2022 earning money plan, be a good woman

The registration header number is about half a year. At first, it was to try it.

After the registration account, it is in the invisible message. It is not more than the day, and it has not mastered the text skills and types. They are all attempted.

Until, in early October, I wrote a more concern about the public, from 28 fans, rising two hundred fans, this article, made me suddenly see the light.

After being inspired, do the day, and began to seriously think about it, what should I write, how to write it.

I have a child, when I have time, I will brush the video, read the book, see the contents of others, maybe a sentence, a certain point of view, will make me deeply think, then Pick up this and pen, write planning according to the idea.

In the last few days of 2021, I made a more detailed carding for 2022 self-media operations.

According to 2021, it is more than two months of media, and there is also some careful care, relying on these care, I hope to be realized in 2022. Freedom of financial freedom, is a feminine woman.

01. Harvest 10,000 fans today

A few days ago, and a self-media that I like very much A short and effective communication.

2022挣钱计划,做个厉害的女性 The current account does have some small problems, and I need me to operate more interested in next year.

I still insist on outputting the view of the emotional class like the present, but will also join some self-media operational experience and writing methods.

Many things are gradual. Even if you progress every day, after the month is tired, you will become an important step in achieving good results, and you can break the 20,000 fans next year.

02. Operate a small red book account

About Xiaohong books, many people may be like me, after downloading, it is very Go in and see.

My little red book account is the same name with the headline. Before I started the \”travel\” of Xiaohong Book, because I didn’t find a more suitable positioning, the content and The headline is not too much.

In 2022, the positioning of Xiaohong Book will also be based on my self-media experience. I stepped on the pit, the turn of the road, I hope to give the help you need. .

03. Take a year, let your public number have improved

People really have inertia, the public number has been registered For a long time, I didn’t pay practical actions to make it more perfect.

I want to be a public number, because it is because I started to do the idea after the media.

The headline number belongs to the domain traffic. This time it can be seen, next time, it will not be seen; and the public number is private domain traffic, it is like a store of the store, as long as If you have done your card, you want to go.

In 2022, you can use your own efforts and self-discipline, let the public have a lottery.

04. Find the work related to self-cultivation in a foreign land


The rhythm of small places may be slow, see a family today I have been paying attention to private enterprises, recruiting civilian work from media written.

Let me see a little hope, I can finally get rid of the identity of the full-time Bao Ma, returning to the long-awaited job.

Not only can increase income, but more people can be recognized in a foreign land, at least not just husband, child.

05. Continue to pay attention to books, content, improvement of cognition from the media, transform thinking

, Or later, I understand the self-media work this year.

Thank you very much in the tougestance, gaining more than a thousand fan friends who gave me a thousand fans who encouraged me.

But I still have to look forward, to look at the excellent self-media, I may progress very slow, but I will not stop the footsteps you want to progress.

I hope I can get more from the predecessors from the media, to make up their own shortcomings, thus identifying which is good or not.

06. I took a good picture

Every time I issue a variety of pictures, I am looking for a variety of pictures, afraid of infringement.

In 2022, I learned how to take a good photo and use it in my own article.

07. The best health is the exercise

2022, I hope I will exercise half an hour from every day to every day. Sports forty or one hour. 2022挣钱计划,做个厉害的女性

Compared to running,I prefer to go alive, after exercise, the heart rate accelerate, the body is slightly hot, some sweating, the purpose of sports is reached.

Because the heart is not good for blood supply, in the sports program, choose the comparison to let yourself accept.

I hope that next year’s physical condition will be much better than this year.

08. The above is some small planning in 2022.There is no plan, there is no direction, there is no direction, it is easy to lose.

The new year is coming, you also take time to write an earning money plan, or a whole year, let yourself more powerful and clear.

We can meet a more excellent and powerful yourself, come on!

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