25 kinds of occupations in 2021

Health care work is among the best in the high salary career list, and the prospect of the industry is very bright. According to data from the US Labor Statistics, from 2020 to 2030, the employment rate of health care career is expected to increase by 16% – an increase of approximately 2.6 million new work. This growth \u0026 # 34; mainly due to population aging, leading to greater demand for healthcare services \u0026 # 34;

1. Anesthesiologist: US $ 271,440

The US Labor Statistics defines anesthesiologist as a \u0026 # 34; in surgery, anesthetic and analgesic is carried out after surgery or after surgery to control pain \u0026 # 34; doctor. This highly specialized occupation is among the best in the most income professional list.

2. Surgeon: $ 251,650

Although it takes a surgeon to take several years of professional training, these doctors’ rewards are one of the highest compensation. Surgeons may find that their work is very long, not fixed, depending on their profession. Although doctors who focus on preventive and selective surgery may have a more predictable schedule, surgeons working in trauma or neurosurgery and other fields often extend working hours, and even overwhelming.

3. Obstetrics and gynecologists: $ 239,120

Obstetrists’ annual salary is slightly higher than the listed orthodontic doctors and oral maxillofacial surgeons.

4. Dental correction: 237,990 US dollars

Dental correction doctors specialize in teeth correction work, usually introduced by the patient’s dentist. These doctors often take an X-ray film, wear a tooth, making dentate, and other surgery as needed.

5. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons: 234,990 US dollars

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons for the treatment of oral and jaws and their surrounding diseases, injuries and defects. The more common problems that they may handle are: there is a problem with wisdom teeth, misplaced chin, tumors, and cysts of jaw and oral cavity. They can also perform teeth planting surgery.

6. Internal Medicine Doctor (Others): $ 218,850

If you calculate the median meditile of all other professional doctors, they will be in the sixth place. This \u0026 # 34; other \u0026 # 34; groups include a variety of work, such as allergies, heart disease doctors, dermatologists, tumor doctors (treatment cancer), gastrointestinal diseases (digestive system experts) and ophthalmologists (ophthalmology expert). It also includes pathologists that study the abnormality of physical organizations, and radiologists, they analyze medical images and radiate cancer patients.

7. Psychiatrist: 217,100 US dollars

Although all psychiatrists help treat mental health issues, this is a toolHave a wide range of professional areas. For example, some people are engaged in children and adolescent psychiatry, while others are specializing in forensic (legal) psychiatry, addictive psychiatry or advisory psychiatry, which happens in a medical environment. It is also specially engaged in mental analysis, mental physicians helped patients recall and check past events and emotions to better understand their current feelings.

8. Teeth Repairman: 214,870 US dollars

Repair teacher repair damaged teeth or deleted teeth, such as planting teeth, fake teeth, bridge, crown and veneers. In this professional development, doctors have a strong scientific tendency to diagnose complex tooth problems and have the correct treatment of mechanical kerity. Many of them have deal with cancer patients, so they are very important to understand the needs of surgical patients and those who treat radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

9. Family Medical Doctor: $ 214,370

Labor Statistics Associate this category as \u0026 # 34; diagnose, treat and provide prevention and health care for individuals and families \u0026 Doctor # 34; These doctors often referrally to experts in advance.

10. Internal Medicine: 210,960 US dollars

In the 10th place, you guessed, it is a medical role. Like other academic doctors, the internal medicine doctors engaged in the work of the department should watch a lot of patients, need to treat a series of diseases, from asthma and diabetes to high ingenesterol and hypertension. Since the diagnosis is usually 15 or 30 minutes, the rapid decision capability is necessary.

11. CEO: $ 197,840

The CEO represents the highest income of the medical or dental field. As the company’s highest level of employees, CEO’s work is to make an important decision for the management team, guiding organizations into new market or product fields, and communicating with the board of directors.

12. Dentists (all other majors): $ 194,930

Dentists specializing in other business areas have received considerable remuneration. The Ministry of Labor Statistics classified these other experts as a group, according to the latest data in 2020, the average salary of $ 194,930.

13. Anesthesiologist: $ 189,190

Compared with most of the other occupational roads, the salary of nursing work is generally high, but the anesthesiologist’s salary is particularly high. Anesthesiologists were anesthetized and nursing is provided before and after surgery, treatment, diagnostics, and obstetric procedures.

14. Airline pilots, covaround and flight engineers: 186,870 US dollars

In the aviation industry, the work may mean to leave the family for a lot of time, but in many cases, it will also bring rich salary. US Labor Statistics OfficeThe pilot, co-pilot and flight engineers were classified as a category, produced a median salary of $ 186,870 in 2020.

15. Pediatricians, ordinary: $ 184,570

Pediatrician is a doctor specializing in children, their income is lower than in medicine doctors and ordinary doctors, but remains the highest income professionals one. When the patient’s health problem is more complicated, they usually transfer the patient to the expert.

16. Dentist (ordinary): $ 180,830

Dentists often appear in the best work list in the healthcare area. Although pay is often very attractive, the relatively low pressure and flexible time schedule will definitely increase its appeal.

17. Computer and Information System Manager: 161,730 US dollars

Managers for monitoring electronic data processing, information systems, system analysis, and computer programming. They evaluate information technology (IT) requirements of enterprises or government agencies, and cooperate with technicians to implement computer systems that meet these goals.

18. Architecture and Engineering Managers: $ 158,100

These managers are responsible for coordinating all technical aspects of architecture or engineering projects. This may include the specifications of the customer consultation and preparation project, analyze the feasibility of the proposed work, and review the contract and budget.

19. Natural Science Administrators: 154,930 US dollars

In any field, the promotion on the organizational map is a high-pay ticket, and the scientific field is no exception. Supervised chemists, physicists, biologists, and other scientists professionals in all occupations are the top 25.

20. Marketing Manager: 154,470 US dollars

Products and services will not sell themselves. It is necessary to have a talented profession to analyze how much demand for a particular product and find it to the market. Marketing departments should also determine the price that can bring the company to the company.

21. Petroleum Engineer: 154,330 US dollars

Energy, including oil and natural gas, etc. However, effectively extracting these important resources require some serious expertise, while the petroleum engineer has played a lot.

22. Finance Manager: 151,510 US dollars

The financial department played a pivotable role, especially in medium and large tissues. Their duties include planning investment activities and assessing market trends, and maximizing profits while controlling risks. They also produce financial reports to help senior management team make decisions and inform shareholders.

23. Judge, public security judge and security officer.$ 136,910

The judge hosted a trial and hearing in the local, state or federal court.At the local level, they can have a series of different titles, including the municipal court judges, judges of the county courts and judges.Some of their major responsibilities include handling traffic violations, light crime, small litigation cases and pre-trial hearing.

24. Pharmacist: 128,090 US dollars

Want to find a profession that needs strong scientific ability and good interpersonal skills?Become a pharmacist may just meet this requirement.Its income is also very considerable, typical professionals in 2019 in $ 128,090.

25. Sales Manager: $ 147,580

Sales Manager play an important role in most companies – create sales areas, identify sales staff, and develop training programs to help team membersSell products and services more efficiently.They also carefully study sales data to determine the most promising products and markets, and assess the performance of sales employees.

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