A woman in the village is very capable of doing a trick, a monthly income of 10,000 yuan, is you envious?

# 19th Agricultural Fair # There is a household in the village, and the husband is working on the urban construction site, and the wife is a widow at home because of the safety accident. There are two children in the family. The big children are in junior high school, the children go to elementary school, the two old people have been in 80 years old, and they have no longer began to do far wells. They can only take a rest at home. At present, the two old people can live self-care, but their family and The outside thing is basically borne by this lost husband’s widow.

This woman is the most important thing to earn money to maintain the daily lives of a five-person person, especially two children’s education and cultivation. She can not stay away from the family, enter the city, and there is no suitable job in the house. This is really hard to make this widow.


Some good old people and relatives in the village, persuading her not to be suffering again, put all the difficulties in the house to the village, go out, and go to the high flight. She thinks that the child is so big, take away, leaving it, as long as she leaves this home, including two elderly people, it will be seriously affected, will destroy this family. If she is hard to change, she is sticking to this home, she is bitter, she can be happy.

At present, it is a matter of urgency. She is to earn money, have money, and there is a good thing, they will solve it. She thinks, selling money in the family, can’t raise their family, pig making money, and is the case of African swine fever, it is difficult to find the right to make money in the countryside.

She is very interested in physics when she is reading high school, especially electrical and radio, and have a soft spot. She wants to learn home appliances at home? So she began self-study. Kung Fu pays off, plus her physics foundation is solid, and the home appliance repair technology is understood.

Many old people in the village, electric rice cooker, induction cooker, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc., and she takeively Maintenance is basically maintained. She can repair it, and the purchase of self-funded components. 村里一妇女非常能干,在家为人修电器,月收入万元,你羡慕吗?

She was repaired at home for three months, and she took more than 3,000 yuan of parts. Everything is free, and it does not receive a penny repair fee. Later, some of the old people in the village advised her to collect some of the people who handed and replace it, so she had a low price to collect some fees to make up for themselves.

For a long time, people found that her maintenance is high, the maintenance is guaranteed, her reputation is getting more and more, the people in the nearby villages will send home appliances to her home. As long as she is at home, she immediately eliminates it. She charges that she is cheaper than repairing the store. Therefore, the larger the business, the more it needs to be repaired every day.

She will give themselves, regardless of the electrical repair of the appliance received every day, Don’t sleep on the same day, you can’t stay again tomorrow. Therefore, this is desperate to earn money, and she brought her more than 10,000 yuan in the month. She is very happy, much better than working outside.

村里一妇女非常能干,在家为人修电器,月收入万元,你羡慕吗? She now repairs the scope of the repair, from repairing home appliances, to repair mobile phones, can repair motor, water pump, motorcycle, small diesel engine, etc. She gives it a very low cost, so attracting business makes her not finished every day.

She lost her husband’s widow instead of her husband, supporting this home, leaning on his own hobby, through diligence, master the maintenance skills, do not leave home at home, can earn a fee, solve The daily life expenditure of a family of five people is really a matter of not easy. Therefore, she can have a good craft, can sacrifice her happiness, change the woman’s destiny, the reputation is, and the more promising, it is very worth learning.

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