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Winter is a season of pumpkin, pumpkin is rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, and pumpkin sugar content is not a lot, so diet people can eat, pumpkin pumps often appear in the street as breakfast In the lane, drink a bowl of warm stomach and nutrition in winter, the pumpkin has many practices in addition to porridge, and today I share 6 kinds of pumpkins in the home practice. Let’s learn together!

Red jujube Nanlu

1. First, prepare a few red dates, clean it, first remove the nucleus and cut into silk.

Prepare a pumpkin, remove melon and outer skin, cut into a uniform sheet, which is more easily cooked, reducing cooking time.

Prepare a rock sugar.


2. Add an appropriate amount of water in the high pressure pot, put all the ready foods in the pot, and then stew from the pot and stew for 5 minutes.

南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 After 5 minutes, I will take the fire first. I will take the gas pressure valve and then open the lid, put the pot on the fire, boil the fire for 1 minute, and during the cooking Stirring to prevent the sketch, then take a small water starch to put the soup, stir even after mixing, you can make a nourishing red jujube pumpkin melon.

Chuteless pumpkin silk 南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 1. Prepare a tender pumpkin, first cut into a thin film and cut into a filament, then soak it with water and remove the mucus of the surface. Cut a little bit of green pepper to use the color.

It is natural to be a sour and spicy, naturally there is no onion, ginger, dried pepper, and all come. 南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做

2. Seasoning: Put the appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, white vinegar, sesame oil, a little white sugar and water starch, stirred, like this fast-fried bowl It must be prepared in advance, which is convenient to quickly out of the pan, keep the fragrant taste.

南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 3. In the pot, the water is burned, and the water is bulld and the white vinegar is convenient to keep crisp and pour the pumpkin. And quickly rinse cold, pumpkin wire remember can’t be hot, so as not to boil.

4. In the pan, put on onions, ginger, add the pepper segment, continue to speculate, pepper, pour into the bowl after pouring the soup The fragrance, immediately poured into the pumpkin wire, quickly and flex, and then sprinkled into green pepper, stir fry a few times, then put the pot, a crisp and refreshing sour pumpkin rock.


Coconut Nanlioba

1. I chose the chestnut small pumpkin, the taste is more sweet, preparing the pumpkin half, cut the outer skin, clarify The thick piece is cut into a pumpkin strip in the basin, add 10 grams of sugar, grab well with hand, 5 grams of vegetable oil, vegetable oil can be on the surface of pumpkinForm a oil film to prevent a lot of water, and then pour a proper amount of coconut and mix well, so that the pumpkin strips are wrapped in coconut standby.

南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 2. On the baking tray, the tin foil paper is paved, so that the heat is even more uniform, put the pumpkin strip in it inside, the oven is preheating for 3 minutes after 3 minutes. Put it, bake with 180 degrees for 35 minutes.

After 35 minutes, the pumpkin has been roasted, very fresh and sweet, take the pumpkin strips, and a golden soft coconut scented.


Lily fried pumpkin

1. Prepare fresh lily 100 grams, remove the root, open into the basin with hand, add appropriate amount of water soaking stock.

Prepare 400 grams of pumpkin, cut the outer skin, and cut into a rhombic sheet to stand in the basin. 南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做

2. Pump the pumpkin: Pump the water in the pot, add a spoonful of food, and pour the pumpkin when the water is close to boiling, and the water is about 4 minutes. Lily for a few seconds, poured out the control dry water together.


3. Add vegetable oil in the pot, and heat the oil and slide the pot, pour the hot oil, add appropriate amount of water, add a spoonful of food, chicken powder and sugar, Keeping the pot to turn into the appropriate amount of water starch after the seasoning, the soup is attacked into the pumpkin and lily rapidly stir fry, and the souvenir is brightened, and a simple and delicious lily is fried pumpkin. it is done.

Pumpkin Bo 南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 1. Prepare a small piece of pumpkin, cut out the skin to cut into small pieces, put the pumpkin slices into the steamer and steam for 8 minutes, steamed In the basin, add 10 grams of sugar to increase the sweetness of the pumpkin, press the spoon to press into a pumpkin muddy white sugar, and stir evenly, the temperature is slightly cold, and the yeast is poured into the yeast, and the yeast is stirred with chopsticks.

Add ordinary flour, flour to be added, stirred with chopsticks into compared paste, cover for 1 hour. 南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做

After 1 hour, the pumpkin paste has been fermented into one basin, and it can be seen in the honeycomb with a boiler, indicating that it has been fermented.

南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 2. Heat the electric cake, brush a layer of vegetable oil with a small brush, put all the fermented flour in the electric baking pan, with a shovel Put the pumpkin flat, sprinkle with black sesame, cover the pot.

Fry 1 minute, open the pot, turn it back, turn it back a few times, brand it to the pumpkin cake, take the pumpkin pie out of the small square, one Soft sweet pumpkins are doing it. 南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做

Pumpkin rose roll

1. Prepare a pumpkin, cut into a uniform small piece into the steamer, fire after the fire is fired, and then steam 10 minutes.

南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 Take the steamed pumpkin into the small pot, add 10 grams of white sugar to increase the sweetness, use the spoon to press into a pumpkin mud, put it on one side, let the cool, add 3 grams of yeast Mix, add an appropriate amount of flour to a soft dough, cover the sealed fermentation for an hour with a lid cover.

After an hour, the dough has been fermented to the original two times, and it is a honeycomb, which is already made.


2. Sprinkle a layer of flour on the board, take out the dough repeatedly, discharge the air inside, the dough is smooth, cut into a size uniform face, The face is smashed into a billet, and after it is good, use a rolling pin to make an elliptical face.

南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做 Putting the face from one head, it is best to roll a real point, then cut from the middle, press the outermost surface of the face, and put all this method The flower rolls are rolled out.

Use a scissors to cut four under each coil, so steaming a coagle will be better. 南瓜最好吃的6种做法,简单易学,香甜可口,学会快给家人们做

3. After the water is burned, put the flower roll into the pot, there is some gap between the flower rolls, and the coil will expand in the heating process to avoid sticking. Together, cover the pot cover for about 15 minutes, the flower roll is cooked.


After steaming, I will simmer for a while, and after the hot air is exhausted, I will open the lid and a golden soft pumpkin rose roll is done.

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