the accounting, regular investment of financial status

Practical, recurrent financial plan, nor as a small account.

a few minutes a day, how much, where is spent, how the surplus is, and it is.

Every half a year is a total inventory, there is a scales in the heart, and life will be more organized and inception.

2. Make money on the blade

Forever remember two consumption principles:

invest yourself, be kind to the family, when it is spent, Not vague;

Time impulsive, blindly climbed, there is no big hand in place.

After a certain age, earning money such as needle, overhead, such as water.

The final intensity of financial minimalism is to use money in the most important place.


The relationship is minimal, purifying the circle.

For more than three hundred days, if you have seen a person because of a little thing, he suddenly saw a person;

Have you ever feel inexplicable after a lively party?

Do you give you someone else, but I forgot to be kind to yourself?

2022, those invalid social, laborious relationships should be over.

1. Consumption of people, when refused

I don’t want to go, can push; don’t want to help, when refused.

You always talk so much, and who can understand you.

新的一年,极简生活的20个方法 Learn to say \”NO\”, it is really cool.

2. Low quality relationship, turned

in the middle of the night,It is worse than porridge in the morning; two or three known yourself, far from more than 10,000.

Set your family, and operate the day, it is more important than anything.

3. Try to be exclusively 3 to 4 hours

The world is disturbing, getting along with yourself, is the practice of everyone.

Whether you look at a book, listen to a song, still think about one thing, send it for a while.

When a person is, the most quiet, and most free.


The target minus, re-departed.

Read, lose weight, study, and admission tickets …

Flag in the beginning of Flag, almost no, this is the real portrayal of many people life?

There is no planned life like a headless flies, but there are too many goals that will only make people hand.

Learn to simplify the goal, you can come to you.

1. Only one or two most important things every year

No one wants to be thin and beautiful, and I have money.

But everyone only has two eyes, only 24 hours a day, only 30 days a month.

I only plan to do one or two most important things a year, and decompose each matter into a few small stages.

You will find that it is so difficult to implement it.

2. At least 1 hour

at least 1 hour is identified, and it is necessary to keep focused as much as possible. 新的一年,极简生活的20个方法

A specific time is left every day, used to complete specific activities, such as after get off work, before going to bed.

Once start, don’t disturb other things that are not intended.

Laws and habits will make everything easier.


Expressed minimalism, cultivating self.

In the past year, you must have tasted some spells.

Perhaps it is a white-cost communication, perhaps some regrets.

New year, want simple life, starting from expressing minimal.

There is something to say that it can improve efficiency and avoid trouble.

Don’t chat, don’t reject, don’t gently judge, don’t pay a brightening.

When the words be started, you will find that life is more and better.


The mood is extremely simple, learn to look.

Many times is not the complexity of the world, the problem is tricky, but people think too much.

I can’t let go of the past, I can’t release the small things in front of you.

One mentioned the future, always full of anxiety.

Learn to look, and the trouble will disappear.

Clearing the heart, in order to make a hand to hug tomorrow.

新的一年,极简生活的20个方法 You are simple, life will become simple.


Extremely simple, is a habit.

The minimalism is not the purpose, but a tool.

It can help us eliminate those things that are not important and pursue the lives that really want.

Whether it is dressing, eating, talking about these small things, still working, big choices in life.

I always ask yourself: Do you make my life easier?

If not, then you may wish to change a living method.

The old saying is good: the avenue is simple, and it is in the heart.

A lot of unhappy in life, in fact, the shackles of people themselves.

In the past 2021, we have already supported too much, and it has worked hard for too long.

Extremely simple, is a redemption of the soul, is also the best kind to himself.

New year, give yourself a praise:

I wish, the past is clear, the future is not afraid;

Second wish, simple people, simple life;

San wish, inner freedom, live into desired look.

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