A small wholesale shop, everything only earns a penny, earning 3 million profits a year

The cousin is a small department store wholesale and retail business in the hometown town. I met him for a few dollars of micro-profit business. After waiting for customers, I advise the brothers, with his intelligence and wisdom, do a big business, have already sent it. The cousin did not move by my advice, still doing the old trip in his hometown, busy and busy, life has a lot of taste.

At the end of last year, the cousin made me go to the Yiwu small commodity market, saying that I opened my eyes, and I made a savvy for the boss of micro-business.


To the Yiwu small commodity market, if there is a cousin, I will be lost in a circle. Moreover, the market is still expanding, first phase, second phase, three phases, one phase is larger than the first phase, is said that the shop is not enough, each time I have stationed.

The cousin took me to his usual toothpick wholesale shop, wholesale boss, whispering, thin, and a few of the busy busy people who should not stop. Privately, the cousin tells me that this wholesaler of this surname Li is 10 tons of toothpick every day. According to 100 earned 1 penny, he sells about 100 million toothpicks every day, and it is steady and holds 10,000 yuan, one year Down, only 1 mini profit will earn more than 3 million yuan.


After entering the toothpick, bring me to a sock wholesale department, the busyness of the business, and the toothpick shop is not up and down, the cousin looks at the color of socks. And models, while singing with me, like this ordinary booth, can sell 700,000 pairs to 800,000 pairs of socks every month, although the profit of each pair of socks is only 1 penny, but one year It’s less than 7 square meters of booth, there is a profit of 100,000 yuan.

On the way, the cousin asked me, this time I came to Yiwu, I didn’t know what to answer, because I found it from the confident face of the cousin, I found that he had learned the Yiwu small commodity market. The essence of business, and use it, it is no wonder that he runs in Yiwu in a week, and the business is busy with taste.

一家小小的批发店,每件东西只挣一分钱,一年挣300万利润 One penny, seems to be slightly, falling on the road, no longer bent over, even, even supermarkets, shopping malls also canceled score accounting calculations . However, some savvy businessmen have seen a penny more important than anything, because they have seen hope from a penny, touching success, feeling confidence, as my cousin.

After the

, I once again visited the small shop, often linked his penalty life. For life, for wealth, for kindness and love, a drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sea, a penny confidence is enough to open the door of the wealth, a small kindness is enough to warm a life, and you can touch the sentient beings. The key is whether we have a sensitive heart to \”a penny confidence\”, there is a \”good and small and small\”.

■ Wen / Adaptation Self \”Let’s turn around\”,Original title \”a penny\”, (Wang Ailing, Hebei Education Press, Hebei Education Press)

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