2018-2019 Which medicinal materials are most profitable?How is the profit grow?Additional 5 years of recession!

In recent years, the demand for China’s herbal materials has been increased year by year. The prices of various common medicinal materials and precious Chinese medicine have been rising, so that many bosses are put into herbs this piece, but I don’t know what herbs growing. What is most profitable? Which kind of profit is highly cultivated? What are the priorities in the next five years? Specifically, it is as follows:


2018-2019 What is the most profitable?

1, Tianma is a very good and expensive Chinese medicine, which is planted in most parts of my country, and foreign countries are not natural, they need to import from China, and Tian Ma is in medicinal Or when the food is full of nutritional medicines, and Tianma’s acquisition price is high, usually a kilogram of Tianma can sell 180 yuan, and now it is difficult to buy wild Tianma in the market. Wild wemace is generally more expensive.

2018-2019哪些药材最赚钱?利润高好种植?附加未来5年稀缺药材! 2, Honeysuckle is now widely used and produced in all aspects of the pharmacies, and the demand for gold and silver flowers in the production of cold medicine is very large, and the gold and silver flowers have been In the hearts of people, the best clear heat and detoxification. Now the gold and silver flowers are getting wider in the production of health care products. It is also useful in cosmetics and daily necessities, so the prospects of gold and silver flowers are still relatively large, and now The price of honeysuckle has not been cheap, and planting profits is still very considerable.

3, the oceae is also a more common medicinal materials in my country. Generally, the generally opened Square will often see the platycodon, the platycodon is not just a good medicine, it The use of the dishes is also more widespread, and one kilogram of the orange can be sold to 20. Now the platycodon is only cultivated for thousands of acres in some areas, so it is definitely in the market, so the business opportunity of the oceae is also very large. In the past few years, the price of the orange has risen by about 10 times, very scary.


4, the yellow is also known, and the land is a very demanding medicine. The rehmannia is not only in the domestic demand, but it is very inquiishing. The phenomenon of market shortage, and it is best to plant rehmannia in the north, and now there are many people who are cultivating. It can produce yellow by 2 tons to 3 tons across. After a series of treatment processing, it can be processed into 1 ton. To 1.5 tons, it is also very considerable to plant rewarded profit, it is relatively large.

2018-2019哪些药材最赚钱?利润高好种植?附加未来5年稀缺药材! What are the priorities in the next five years?

Ginseng: Giffender is a precious Chinese herbal medicine, and it has also been seen as the king of Herbs. The medicinal value is very high. It is generally suitable for adjusting blood pressure, restoring heart function, neurasthenia, and physical weakness. Ginseng price can generally be referenced from two aspects: First, the ginseng ginseng, the price is based on the production site and the quality and weak, the most market price is generally about 5 yuan 10 grams, that isOne pound is about selling 250 yuan; generally selling 2 yuan a gram, that is, a pound of dry selling 1,000 yuan; good man will sell 8 yuan 1 gram, that is, the market can sell more than 4,000 yuan or more The best is not a general money, the year, the origin, the quality and weak influence, the market sells 100,000 or even 1 million; second, fresh ginseng, market price should be affected by origin, merchant and quality Good and bad, the price is very different. Under normal circumstances, fresh ginseng sold in the market, fresh ginseng forces for 2 to 3 years, one can sell 20 to 100 yuan.

2018-2019哪些药材最赚钱?利润高好种植?附加未来5年稀缺药材! Anturg: Antler is one of the most expensive lack of scarcity, its finished product refers to the ugly deer or a red deer unbroken Young horn. Its medicinal value is very high, can supplement, supplement, blood, hemostasis, use in yin deficiency, yang deficiency and blood deficiency. In the medicine market, the velvet can sell tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars, generally special antler, the market sell price is about 1,500 yuan – 1,700 yuan; first-level antler, market sell price is about 1300 yuan -1500 yuan Between; secondary antler, market selling price is about 800 yuan – 1000 yuan; three-level antler, market price is relatively cheap, market sales price is about 600 yuan. The above data is only a general reference data, because the market price has fluctuations, and the price is affected, such as the factors such as origin, quality, merchants, the price will have a big difference, so the merchant must understand the market current market, in order to determine Real-time market price.

Snow lotus: I believe many people have seen this medicinal material for Tianshan Snow Lotus, just from martial arts novels, rarely see it in actual life. Snow lotus has a high medicinal value, non-toxic side effects. Due to the extensive medicinal use of Snow lotus, wild Snow lotus is growing, wild Tianshan Snow lotus, its growth cycle is very slow, from growing to flowering, it takes five to eight years, so it is the most expensive and lackless Chinese medicine One of the materials. The real wild Tianshan Snow lotus, its market price is very expensive, usually can sell thousands of yuan, and the trendy snow lotus, its market price is not low, the market can usually sell a few Ten yuan to a few thousand yuan. 2018-2019哪些药材最赚钱?利润高好种植?附加未来5年稀缺药材!

Finally, everything should be understood, but the author needs to remind everyone that planting needs cautious, investment is risky, and it must be investigated before planting Market, don’t blindly plant, minimize planting risks! At the same time, I hope that the majority of plantations can make money!

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