2021 is stable and earn money!

1. Big Data

There is related data shows that my country’s large data industry has reached 800 billion yuan in 2019, and 17 provinces and cities have established a big data bureau.

Ma Yun also said that cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, no matter how you enjoy it, human imagination is still limited.

2. Large health

As we all know, the healthy body is invaluable, and today has become more and more people pay attention to their own health problems.

Ma Yun has also said that the next person who can transcend him will appear in the field of great health. In this field, Ma Yun’s investment has reached 40 billion, and Wang Jianlin also invests 150 billion.

From this point of view, since 2021, the industry also has a great development prospect.

3. New retail industry

When e-commerce is still in the development stage, Ma Yun said that in the future, in the future, the store may face the risk of closing, and electricity Commercial will rise, with the continuous development of the e-commerce industry, today, many people have begun to optimize this view of Ma Yun.

However, when the \”like\” in full swing of the importance of the e-commerce industry, Ma Yun once again \”new prophecy\”, in Ma Yun, in the future, e-commerce or will be new retail \”Replace\”, compared with various gorgeous phrase, Ma Yun’s practical actions may be more relevant to express his relevant attitude.

Ma Yun has a layout in the new retail field, and the boxer is a freshman, which is the most beneficial layout. In addition, in the field of new retail sectors, even well-known companies such as Jingdong and Suning have also been layout.

From this point of view, from 2021, in the field of new retail, there may be a lot of development \”Qian Jing\”.

In summary, big data, new retail, and big health, the development space has a large development space, since 2021, \”they\” or more \”make money\” than real estate.

So, in the next 2021, you can pay more attention to the development of these three industries. According to its changes, it is engaged in this industry, or the product of the development of related industries, and the online store is as long as there is a follow-up era. Things, you don’t have to worry too much, there is no money to earn, there is an e-commerce channel, and there are products, and it is in line with the development of the industry. It is not too big.

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