After 80, middle-aged big sisters sell special breakfast, and guests hope to eat two meals a day, big sister: I have been busy

Northern breakfast is rough, Henan Shaanxi, Shandong to eat noodles, drink porridge If you don’t need big bowl, you feel that the wind is not right, and the people who are looking for pasta are more atmospheric, but the southern folk customs of rice is relatively exquisite. Many. Shanghai is a quite exquisite city. There is a sparrow here for breakfast.


Shanghai has a pretty classic breakfast called the rice rice group, also called the glutinous rice group, let’s take this referred to as a rice group. Shanghai’s rice group is more exquisite than Wuhan’s glutinous rice. There are many types of dish dishes inside, and the range available is wide.

The rice of each rice group is probably a bowl of rice, the rice group is made together, and the glutinous rice sticky flavor is big but eat. More than digestible, the rice rice with the same component of the meal rice, the same component, the same component, the mulberry. The rice cuisine that mixed with glutinous rice and rice with rice is best eaten. 80后中年大姐卖特色早餐,客人们希望一天吃两顿,大姐:忙不过来

In the figure, the breakfast stall in this rice group is better than egg scubbies and miscellaneous pancakes. Shanghai is a lot of people in an international metropolis, although many people have more than breakfast. The rice group is still favored by the egg pots. The rice group has a most obvious advantage that the raised cake egg pots is not greasy but very hungry.


The owner of the rice group is a middle-aged big sister after 80, don’t correct the middle-aged people after tangling 80, the earliest 80 after now At the age of 40, even if I didn’t even say that I was young, let alone 80s. This big sister made a rice group time although not more than fifty more than 50 more than 50 years old, a lot of things are not to say that the greater the number of ages. The previous rice group is generally the saucer sausage ham colonal fritter mustard sweet noodle sauce, which is a salty rice. If you want to eat a sweet rice group, it is the old rock sugar, raisins, flowers, and flowers, and fritters or ham. But this big sister didn’t have the same, and her rice group is more than a lot of tricks.


You can see the food seen in the pancake booth, she has, and the pancakes are not available here. Anyway, there is always a matching rice group suitable for your appetite. Snow, sausage, tenderloin, salty duck egg, meat, sour beans, assorted mustard, pickled carrot strip, fried flowers, rice, fried eggs, fried strips, ham, sausage, fried tofu, etc. vegetable. There are also a lot of sweet ingredients that want to eat sweet. In short, it is a salt to be tasty.

The roll of rice groups use the small bamboo curtain for Japanese sushi, and the rice group can use rice.The skin can also use the seaweed. These are additional money, you can also use the outer skin to use the fresh bag, the bamboo curtain is paved with fresh bags or seaweed, and the hot rice is shovel to the curtain, according to the guests Some of the dishes are spaghetti, and the pickles are just collecting money, and the fried eggs and salted duck eggs are also a leeks. Salted duck egg stripping housing shoves a few big pieces on rice, eat duck eggs, there is no need to add eggs, and the family is not to eat two eggs. Whether it is from nutrition or a taste angle to talk about rice group rolls. . 80后中年大姐卖特色早餐,客人们希望一天吃两顿,大姐:忙不过来

Roll up a roasting or ham, can be rolled up to the bag to hand it to the guest, as a person who likes to eat rice from a child tells everyone The rice roll strip is more delicious than the roll ham, it is best to brush a layer of sweet noodles and then pave the vegetables and sausage, the last roll strip. The rice group is adding salted duck eggs to a new way. The big sister is just bright every day, and it is ready to pay back at 9 o’clock in the morning. Every morning, many people come here to buy a rice group. Everyone hopes that she will come out to sell a rice group at night, but sell rice groups The big sister said that when you couldn’t see me, I was preparing the next day, if I was also busy at night. 80后中年大姐卖特色早餐,客人们希望一天吃两顿,大姐:忙不过来

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