Acting Nongfu Spring Shui earned money? \”How much does the Nongfu Shanquan agent need?

Piszing 2021 make a fortune, pay attention to the annual flies!


This article is the original article of \”Value\”, and 775th. The article only records the \”value of the value\”, does not constitute an investment suggestion, the author has no group, does not charge the recommended shares, and it is not a managed financial management.

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The ancient oriental, there are four gods, selling soybean oil, selling soy sauce sea, selling a drinking water, Shanquan, and selling \”red water Moutai, a river, is a sustainable printing machine.

However, Maotai is too special, so don’t mention it, the rest, whether it is eaten oil or soy sauce or drinking water, you will not fall in the day, you will always need, this except for the government The amount of edible oil, which affects the price is low, and the remainder is more than 20% of the net interest rate regardless of soy sauce or drinking water.

Because these faucets have channel advantages, production capacity, other companies have no qualifications in the price war (see the day before the day about Haitian), and the industry, there is no existence \”Moore Law\”, there is no technical change. Instead, consumers have always doubtful attitudes to new technology, but more recognized \”ancestral technology / nature products\”.

Therefore, the god water is positioned.

Only, receiving the impact of upstream commodities rising upwards, soy oil, soy sauce is a bit \”falling altar\”, and the half-year report will not reach the market expectations, but the porter of nature, In this context, I actually handed a super beautiful transcript, which is undoubtedly \”Hedi Chicken Group\”, so today, let’s take a look at the transcripts of Nongfu Spring.

In the first half of this year, the company achieved revenue of 15.175 billion in the first half of this year, an increase of 31.44% year-on-year in the same period last year; net profit of 4.013 billion, an increase of 40.11% from the same period last year.

Of course, last year due to the influence of the epidemic, the company’s performance has declined slightly, but the company still maintains a fairly robust growth even compared to 2019.

Especially in a big context of \”Modified\”, it is more expensive.

下一个贵州茅台,甚至竞争实力强得多,农夫山泉,逆天的卖水者 The company can achieve such good results, first of all, naturally inseparable from this performance of this performance, this business is a company in the first half of the year.It has been 8919 billion yards, an increase of 25.58% year-on-year.

Otieged, everyone is very strange, the amount of watergas that is so big in the waters of Nongfu Springs, can also rise so fast, and since \”natural water\” make money, why don’t others not go to nature? Porter?

Because, it is necessary to make a nature, first give you to move, natural water source is limited, and the exploration is difficult to say that there are still various policy thresholds. There is no way to have other peers.

Second, since natural water transportation has a transport radius limit (preferably 500 kilometers), more than 500 kilometers means that the transportation cost is greatly increased, and the company’s top ten water sources are basically uniformly covered, so they can kill two. The price of the block is, while the rest, no matter the hundred-year-old mountains, Evergrande Ice Springs, because there is no way to cover the country, it can only raise the high-end route.

In particular, Tibet, II, I rely, it is really IQ ….

However, the intelligence tax, who can receive Nongfu Spring?

Since the peers can raise the high-end route, the farmers who have the most water source can not be? If you take a closer to the mall, it is not difficult to find that Nongfu Spring has made it out: from the new water source of Fujian Wuyishan’s \”Bubble Tea Wu Yushan Spring Water\” and \”Long Snow Natural Snow Mountain Water\” from Changbai Mountain, Jilin.

This is why, everyone thinks that the company’s drinking water business is difficult to grow high, the company can achieve such high growth ….

Speaking, everyone can really drink What is the difference between the 20-dollar farmers and the two dollars? ? However, when the resident wallet is increasingly bulging, everyone is needed, and it is possible to display the water from others to someone else.

The director is really a hundred-year-old mountain or only a friend who only drinks Great Ice Springs or only drinking Yiyun.

I think about it, I will give you a half-year newspaper for everyone to explain it a few days ago. For this semi-annual newspaper in Yili? Isn’t it because he is the high-end milk sales? No packaging, if you add an organic in front of the name, the price is more expensive ….

