A \”tofu\” has led more than 100 low-income families to get rich \”township\” attract 452 villagers to do \”shareholders\”

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When it comes to tofu, you may think of the white tender tofu or milk yellow old tofu, but in Taishun, there is a very special \”tofu \”. It is in the ink green, although it is called \”tofu\”, but it does not have to make soy production; its raw materials \”unparalleled\”, even the Niu Horse is not willing to eat; its practices, no steaming, add \”toothpaste\” Eating \”…

Such a\” dark dish \”, but he was enthusiastically sought after by the locals and became a very small featuring food on the table. Today, this \”tofu\” has developed into an industry, driving more than 100 low-income farmers to get rich road, let 452 villagers have upgraded \”shareholders\”.

What kind of \”tofu\” is this in the end? The reporter walked into the Tayang Town, Taishun County.

Once 牛 马 不

Now everyone is sought after

\”Our tofu is doing the leaves.\” Shiyang Town Villagers Wu Xiaoying this year is 68 years old, do \”green tofu\” It has been doing more than 40 years, talking about \”green bean curd\”, her head is Tao: \”Mungou\” raw materials are wild shrubs known as tofu, which is growing in the mountains, and it will exude a special smell after maturity. Even the emeralds such as the horses and goats are far away, so it is called \”odor\”.

How did the \”odor\” do not touch the horses become delicious food? Wu Xiaoying said that there was a serious disaster in his life. People had no longer have a bark, dig wild vegetables, and accidentally found that the leaves of the tofu were washed, and the smell was disappeared. Add a little grass ash in the juice, the juice can solidify into a foliary, not only the taste is smooth, but also cool detoxification. In this way, the practice of \”green tofu\” is inherited.

\”Now the grass is difficult to find, we use toothpaste instead. The role is the same, it is to accelerate solidification.\” Wu Xiaoying said that the scene is produced, smashed, filtered, solidified, just a few minutes, one The \”green tofu\” is fresh \”released\”. It looks like a crystalline, like jasper, it is not broken, it is more flexible than ordinary tofu, and the taste is refreshing. Customers can also add sugar or soy sauce vinegar based on taste.

Wu Xiaoying said: \”‘Mungou is a good taste, the material is cheap, the practice is simple, and it will do it almost everyone in Taishun.\” Everyone loves to eat. \”I am talking about it, Wu Xiaoying’s booth came. A group of customers, she is busy making, can’t talk to the reporter, and hurriedly ended the interview.

In Shiyang Town, there are many hawkers selling \”green tofu\” in Shi Xiaoying. On the bridge, the reporter has three tofu stars in less than 100 meters. Some local people eat \”green tofu\” at any time, directly put the tofu taps at the door.

\”I sold two big pots in a morning.\” The owner of the owner said that most of the foreign tourists. After they have eaten, they feel very good, there are tourists who want to buy one with another. Go back, but I was rejected by Lin Grandma.

\”‘Green Tofu’ is eating is the taste of the present, the time is long, the glue is well, the taste is not good.\” Lin Xiaoyama regretted.

Make the hometown of the industry

Bring millions of yuan

The popular \”muzzle\” can only be existing existing existing existing, not only Lin Mai Regret, it is also a problem for Dong Haiqing, a villager of Yanshan Village, Shiyang Town. She has grown up from the little eating \”green tofu\”, and she still can’t forget the \”home taste\” in decades in decades. In 2018, she resolutely returned to their hometown and decided to make this township into an industry.

However, the first problem in her is \”green tofu\” needs to be raw materials with fresh tofu, and the finished product is difficult to save for a long time. It is more difficult to produce production. So, she has never involved in the agricultural and food industry, starting with nearly one year, visiting the research, and invited experts from Huzhou Leisure Agriculture Research Institute, Zhejiang University, and finally found the production of \”green tofu\” production. Method: The tofu ferry is polished, and the colloid is formed by techniques, the colloid after the hot water is bouled, and it can be a solid shape, and the taste, the taste is not different from the \”green tofu\”.

Solved technical problems, Dong Haiqing began to dry, two years, she has flowed more than 500 acres in the village, introducing the tofu metal production line, and creating a fairyland Guanyin Tofold.

Today, walk into Yanshan Village, a ridiculous, weeded ridiculous mountains, the bean curd houses in the mountains are lush, built in the square of the half-mountainous waist, the toffs, the factory, in the factory The machine has not stopped operation, stepped up the production of \”green tofu\” ganuko, tofuchaser tea and other derivatives.

\”Our bean curd charm industry is officially put into production last year, reaching more than 10 million yuan in the year, reaching more than 10 million yuan, often listed, it is empty.\” Dong Haiqing also revealed For some time, a large supermarket manager came to find them, because the factory capacity is limited, and the production cannot meet the needs, Dong Haiqing finally refuses to cooperate.

\”Tofu Factory\”

452 villagers

The industry \”Red Fire\” of the bean curd has also driven the development of the economy in the village. Yan Mountain Village Low-guarantee, Yang Youjuan, did not expect it, relying on the \”shake money tree\” of the bean curd, you can earn money at home. These days are just the season of toff, and the mountains are busy with Yang Youjuan. They only see them tight the tofu, and they can pick up the toffs.

\”1 catties of bean curd firewood 1 yuan, I took more than 70 pounds in 2 hours in the morning.\” Yang Youjuan picked up today’s \”payment\”, smiled and said: \”At noon, I still have To get home to give your child a meal, come over again in the evening, and earn more than 200 pieces a day. \”

There are 61 low-guarantees such as Yang Youjuan like Yang Youjuan. Nowadays, the \”shareholders\” of the bean curved charm industry. At the end of last year, the village collective established Taishun County Yanshan Fumin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., 522 villagers in the village There are 452 villagers upgraded \”shareholders.\”

Not only that, in order to support the development of the bean curved charm industry, the village secretary Dong Fu Ou took the village office building, \”let\” make the factory to Dong Haiqing. At the same time, the village took 400 acres of collective land, and creating a low-income of tofu. Dong Haiqing is responsible for providing seedlings and security technology and acquisition. The farmers only provide labor, and each household income can increase more than 6,000 yuan.

It is understood that Yanshan Village consists of 7 large natural villages, and is the third largest village in Shiyang Town. However, the two-thirds of the villagers in the village were outside the birth, and the village collective income was in the county in the county.

\”Yanshan Village in the past is like the proverb, is the ‘onion tofu – a poor two white’, in the past few years, relying on the bean curved charm industry, more than 200,000 yuan in the year, the economic income is ranked The first few. \”Dongfu said that now other villages come to take the scrub, and they also plant tofu.

As of now, there are more than 2,000 acres of bean curd cabinets in Shiyang Town, and hundreds of low-income farmers have achieved income. Not long ago, the Demonstration Project of the common wealth of Minority Nationalities in Shiyang Town – Minority low-income farmers povertodovetated tofu Chai planting incubation parks to build a landing area, benefiting 42 ethnic minorities low-income farmers.

\”\” From wild to scale, from manual production to technology, from the barest to hunger to get rich, the bean curd is out of the industry. \”The deputy director of the Taishun County Science and Technology Secretary Xia Xiaohong said Next, Taishun will develop the development of the industry, develop a variety of villages, multi-point flowering mountain special industries, and write a common affluent chapter.

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