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An overview of the veterinary drug industry

Veterinary drug refers to a substance (including drug feed additive) for preventing, treating, diagnosing animal diseases or purposefully adjusting animal physiological functions, including: serum products, vaccines , Diagnosis of articles, micro-organisms, Chinese herbal medicines, medium pharmaceuticals, chemicals, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs and external use insecticides, disinfectants, etc.


Data Source: Calibran University of Economic Industry Corruption

2012-2017, my country’s veterinary drug industry sales annual compound growth rate is 3.36%. In the same period, the global veterinary industry industry did not include China, the sales volume of sales was 7.3%. my country’s veterinary growth rate is significantly slow in the international veterinary market growth rate; the global veterinary market, the total share of the drug is the largest, and the sales of biological products account for 30%. It is similar to our situation; the pet’s veterinary drug in the global veterinary drug market is large, There is a great difference with my country’s situation.


The development characteristics of the veterinary drug industry:

1. The industrial pattern adjustment results initially appear. Enterprises take the initiative to adjust production varieties, pets, cows and other drug production have increased. Using regional characteristics of raw material advantages, from the multi-multi-product to essence, special product transfer. Export companies have increasingly increasing, \”Red List\” corporate market recognition is improved.

2. Brand Advantages Products. Fixed product market with independent intellectual property is progressive. Old products with self-technical advantages, \”craftsman\” have shown significant advantages in market competition; the major improvements of production process is increasing, vaccine suspension, purification process and adjuvant, prescriptions of chemical drugs, imported accessories and package materials Application, new equipment, new technologies, new methods are increasing; the intrinsic quality (efficacy) of some domestic products can be comparable to foreign import products.

3. Illegal adding preliminary curb. The number of key monitoring companies in the summary of the summary of the summary, and the number of illegal adding varieties is also reduced. Incident related ingredients, the big compound pattern is initially curbed.

4. The basic establishment of the technological innovation system is initially established. Research institutes, enterprises to play their respective advantages, the overall innovation technology has improved; enterprises play self-talent technical advantages, improve the original product production technology; new equipment purchase application to improve production technology; compare test research gradually, discover domestic The difference in the differences in the disobedivative parts and the unstable phenomenon of the differences in the existence of the original research.

According to the statistics of the Chinese Veterinary Medicine Association, the 2017 National 1644 veterinary producers have completed the total production value of 52.245 billion yuan, and the annual compound growth rate of the output value is 3.68%. The sales of 47.311 billion yuan, the sales volume of sales is 3.36%; the total assets are 21.244 millionYuan, the asset profit rate is 7.86%. It can be seen from the above data that the overall scale of the veterinary drug industry is gradually expanding, output value, and sales year by year.

兽药行业销售收入及市场集中度分析,宠物用药比重将逐渐加大 Data Source: China Veterinary Medicine Association

my country’s veterinary drug products are divided into biological products, raw materials, chemical preparations and Chinese medicine several categories, including chemical drugs The proportion of formulations is the highest, followed by biological products and raw materials.

Data Source: Public Data Original 兽药行业销售收入及市场集中度分析,宠物用药比重将逐渐加大

According to the statistics of the Chinese Veterinary Medicine Association, in 2018, my country’s new veterinary registration number is 71, of which 1 2 2 categories of 25, 34, 4 classes, and 5 classes.

Data Source: China Veterinary Medicine Association

兽药行业销售收入及市场集中度分析,宠物用药比重将逐渐加大 At the end of July 2018, the veterinary drug production enterprise has an effective approval number of 81 832, which is reduced from the same period last year. 8 706, down 10.39%; 79,913 medium chemicals were reduced by 8 799 in last year, down 11.01%; biological products 1 919, increased by 93 in the last year, an increase of 5.09%. According to the \”China Veterinary Pharmacopoeia\”, the Veterinary Material Quality Standard 2017 version of the number of the number of Chinese chemicals is 57.5%.

Third, the concentration analysis of veterinary drug industry

The concentration of veterinary drug industry continues to increase due to the increase in the degree of scale of downstream culture. Since the scale breeding enterprises have improved the demand for disease prevention and treatment, the company has enhanced product quality through technology innovation, ensuring product quality performance, driving sales with high quality. In the scale of breeding, in the intensive wave, the industry enters the barrier, and the small enterprises have relatively weak research and development strength, a batch of companies with small scale and low technical content will exit the market and promote the concentration of veterinary drug industries. From the perspective of data contrast, the market size is stable and expanded, and the industry concentration is also slowly improved.

Data Source: Public Data Original

In addition to changes in the industry, the veterinary drug industry is also affected by environmental policies, concentration Large companies are rapidly tilting. Since 2016, my country’s veterinary drug supervision has been strengthened, and the comprehensive promotion of GSP certification of veterinary drugs has also been largely purified by veterinary drug production market. And since 2017, with environmental protection, it is difficult to survive, and the pollution capacity and cost has become the core competitive elements of veterinary drug enterprises. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have been commissioned or discontinued by environmental costs, and even some large enterprises are also commissioned by factors such as smog, and industry concentration has also experienced rapid improvement.

Fourth, the development trend of veterinary drug industry 兽药行业销售收入及市场集中度分析,宠物用药比重将逐渐加大

1, standardization is a big trend

In recent years, my country’s veterinary drug industry has developed rapidly, but still in the primary stage. Since many companies are just the knocking bricks of the veterinary drugs as the industry, there is no high importance in management, and the implementation of GMP in production is still in a relatively irregular state, and there is a big gap between the standardization of veterinary drug production in developed countries. The specific performance is: First, it is not possible to operate full according to the GMP procedure. Second, there is no strict accordance with the national veterinary quality standards. Third, there is no strict production quality management system, and the fourth is my country’s administrative organs to produce, circulating Supervise management is not enough.