In addition, the company’s beverage business, especially the tea beverage business, and the recent expression is bright.

If everyone is a bit impression, it is not difficult to find that there is no new product in 10 years, and the oriental leaves that have always been most difficult to drink one of the best people in one of the new products! Can you have new products means that you can figure out.

Oriental leaves have launched two new tastes of \”Qing Diagnte\” and \”Xuanmi Tea\” this year (formerly four flavors), which is also limited to the \”花 乌龙\” in Jingdong.

With the upgrade of consumption, everyone pays more attention to health, represented by oriental leaves.Pure sugar (striking, knocking on blackboard, pure sugar, because there are still many people who don’t believe sugar) Tea market is gradually growing from a small segment to a larger industry.

In one hand, there is no sugar (10 years of oriental leaves), with a sugar (tea party) farmer product offline, the company’s tea beverage business achieved a revenue of 2.182 billion in the first half of this year, a year-on-year increase of 36.38% .

The company’s sports drinks, screams launched in 2004, now the shipping is actually OK, a product has maintained a 17-year life cycle, it is really a lot. In fact, we look, functional drinks, his life cycle, will be longer, such as red cattle, such as screaming, such as pulsation, all how many years? Because they sell tastes, they also sell features, with specific consumer scenarios, such as moving / exhausted.

maybe this, everyone can’t understand, so, let’s change the scene, take the clothing as an example, why women can’t make big companies? Langzi rely on the main business, it is only a bankruptcy. It is only a lot of medical beauty. For longer, because sportswear has functional properties, specific scenes are used.

As for the company’s juice, it is also a long drink, especially NFC fresh juice, and it is also very bonded now to health needs.

The company’s other new products, such as soda, coffee, and vegetable yoghurt accumulated an income of 846 million, a substantial increase of 86.75%.

Nongfu Spring core logic

It is not difficult to find that Nongfu Spring has a sustainable invincible cash flow – natural water, this natural water can not only increase the price increase with the deflation, but also combined with everyone’s wallet. A consumption upgrade (installed natural water), the focus is, and the opponents are not learning, because natural water resources are limited.

A variety of soft drinks are strong, but also strong white water, because other replacement water will always drink greasy, while white water is colorless and tasteless, the life cycle is directly to sustainable.

Through natural water, the company has already had channels throughout the country. We can see that the company’s new product is very fast, because this stuff does not have much cost, and now The channel is a shop, and the horse is a new profit.

Maybe everyone will say, now the emerging forests rise soon, but I still remember Yili, who was earlier before?

Although the bright memacked Mosley became a big explosive product, and one explosion is five years, but the bright channels and Yili / Mengniu is a brother. Therefore, even if the two giants are launched. Your own normal temperature yogurt, but now, there is already a fresh Mosley.

The same script, the director believes that may happen in the vital forestBody, because, the 5-6 yuan price of the Yuanqi Forest has a destination of sugar bubbles, and now I have triggered a giant plagiarism, regardless of the channel, production, the same superhabbing compaction capacity, and the Yuanqi is more than the big factories. .

The new species made from the red brands, and finally gave the giants to send gross profit … (The picture below is the gross profit / net interest rate trend of Nongfu Spring in the past year).

In general, Nongfu Spring is an ultimately like Maotai’s company. Created the status of the king of the sky; Nongfu Springs did not have the advantages of Maotai, but the ability to use their own channel capabilities and the ability of new explosive products, creating a status \”Kingdom of Water.\”

And the corporate ability, the farmer is much better than Moutai, after all, the farmer is really a few more than 20 years, and the Maotai has a hundred years of history. Precipitate, especially the high-level dedicated annular bonding.

Good companies need good prices, the income is determined to be higher, what kind of price is good? The value office team spent a few months and grinding the business valuation. The simple learning course is very strong. In particular, the research strength of enterprises has not been deep enough, and it takes more valuation to cooperate, and the opportunity will be grasped.

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