2017 rural earning money project (what can be developed by the countryside)

Hello everyone, we met again, I am your old friend – the big scene of farmers. Thank you for your support and encouragement of me. With your support and encouragement, my writing path can go longer, and the source of energy is constantly bringing more useful information. Old rules, today we continue to talk about the rural areas!

Nowadays, there are too many rural areas of my country, and every household has basically all over the rich life of food and clothing, but in the countryside, most people who have no craftsmanship will still choose to go to work, because no If you don’t make your business, you can do it hard to make money. You can only make money. So don’t our rural people really have no choice except for work? Don’t you have other good to make money? Of course, the rural people can also make money, as long as they do carefully, the money earned in the countryside will not earn less. Today, I will share a few rural people’s money, I hope to bring some help to you.


Do not want to work, what is the best?

First, we must know that rural people must meet the following conditions: 1 is to light investment, after all, there is no money in rural people, and can’t take a lot of money to invest, so you must be small business. . 2 Secondary rural people must choose the project that can quickly returning, and there is basically no risky, because small business is not affordable. 3 Rural people Small entrepreneurship try to choose less technical content, so that they can be more suitable for rural people. In short, rural people have to choose the low-cost, high-yield, relatively simple and stable projects, such as the following small items:

农村人除了打工以外,还可以做什么好项目?这里有答案 I, grain and oil distribution

In the countryside, grain and oil distribution is a good project, first talk about the advantages of grain and oil distribution: 1 to do grain and oil distribution mainly sell all kinds of food, seasoning, bottled water, canned liquefied gas, etc. It is all provided on-site service. Because these things are life, they are needed, and these are consumables, demand is very large. 2 Make grain and oil distribution business, is a long-term business made with customers, as long as we are reasonable, the service attitude is good, there is no old customer. 3 Doing grain and oil distribution looks profit, selling a pack of rice to earn a few dollars, selling a cans of Liquid water, earning 10-20 yuan, but doing this line is very stable, doing time, old customers If you have more accumulated, you will make money.

In addition, there are many advantages in rural production, such as this line is basically old customers in the countryside, or acquaintances, so don’t need to open the store. Very bustling location, can even do not need a store, as long as there is a warehouse, it is, anyway, the phone is connected, the delivery is home, there is no storefront to do it. Secondly in the countryside to make grain and oil matchThe cost is relatively small, the labor cost is also cheap, this is not enough in the city, the city opened a variety of expenses. Do not say, please workers, the salary is quite high, don’t worry about these problems in the countryside. Comprehensive factors, I personally think that it is very good to open a grain and oil distribution store in rural areas, it is worth recommending. 农村人除了打工以外,还可以做什么好项目?这里有答案 Second, second-hand kitchen utensils

Kitchenware recycling, this is a specially profitable project, but those who don’t understand this trip will not know how to make more money. People who sell used kitchenware are generally intended to change or intend to transfer, they are not intended, so these kitchens are generally treated according to waste prices, and they will not be high prices because of this equipment. For example, a hotel is not intended to do it, it will handle all kinds of equipment in the kitchen, and normal conditions are calculated by pounds, which is to deal with the waste price of about a piece of money. But when these things have been worth the recycle staff, they will make the recovered various equipment to clean, and then they can be sold directly, this price is several times directly. Even kitchenware without secondary selling value can also be sold at a high price, because most kitchenware are all stainless steel, selling prices a few pounds.

Seeing you should understand how much do you make money? To put it bluntly, this is usually recycled in the kitchen supplies with a piece of waste, and after cleaning, it will be a very good profit. Even if the recovered kitchenware can only be sold, it can also earn a very good difference, a lot of money, a pound of waste recycling price, when the waste is sold, you can sell 3-4 yuan a pound, this earned The difference is very high, let alone you can sell high prices as used items, so this is a project that is worth considering, the benefits are much higher than ordinary workers.

Third, Roasted sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn 农村人除了打工以外,还可以做什么好项目?这里有答案

There is no such thing as the money, no technology wants to start a business, choose to do roast sweet potato, if we choose to do this OK, you can buy a second-hand electric tricycle first, then you can find a soldering machine to design a roasted sweet potato tool, then secure it in a tricycle, so you can start selling roasted sweet potatoes. If the funds are allowed, you can also spend hundreds of dollars to buy a ready-made roasting sweet potato machine, so you don’t need to be troublesome.

Baked sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn is very low, but selling price is not low, such as a pound of sweet potatoes in the countryside, but roast After you come out, you can sell 5 yuan a pound. As soon as we have a good time, it is enthusiastic, generous, plus it to find a good location, then earn each dayThree five hundred dollars are still very simple, is this income? Is it much higher than ordinary work?

Fourth, rural market is putting the earth

I said to the rural market to put the earth stall, many people may think so: How much does it cost to make a booth? And I have to go to a few days, how much can I earn this month? If you think so, then I can only say that you are not suitable for business. Because the rural market is indeed only a few days, but a county has a minimum of ten a town. Every day, the day is not the same day, so we can turn it in these sets towns to make a business, such as today a Town, we will go to A town to do business, tomorrow B town, we will go to B town stall, this still needs to worry about a few days a month?


Although it is a project that many people look down, it is also very good, but it is also possible to find suitable stall products. In the past, there were many people to do the stall business, because there is a vision, I will purchase a lot of money, and some people will lose money because they don’t choose to sell items. As for what is going to be quite sold, then according to the season, the local demand situation, the actual situation is as determined by factors, the variety is paid, and a set rushed to earn hundreds of dollars. Just like playing, a very good rural earning project, more than working.

Conclusion: The above is all the content I want to share today, thank you for reading, if you are interested in these projects, you can try to do it, anyway, these investments are not High, if you succeed, you can really make a lot of money. Ok, today we will talk about it. If you have anything to say, you can leave a message in the comment area, and finally, I also ask everyone to help me a concern and press Points, thank you!

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