5 minutes to teach you to use the knowledge to make money, one mobile phone can operate, suitable for everyone

Click on the top right corner [Operation Treasure Chest], harvest more workplace salary cheats this article total 956 words, read the full text for about 2 minutes

Received, you might think of \”reading novels, searching to the rich cheats\” topic.

In fact, it is not as good as the time to use a brush. Today, I will reveal your money cheats, pay the fee for free, don’t you learn? ~


1 Red envelope reward.

The following clearly shows how many red envelopes left, of course, there are more, indicating that the opportunity to receive is even greater.

What kind of answer can be easier to get a red envelope, I have made some experience summary, of course, this is only my personal summary, everyone can sum up!

For example, a certain topic is: the survival of women, is due to its abundance.

See this article, it is equivalent to give you a composition topic, you have to start writing as a thinking point, don’t want to run, otherwise the red envelope may lose contact with you.

Next, you have to look at the following comment, suppose you see a small text, is a supplementary note of \”Natural Ve\” of Yangshengtang, it talked about our Golden Lord .

That is actually, the following subtext is: \”Ve Sponsored Red Packet in our health hall\”, then, do you know, you have to mention this brand in the article, and praise it.

After you understand this sentence, you can answer the problem, remind you again, don’t want to run! !

In addition, some questions have a word request, to be on the official number!

Naturally, I can’t understand it, I can Baidu, as long as you don’t take it, it is generally allowed.

Is the topic of the red envelope need to brush? No need! This is an official review, and the official thinks you write a good, you can get the red envelope.

Usually the red envelope will arrive at the account within 2-3 days, and of course the other cases are not excluded.

It is known to have a \”my-wallet\” column.

Although some income, I belong to a lazy, so the answer is not active, haha.

There are some detailed information, although there are not many times each time, but there are fewer accumulation!

2, good object sharing

answer, article, the product card in the window can be inserted by [Good object recommendation] function, knowing that users can pass the product card Buy goods, creators can get commodity rebate.

When you reach LV4, there is no violation of the regulations within three months, you have the opportunity to share things, as follows:

Need to meet the conditions to recommend it (2020-07-09 update):

(1) Creator level ≥ 4. 5分钟教你利用知乎发文挣钱,一部手机即可操作,适合所有人 (2) Identity and commitment to abide by the recommended standards; the registration account has more than 90 days.

(3) There is no violation of the \”Community Management Ordinance\”

(4) for the past three months

(4), and the institutional account application is not provided.

3, participate in activities, allocate bonuses

Knowing that small managers often communicate users, formally inviting users to participate in the event, and then combine on topics, there is a chance to divide a bonus.

I am more lazy, I have not participated in (ashamed of the expression), haha, but the friends who participated in, some have more than 100 pieces.

4, brand soft text written, cooperate with Golden Lord

Speaking that \”Golden Lord Dad\”, of course, there is a big red envelope. Every day, you will have some fans. When your article is good, someone will come to you to help write articles, and a lot of income is in this income.

Since the previous case is not too good, the results are also relatively poor. Later, I continued to learn the Internet underlying thinking, literary skills and media channel operation skills. The first article I released the article has nearly 2W, and I have received nearly 3K.

Whether it is to know the channel, or use other channels, an essential skill is that the skills skills, while maintaining reading, you need to master a certain copy of the writing thinking and skills. Share a curriculum for the written case, put it in the end of the article [Learn more], I hope to be useful to you.

At this point, knowing this channel is really very good, everyone overcomes lazy, come to try it!

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