After 90, the brick brother: Come to Zhengzhou for 17 years, it has been posted more than 500 houses, and once a day earned more than 1,000

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How much can you earn more hours? One day?

Zhu Yongzhi, born in 1990, just stepped in this year, currently from 600 to 800 yuan per day, with a maximum day of 1200 yuan.

\”\” I am most afraid who chats with me, ask the East asks, net delay, I make money. \”The red camera is smashed, Zhu Yongzhi wipes the sweat on the black face, Sorry, there are 3 sons at home, and he can’t waste time on chat.

Zhu Yongzhi is a brick brother.

Others have not completed, he has finished 4 single live children

spring blossoms, birdscen, let Zhu Yongzhi are the happiest thing, open eye, and money .

6:30 in the morning of April 14, others were still confused in spring, Zhu Yongzhi opened the car. After an hour, he has started a new day in a new house residential area in Xinzhengnong Lake.

This is the fifth single activation of Zhu Yongzhi after the Spring Festival.

Zhu Yongzhi is a brick brother, because the technology is too hard, the decoration industry is influenced by the epidemic, and the hometown of Fengqiu in Xinxiang, in the beginning of March, he will pick up the hometown of Xinxiang. 2 live.

90后贴砖小哥:来郑州17年贴了500多套房子,曾一天挣25如今1000多 His family’s live children have not been finished, Zhengzhou Nan Cao Township has a call, and the lives in Nancao Township have not been finished. I took another job, this is not, just finished the fourth solo at night, I went to the 5th order of Nanlong Lake next morning.

\”As long as I don’t want to rest, almost every day, there is a job, 365 days a year, in addition to the holiday back to my hometown with my wife, at least 300 days.\” Zhu Yongzhi came to Zhengzhou 17 years, an average one month can 3 sets of houses, this is counted, he has posted more than 500 houses in Zhengzhou.

When apprentice was apprentice, only 25 yuan of work in one day

Many people are strange, Zhu Yongzhi is not big, why is this welcome?

In this regard, Zhu Yongzhi smiled because of his birth in 1990. This year, he just stepped into the year, but he was early, and he came to Zhengzhou in Zhengzhou at the age of 13.

17 years ago, he also read the second grade in junior high school. That year, the summer vacation, he found a cousin of Zhengzhou sticked bricks from his hometown, and found that the cousin is only 5 years older than him, but it is very polite to him, and the owner is very polite. Can also make money.

Zhu Yongzhi, I don’t know how to know the future, suddenly I feel that my heart brightened, he wanted to do this.

He dropped out of school and started to follow the brother in Zhengzhou porcelain.

When an apprentice, only 25 days a dayYuan’s work, but his heart is full of hope, every day is full.

The world will turn a window for you, will open a window for you.

Zhu Yongzhi, which is not eaten, is very talented on the tile. After two years, he became a big worker from the apprentice, with 50 yuan a day, four or five years ago, Tiangong wages rose to 200 yuan. 6 years ago, he was carried out in a well-known company in decoration, became a brick master of the company’s name.

Later, it is the life of orders.

I am most afraid of others asking the West, delaying my own money

Later, Zhu Yongzhi is like a hanging, 22 years old, and then gave birth to 3 son.

And others like someone is not the same, the older Zhu Yongzhi is most afraid of working, there is still someone to visit, or ask the east.

\”A few days ago, when I was launching bricks in Western Fourth Ring, some people knocked on the door, saying that my customers came to see the decoration, I introduced her for a while, I have been a while I will Customers come, I found that they didn’t know at all. \”Zhu Yongzhi said that he generally tried to take him from 8:00 in the morning, remove the time to eat, rest, to ensure that it can do 10 to 11 hours a day. In this way, it will take the time forward, and if you are working, someone finds him chatting or asking the east, he has to explain it, usually talk about it for half an hour.

He now pays a lot of money to 600 yuan to 800 yuan, so it is calculated, it can earn six hundred or ten yuan in one hour, and he will earn a few tens of hours. Yuan.

90后贴砖小哥:来郑州17年贴了500多套房子,曾一天挣25如今1000多 Let Zhu Yongzhi are troubled because his brick paste is beautiful, and the customer who is serving Alone does not consciously boasting him, so that other owners who are ready to decorate the same community. Onlookers or visit him.

\”Others have nothing to bother me, bricks can be todmed (a 600×1.2m bricks and concatenation, weighing four or fifty pounds, others are husband and wife, Zhu Yongzhi makes more I didn’t ask the small workers, they all did it), just fine. \”Zhu Yongzhi smiled.

The most appreciation of Jiangsu peers, his own charges have exceeded Jiangsu Minhang

360 lines, and there is a line.

Decoration, the industry is generally believed, Anhui paint is more, it is active, and it will try to find Anhui master; when the ceiling, Jiangsu’s master work, the woodman is looking for Jiangsu; And the porcelain brick, everyone also believes that Jiangsu’s master is more beautiful, fashionable, meticulous, and atmospheric.

Of course, in charge, Jiangsu Master’s cost is higher, like a brick master in Henan, 25 to 30 yuan per square meter, if it is Jiangsu, generally 45 yuan per square meter.

Learn about the customer’s needs, Zhu Yongzhi is working,I will try to learn, learn from the master of Jiangsu Province.

In 2017, the company took a work, it was originally letting another colleague, but the colleague came to the customer, and saw the craft glass brick, the price is one square meter 200Multiple, worried, can’t afford it, no darer.The company passed Zhu Yongzhi.Zhu Yongzhi is also the first time to post such a high-end brick. He measured it.

After ten days, the brick was finished, and the customer was particularly satisfied, and he also recommended another friend who was ready to decorate.

What kind of ceramic price is relatively high?

Zhu Yongzhi said that a general home decoration, buy 70 to 150 yuan, a brand brick, it can be used in a twenty year.Compared to miscellaneous bricks, the material of brand brick is more guaranteed.

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