5 minutes 5000 readings, a micro-head 176 yuan: Talk about my reading chart

Recommended books 20 yuan, Book reviews 30 yuan, lectures 50 yuan, total reading can be 752 yuan, one micro-headed 176 yuan …

[123 There are also a sense of accomplishment in training camps.

I was confused and anxious

I thought I was very confused and anxious, because I am a single mother, in order to survive, even if I haven’t left my son, I have to leave my son.

The work is still tired and then tired, but only bitter water, because I need to work, the child is still waiting for living costs! I have been sick, and I don’t want to see a doctor. Because it is cold, it should be added to the child!

When the child is only two years old, I have a cold for a long time. One night is burned to 39 degrees, and I am going to work outside, even if I am in a hurry, I can’t do it. The only thing can do is to call the home from time to time. Then I have been thinking about it at the time: If I can make money at home, I should have a good thing, I will not be able to do it like this.

5分钟5000的阅读量,一篇微头条176元:谈谈我的读书变现之旅 In this way, it is very powerless, until I saw four words \”reading\” in today’s headline, I feel very curious. I spent 1 yuan to participate in the 5-day experience camp of the small money teacher. The experience in the time is very good, it is really dry goods.

5 days will soon end, the teacher said that the students who want to be a secondary industry can sign up, I am both the mood that is both happy and worried. Happy, learning this later, you can make money while making money, this is not my dream? I will worry, if I haven’t learned it, isn’t that this money is drifting?

But I am really unwilling, I don’t want to continue to live like this, I want to let myself go to better path, my child will be better. After a painful struggle, I finally reported the class.

The presentation of reading made me see hope

Reading the presentation makes me see hope, just like the darkness in the dark.

Since I entered the training camp to study reading, I have been very nervous every day but it is also very fulfilling, it seems to have returned to the student era, but it also makes me get better and better.

l Then I thought: Now the child plays a mobile phone addiction, not only delayed learning, but also hurts the eyes, how to guide the child reasonably use mobile phone to learn, not add your mobile phone? Isn’t this a pain point for parents now?

So, I wrote an article on the problem of children playing mobile phones, and the result is very good, they all saidI wrote a great, caught their strong resonance, because I stamped their pain points. I am very happy at the time. It is a reading show that I have seen hope in my life, let me get better and better.

2. A micro-head stick 176 yuan, refreshing my past history

The news from Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun announced, I also wrote a micro. Headline. When I go out, 5 minutes is 5,000 reading, 10 minutes is a hundred praises. I don’t believe it, I still have a number of zero, it is true.

As long as the work in the hand stops, I will open the data, and my mood is both tense and excite. Excited is that I finally broke out, nervous, if only one thing is just a little, it is 100,000 + reading, then I regret.

This is 5 o’clock in the afternoon, a total of more than 80,000 readings, more than 800 praises, more than 100 comments, increasing more than 100 fans. Although less than 100,000 +, but the next day, I watched the benefits, my mother, there were 176 yuan, excitedly, my heart had to come out.

From the past two months of the past two months, there is a penny, and there is 176 yuan in writing a micro-head. I summarize the following three steps: The first step is different from the perspective of others; second How to write more attractive steps; how to write, the headline will give you more recommended amounts. 5分钟5000的阅读量,一篇微头条176元:谈谈我的读书变现之旅

First, let’s take a look at the first step: that is, the writing angle is different. For example, I wrote this article in this article, I feel that I have not written by a family of Li Xiang, because everyone will definitely understand his family. So if you want an article, we have to write a novel topic.

What should I find a topic?

I looked at the article about Li Xiang divorced. I saw there are thousands of comments below. One of them praised a high comment, such a sentence \”Li Yulin said \”I was strange when I said. What did he say? I will search this sentence, and the result is an article about Li Yulin’s emotional history.

That is to say, we will write the episode of the selection, we will write from Li Yulin’s emotional perspective.

Step 2: How to write to get more attractive.

The beginning as long as it is related, money, power, will be more attractive. For example, this article uses a high answer to the high answer, to lead the personal love history of Li Houlin, which will be more attractive to others.

The third step, how to write, the platform gives you more recommended amounts.

The end can write positive energy and positive content. For example, my article is written by Li Yulin to change the evil and make a charity. In this way, the platform will give me more recommendation.

Whether it is in life, it is working, according to others’ expectations, one day, you will have a return. In fact, we have written articles, follow others’ expectations, write others, the topic, the topic, then others will be willing to see. As little teacher said, \”You let others feel comfortable, you will have money.\”

review 2021, looking forward to 2022

1. Looking back in 2021, finding insufficient, correcting

review 2021 I have a certain breakthrough in this year, but there are many shortcomings, mainly from the following points:

1. Take the initiative to contribute, challenge the comfort zone

Always feel Some of the regulations are too much, it is more troublesome, there is no try, and always stay in the comfort area, do not dare to challenge yourself, this needs to be improved.

2. After writing, it is easy to pass

After I have written the article, I always lazy to check, I will pay it. This is still a big problem, but it is okay, slowly in improvement.

3. From each of his weaknesses, strive to train

During these two rounds of mentor training:

1, learn The method is not right, you should break from your own weaknesses

In my past learning, I always look at the end of the end, there is no purpose, resulting in a very slow progress. I decided to start with my weaknesses now, and I have a focus on learning.

As a small teacher said, \”I have to study with my destination.\” I have to learn to learn with the purpose.

2, the review is too slow to cause time is not enough;

I think I am too slow to have two reasons: one is not very familiar with the comment; there is one of yourself very slow.

Based on these two reasons, I need to watch the review steps, summarize more books.

As the saying goes, \”Diligence is a good training\”, I believe that I will break these weaknesses one by one, I can learn through mentor training.

Second, the vision of the prospects 2022

2021 is close to the end, 2022 is coming. I hope that in the new year, I will give my own plan: first through mentor training, then become a qualified mentor, and strive to become an excellent mentor.

I hope that I will get better on this road, and then affect the treasure moms around you, I will join this team, while making money, I will take the baby, and the two don’t delay, why Not?

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