A township tailor, due to the disease, earning 15 million, she earned money to earn money

Symark: She was originally an opaque small tailor, because of the vulnerabilities, it is not entrepreneurship for the money of the disease. Entrepreneurship just has a cross-country fraud. After the birth, the husband and wife were separated from the other. At the moment of life and death, she used unexpected tricks, sold more than 300 persimmons originally 3 yuan, and successfully realized life!


Taro is called 馍 in Shaanxi. A well-known female entrepreneur in a county is a film plus a dish. Is it a little too cold? But it is such a life, and for her, it is a luxury.

一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了 She called Shi Huayi, 27 years old, she got a disease, lying down, smashing yellow, how to take a needle. Later, the doctor told her that her liver had problems, but I can’t find any disease. But as with her, there are four people in Xi’an, and the three are not there.

Shi Hua is unwilling, she wants to learn a craft, earn money to see a doctor. So she went to learn the craftsmanship of clothes and opened a tailor store in the town. In order to increase income, each year in October, she has quietly made something in the store’s backyard, which makes her earned the first million wealth of life. 一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了

In the backyard of Shi Huari, she learned to take her persimmon. Usually people’s persimmon can also sell more than a dozen dollars per catty, while stone gorgeous is different, she can sell persimmons to more than 300 per pounds. Just relying on these persimmon, small tailors turned into a millionaire.


At that time the persimmon industry has not been used as a place to be used outside Shaanxi. Shi Hui saw this timing, putting the tatter cakes, sold to Beijing, Guangdong, etc.

一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了 In the labor, there was no trace that I had tortured myself. Time has been in 2003, she built a persimmon processing plant borrowed money. After the business is big, she replaced the special machine and prepared to do one. Results The bad luck came again to her head again.

In January 2008, Shi Wahi was like usually, and the customers of Korea have sent more than 1 million persimmon, then after delivery, the Korean customers disappeared. . These loans almost all the money owed to farmers Shihua Li, Shi Huali looking abroad for three months, there is no going back a penny. At the same time, her husband filed for divorce. Instantly become a millionaire more than 100 million in debt millions of negative Weng family has gone.


more than 100 million in debt, a person with children, which makes Shihua Li depressed for more than three months, 2In December for 009, Shi Hua Li, who left a friend’s loan and loan, wanted to play the export business of persimmon again, but found that no one is willing to sell her persimmon at all. The vicious cycle being defraud has been in the event of a chain reaction.


How do 37 years old Shi Hua stood up? After the few years, how did she do more than 10 million income?

一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了 It turned out that in order to continue to be exhausted, Shi Huari arrived abroad to investigate. In this exam, she successfully signed 5 containent persimmon orders, and The prepaid payment of this order has already hit the account.

Not only here, she also divided the persimmon into three levels of super-level, level and intermediate levels, the best special snacks, 16 boxes can be sold to 168 yuan . 一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了

In order to let the farmers in cooperation, Shi Hua has changed the past credit mode, all of which changed the cash settlement. She established a cooperative, with more than 100 members, which can get protection prices.


In this way, the members have received the sales channels and no longer credit, Shi Wah has got high-quality persimmon, only one year, Shi Hua is completely reversed The situation has exceeded more than 10 million.


But the rise of the network economy makes such a good day for a long time, it contains the crisis, and there is also a business in the Internet. This gives the stone gorgeous pressure.

一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了 In the face of pressure, Shi Hua Li transformed thinking, using an old man who used a decree, and made her persimmon, selling her persimmon. It is more than 300 yuan per pound of the peers who don’t want to imagine, more than 5 million sold in one year.

Ancient persimmon production, there is a process, quite cumbersome, now almost abandoned. 一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了

The props required here are persimmon and large tiles. In the jar, lay a layer of dried persimmon, put a layer of persimmon cake, so, put the persimmon in a jar. Put it for a month.

一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了 After a month, the persimmon skin is also frost, and the color of the frost color is also very uniform, and it is quite delicious.

Because the frost step is cumbersome, it takes a long time. Nowadays selling persimmons on the market, the merchants are in an emergency, and they have moved their fake minds and replaced white frost with white flour. Just look at it, you can’t see the difference between the two, but if you use a fire, it is obvious. 一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了

The skin with a flour beauty, and even a crystallization, it is completely confident.


Shi Hua Li into the tank of the tank, the goods are genuine, and the skin is thick.After retro packaging, it quickly attracted the eyes of the market.

一个乡镇裁缝,因病欠债创业,一年赚了1500万,她挣钱方法厉害了 In December 2017, the stone gorgeous new herpes were listed, and the priced 668 yuan can, a cans of two pounds.It is more than 300 yuan per catty price.More than 500 cans of the first batch of listed were ordered by Guangdong customers in less than one month.

This year, Shi Huari continued to study persimmons and developed persimmon vinegar, persimmon tea and other products.


Stone Huari stood up against persimmons, also formed a new family during the struggle.She said, in the future, she has to redevelop her persimmon factory, and become \”persimmon style garden\”, let sightseeing, production, two incorrect.

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