A thousand pieces of a fishing rod, revealing the fishing gear you don’t know

Fishing has been more than ten years, from the beginning of the bamboo pole, the current carbon fish rod, this overhead is also rising year by year, the following will reveal the blackouts you don’t know.

The first fishing rod

一把鱼竿上千块,揭秘你不知道的渔具黑幕 The fishing rod can come out too much, and the industry is also known for the fishing. It is also slightly twisent here. It has to mention two places, Weihai and Zhangzhou Dian County, rough statistics, the fishing rods produced by these two places account for more than 90% of domestic sales, very representative. Early due to the relationship between carbon cloth, the material needs imported, the price is also high, the old batch of fish produced by the factory can earn a happy carbon cloth. With the development of domestic material technology, domestic carbon cloth has a better price performance, and the fish made of fish is also quite good. For example, the medium and low-end brand in the forum is a must-have, and now it has started carbon cloth. Zhangzhou is a magical place to make an outstanding contribution to reduce the cost of fishing rods. The Weihai of Zhangzhou does not have a high low. Cangzhou can also make a good fish. After years of development, the fishing rod of Cangzhou is now 4.5 40 or less, and the quality is generally involved in the use of fishing friends. In fact, even if the high carbon fish, 4.5 cost is not 150, and the fishing rods made with domestic carbon cloth are also very good, but domestic manufacturers have little to admit, no way, market forced.

Small medicine is the most chaotic thing in the entire industry is also the most likely to confuse the fishing friends, the small medicine can be the cost of ternary , Sell two hundred prices, the better the small drug effect, the higher the cost, the so-called master put the cheap food flavor, etc., add a packaging bottle, sell it to the black pit fishing friends, with the fishing photos, Earm profit. I have sold the 5000W small drug manufacturer business manager with Anhui for a certain year. Some product small medicine bottles are more expensive than small drug costs. There is no good bottle to sell good prices. 一把鱼竿上千块,揭秘你不知道的渔具黑幕

The material of the fish line is generally nylon, nylon is to Baidu, this is cheap to die, Our industry has been joking, and the fish line in Dongyang, Zhejiang can sell it by pound. It is sold to the fishing friends, but it is based on rice, and various oysters, imported Germany. In fact, good fish line and quality general fish line cost gap do not exceed 10%, but the final retail price can have 200% gap, the fish line is consumable, the amount is very large, the money earned by the manufacturer is a bit embarrassed.

一把鱼竿上千块,揭秘你不知道的渔具黑幕 Fourth Floating Pleo

The floating lotion here is a Taiwanese fishing float, and the Taiwan fish is floating. It is often seen in Barmps, reeds, nanometers (actually plastic Materials plus foaming agents) No more than 3Each, each, this is still a good fish floating, the total cost of floating drift in the market does not exceed 20, plus box, can sell 40.There is a floating a Buddha x. In fact, everyone knows that his family is only doing a fish bait, and the floating rod float is basically a foundry, which is said to be the factory price of his family does not exceed 20, plus his brand.After you can sell 90 ~ 130, it is also sought after by a bunch of so-called fishing masters, and the manufacturers and fishing gear shops are not happy.

一把鱼竿上千块,揭秘你不知道的渔具黑幕 The fish hook is the consumables in fishing, the amount is very huge, and the fishing will be changed to change the ten sub-lines.This kind of hook is the root iron, the cost is also very low, the small Japanese hook is really better, but the high-quality strength is followed, but it still does not hinder the cost of bulk production, and the domestic almost all fishing gear industry will do.Fish hooks, because of the packaging, find some workers, retail, more than 5 yuan, and the profits are quite good.

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