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Through the \”side chat, earning money, brush advertising bag\”, etc. The victim involved in the case will vote to the people’s court of Jinan City, Shandong Province, to entrusted the financial contract, requiring the \”middleman\” to refund the implementation of financial money, whether the court should support? Recently, the people ‘s courts in the Licheng People’s Court reviewed the case and has taken effect.


Basic case

Zheng Mou is in 2018 10 From the 8th, I added as WeChat friends, Zheng Mou learned to understand the FutureNet project (hereinafter referred to as FN project) operation process and investment matters, and learned that the investment FN project will have considerable benefit revenue, and Zheng Zheng in WeChat also requires Zhang teaches it to fill in the registration information, how to download, operation, etc. Zheng Mou’s 3,570 yuan and 35,000 yuan respectively from November 6th, respectively, and a total of 3,8570 yuan, and Zhang was transferred to the case after receiving the money. Ding, Zhao Account, and pull Zheng into the ad bags. After Sen Ding, Zhao helped Zhang registered the account of the FN project, and gave Zhang with the password. Zhang also informing the account and password. Zheng Mou earned earnings through its own brush advertising package. After the FN project website is not working properly, Zheng’s investment payment cannot be retrieved, and the case will cause the case.

Mode, the platform is currently launching three profit sectors, which are matrices, platforms and users to create rich profits, and then through online comparison, online mall, online games, cloud services, gaming and investment, etc. Hematopoietic sources are diversified. The online games and cloud services and gaming careers are very enhanced. It attracts a large number of members in a very short time through sharing profits.

The court held

The court believes that the \”People’s Republic of China Code\” Article 919 stipulates: \”Entrusted contract is The principal and trustee agreed that the trustee handled the contract of the principal’s affairs. \”The private entrusted wealth management refers to the customer’s assets to asset management companies, investment consulting companies, general enterprises and institutions such as non-financial institutions or natural people, from finance The agency as a trustee’s entrusted financial management form. It can be seen from Zheng Mou and Zhang’s WeChat chat, Zheng entrusted Zhang registered FN project account and recharged on the FN website, Zhang helped Zheng Zheng registered FN project account.The account password is delivered to Zheng, and the 38570 yuan will be recharged to the account of Zhang. Therefore, the case of this case should be a dispute dispute to the contract, not the dispute of financial contract. Zheng Mou’s operation of the FN project (such as a brush advertising package to earn US gold) is its personal behavior, and the investment in the FN project is also expressed as the meaning of individuals. Zheng Mou should be self-contained in our own investment. Because the FN website does not work properly, the adverse consequences should be borne by Zheng’s personal; The facts and legal basis, this hospital does not support.


Judge said 123]

1. The delegate contract is the contract for the principal and the trustee, and the trustee handles the contract. The civil entrusted financial management refers to the customer’s asset to asset management companies, investment consulting companies, general enterprises and institutions such as financial institutions or natural persons, and financial institutions as a trustee’s entrusted financial management form. To grasp the difference between the two. Entrusted financial management should be handed over to a regular financial institution, but cannot believe that some network propaganda or private proceeds, otherwise legitimate rights may not be guaranteed.

2, there are many investment scams like FN projects, using Internet + big data + virtual currency big publicity to lure a lot of victims to invest, facing the five-flowers of investment traps, investors should improve risk awareness , Enhanced distinguishing power, and report to the public security organs in time when it is discovered, and the corresponding evidence should be reserved, such as chat screenshots, bank account transactions, transfer vouchers, etc. Or when you receive the registration report of the public security organ, bring your identity documents and written materials such as the relevant transaction details to ensure the registration procedures of the public security organs to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Remember! Investment has a risk, we must be cautious!

Source: Jinan Licheng Court Jinan Zhongyuan WeChat public number

Editor: Ren Yi

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