With the long-term development of my country’s animal husbandry, the veterinary drug industry has shown a broad market prospect, and people’s living standards continue to improve, and paying close attention to food safety. High requirements.

Therefore, the development of veterinary drugs is a general trend and will become the future direction of the veterinary industry. At the same time, with the improvement of the concentration of veterinary drug industry, some companies with strong size and profitability have gradually emerged, these companies are gradually strengthening their own standardization from the long-term consideration of their own protection. It spontaneously promoted the standardization process of the industry and became the main force of standardized development.

2, merger, reorganization, integrated graduality is gradually near

\”Clenbuterol\” incident in recent years accelerates the standardization speed of the veterinary drug industry, and with the veterinary drug supervision department The supervision of the industry is constantly increasing, and the veterinary drug industry market is constantly regulating the market, and the policy is inclined. It is bound to concentrate some excellent resources to the advantageous enterprises, thus forming an advantageous enterprise increasingly excellent, increasinglycoming business increasingly Poor polarization.

This continuous intensified polarization phenomenon will inevitably lead to a small part of the incadvilings that are integrated, recombinantly or integrated by the advantageous enterprises. As agricultural areas are increasingly performed in the capital market, more and more excellent capital, excellent professional managers have also added attention to the veterinary drug industry, join. These also provide critical resources to the industry’s mergers, reorganizations, and integration.

3, the proportion of pet medication will gradually increase

many foreign developed countries, pet medications accounted for high proportion, and our veterinary drugs produced by the veterinary drugs are extremely small, Mainly based on livestock drug. But as people’s living standards increase, pets as human companion animals, more and more recognition, and pet feeding increased year by year. In recent years, my country has increasingly opened, humanized, and gradually reduces pet feeding thresholds in pets. In some developed city, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and pet markets.

Therefore, the proportion of pet medication in veterinary drug production will be larger. At the same time, some people suffering from sickness (such as Toxoplasma, dogs, races, etc.), giving human healthIt has become a serious threat, which also puts higher requirements for the development of pet medicines.

4, from therapeutic drug to prevent health care drug development

With the further development of my country’s economy, people’s living standards continue to improve, food safety issues are more concerned, livestock and poultry products The export restriction is getting stricter, and the intensive level of our farming industry is getting higher and higher. Most livestock major diseases have been eliminated or have better control. The application of therapeutic drugs, especially antibiotics will decrease year by year. Gradually develop toward the direction of preventive health care drugs.

Preventing health care drugs actually improve the efficiency and effect of disease control, thereby improving the benefits of breeding. At present, the concept of raising pigs in scale, and the concept of health care has deepened into the hearts. The size of the poultry industry is also changing some medication concepts and develops in the direction of preventive health care.

5. Branding development is a long way to go

At present, most manufacturers of veterinary drugs are basically in line with the standards of product dosage form, the number of varieties, the product development is short, flat, fast, There is no research and development of branded products. This leads that veterinary drug products circulating in the veterinary drug market are extremely similar in structural, varieties, prices, functions, and markets. The competition is severe, market chaos, and the product name circulating in the market, the product homogenization is serious. The number of veterinary drugs that caused in the market, but there is no specially prominent brand product. In addition, some manufacturers only seek survival, brand hardware, software construction, and not pay more attention to intellectual property and product innovation, and more about branding. Therefore, the road to develop brand-based development in our veterinary drug industry is a long way.

The brand is an embodiment of the credibility of the company, representing the image of the company, is an intangible asset of the enterprise, which can bring tangible wealth and interests. Take brand-wide roads, pay attention to product innovation and intellectual property, and become the key to the future of our veterinary drug production enterprises in the future.

6. The changes in the aquaculture industry on the veterinary drug industry

The emergence of financial crisis, lean meat, melamine, etc., bringing serious aquaculture, farming model, etc. Impact, a big impact on the development of the veterinary industry. Because veterinary drugs are the service sessions of a cultured industry chain, they must adapt to the requirements of the aquaculture changes.

7. New veterinary drug development will become the core of enterprise development

Due to the influence of funds, talents and other factors, there are fewer companies with new products in my country’s veterinary drug industry, most companies Do not have any R \u0026 D capabilities at all. The so-called new product development is only developed according to the national standards of the veterinary pharmacology. It has led to the continuous increase in market competition. The phenomenon of product homogenization is becoming more serious, and the marketing channel is basically similar, resulting in competitiveness inevitable results is the game between prices. Leading two defeats.

Drawing on the development experience of foreign famous brand manufacturers, someThere are long-term strategic plans, and companies with independent intellectual property products and strong research and development have developed into the mainstream of the veterinary drug industry, and the development of new veterinary drugs will become the core of the future development competition.

8, the combination of products and markets will become more closely tight

Currently, the marketing of our veterinary drug industry is generally enterprise – salesperson – distributors – farmers, product circulationExcessive, there is no product sales profit and efficiency, but also lost initiatives in the game with the dealer, which leads to the rise in the cost of the enterprise to market, and reduced the profit space, and the future development direction of the company itself.Adverse effects.

Therefore, the future goal of veterinary drug marketing should be a farmer rather than the salesman, and the combination of products and markets will become more close and close.

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