5 Ways To make Extra Income

What do you do if you find yourself at the end of the month and falling short of your financial goals? You could find ways to cut back your spending, but what if you’ve already cut your budget to the bare minimum? An easy solution is to make more money.

Instead of the standard routes to boosting your bottom line that can have a major impact on your schedule (taking on a part-time job, working overtime), what if you amassed a variety of side gigs and odd jobs based on your various hobbies and interests that could make an impact on your ability to pay down debt, save, and spend as you would like to? Here are just a few interesting ways to earn extra income that can fit into anyone’s schedule:

1. Become A Bike Courier

Essentially, you are getting paid to bike around your city, delivering important documents, memos, etc. While most people associate this type of work with young urbanites, it can also be a great way to make money in a small town if businesses are centrally located. An added bonus is your improved health which will in turn decrease your healthcare costs—it’s a win-win.

Don’t have a bike? You can do the same thing in your car. Well, not exactly the same thing, but you can take advantage of the ride sharing economy and use your car to get stuff and run errands for people as well. Harry at The Ride Share Guy has a lot of great resources about getting started, including a course about starting to RideShare for Profit.

2. Paint House Numbers

Have you ever driven around a neighborhood and noticed the house numbers painted on the curb? Someone gets paid to do that so why not make it you? With extremely low barriers to entry (you just need a few stencils and some spray paint), endless amounts of work (the numbers need to be re-painted annually), and autonomy to run a number-painting business on your own terms, this is a wonderful way to earn extra income.

3. Tweet, Tweet, And Tweet Some More

Did you know that companies will pay you to tweet about their products and services? Sponsored Tweets are an excellent way to make money as well as position yourself as an expert if you choose products/services that are related to another business and/or blog that you may already own. Additionally, you can take part in affiliate marketing programs, host sponsored giveaways, and promote your blog/business on Twitter. All of these ways bring in extra income for you whether it’s through payment from a company or an increase in advertising revenue so start tweeting today!

4. Travel The World

No, this is not a joke. You can certainly be paid to travel the world. The most popular and sought-after way to do so is by becoming a travel writer. But if you don’t possess the writing or networking skills necessary to secure one of those positions, you can still make money while traveling. Easy ways to do so include teaching English, putting your skills to work for you (ie. photography, music, etc.), or securing sponsorships. The best part of earning money while traveling is that you’re typically only limited by your own hard work/creativity so the sky is the limit for how much you can see—and earn!!

5. Earn Extra Income By Drinking More Beer

Yes, you read that correctly. Just as you can make money while traveling, you can be paid to drink beer. Perhaps the easiest way to make money on this list, getting paid to drink beer may require you to be patient, but it will definitely be a very enjoyable way to boost your income. Basically, you sign up to be part of a market research company who works with various beer companies. They’ll collect your demographic information and when it eventually meets the criteria of the beer company hosting a focus group, you’ll be called in to drink, rate, and share your thoughts on a smorgasbord of brews. As an avid beer connoisseur, I can’t think of a more fun way to make some extra cash!

Can’t find a local focus group to actually drink beer? Well, there are several major online focus groups that will pay you to fill out surveys on your opinions for a variety of things:

  • Swagbucks Surveys – Swagbucks now has a dedicated survey section, and you can get $5 just for signing up.
  • Pinecone – Earn about $3 for each survey you complete.
  • ProOpinion – This is a professional oriented site that pays you for your business/professional opinion on a variety of topics.

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