A crediter’s financial poverty alleviation road: loan as much as possible


The picture shows the crediter Wang Yingfen under the township mortgage. Yang Guangzhen

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 15th Sugir: A crediter’s financial poverty alleviation road: loan as much as possible

Author Yang Guangzhen

\”I went to the countryside Give a loan to the farmers, some smoke farmers are too poor, remember once, a smoke farmer cooked a pot of 芋, but his family’s child took the crest, they were too difficult. \”Postal Savings Bank Guizhou Branch Wang Yingfen, the crediter of the Weining County Branch, 7 years, seeing more farmers’ difficulties and the urgent desire to get rich, so she can handle the loan in the work, I hope that a loan can let the poor people walk The last way is rich.

Weining County is the largest national autonomous county in Guizhou Province, the pilot of Guizhou Province. Located in the northwest of the province, North, West, and South 3 faces are adjacent to Yunnan Province, with an area of \u200b\u200b6,295 square kilometers. There are 4 streets, 19 towns, 15 townships and 1 ethnic towns.

\”The longest once, a total of nine days in the countryside, eat a week, instant noodles, now just smell the taste of the instant noodles, just silently.\” Wang Yingfen recalls the most difficult time to go to the countryside Go to Yungui Township Wuxing Village rock foot group, Yungui Township is more than 90 kilometers away from the county city, starting from the county town, sitting on Zhongba car to Yungui Township, take more than 40 minutes of motorcycle to five-star village, and travel to the rock foot The road to the group can only walk, when arriving at the destination, the sky has become black. After work, when you settle down, it is already 11 o’clock in the night.

Wang Yingfen said that when you leave the country, you often encounter extremely poor families. The poorest has only one soil room, empty, but I want to loans to be a tobacco, I want to get rich, \”I want to loary He, but I am afraid that he can’t afford it, but in the end, I still put the loan to him. At the end of the year, he also put a payment on time. \”

This most difficult villager is Zhou Weiqing, from From 2012 to 2017, they have been continuing to loans in the Postal Savings Bank. When the first loan is still a single man who is poor, I can’t get a daughter-in-law. In 2014, I have entered another village to do a door-to-door, covering two bungalows. I also bought a tartr at home.

It is understood that the China Postal Savings Bank Weining Branch has a wide range of credit products such as benefit farmers, entrepreneurial employment loans, personal business loans, tobacco loans, etc., with financial credit helps poverty alleviation.

Wang Jiang, a director of the Winning President of China Postal Savings Bank, and the Weining Branch has been established since April 2011, and the balance of scale loans is more than 3 million yuan, including personal loans, there are The farmers are more than 30 million yuan, and then employment and entrepreneurship loans have more than 20 million yuan.

Next, China Postal Savings Bank Guizhou Branch will increase the support of Guizhou Mountain Characteristic Agriculture, Agricultural Park, Agricultural Leading Enterprise Industry Poverty Alleviation Support, Single Liear Poverty Alleviation Plan; Data strategyPrioritize innovative financial poverty alleviation products, provide preferential policies, copy the promotion of effective financial poverty alleviation models, and accelerate the pace of credit.(End)

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