After 90, the husband and wife opened the clothing store, 9.9 yuan to sell clothes, not lost 16 million, where is the profit point?

Recently, many netizens are exploring the live broadcast of 9.9 yuan, some people guess the business will be in the postage to earn profits. Some people guess in the quantity control, then attract more people into the live broadcast, and finally sell other products to earn profits.

Actually, you see all the pictures, postage, and transfer are just the most skin-free logic. Although the merchants will not lose money, but the roots can not earn more, even the renewable sales of the Mildness.

So the case brought to everyone today is: the clothing store \”9.9 yuan\” sell clothes, no loss, three months earnings 1.6 million. Although it is much more, this case has a certain demand, and the general store is unacceptable, so it is best to combine your own conditions to see or see.

Case Background:

This store is in Tianjin, the shop owner is a pair of ninety-zero couples, the men’s 1 meters 6 small, long and thin, just like the monkeys of Emei Mountain. Although the woman is very high, there is 1 meter 61, but the acne with a face also represents her beautiful unmanned.

The two can say that the Lang Talent is a parallelism. The key to the two college students is still designed, although not the design of the clothing, but also represent the identity of the new generation of technical talents, and the women’s prominent home world, Post a lot of gold to this store.

Of course, these things are not important. It is important that their stores are in all years. In the past few years, there are a lot of people, but there are very few people who enter the store. It is almost almost almost almost No, what is this caused?

According to my summary, there are two points:


First: Now business is really simple, as long as you have money? In an instant, you can open a small shop, so a lot of passengers will definitely be a lot of people.

Second: Online mall bombing marketing, the person who has encouraged to go shopping, while the consumption can be selectively changed, so physical business is fader.

But this is definitely not an excuse for your business, because if you know how to change a problem, now all stores are this state, if we can find a method with them in advance, 鞥Change and break around, is it the biggest cake? For example, this three-month profit of 1.6 million profit methods and activities.

Activity introduction:

Open the advertisement 9.9 yuan a piece of clothing for a long time sale

First of all this ad must be conspicuous, it is best to That is very good to pull the banner. Then, the X exhibition rack is placed in the nearby community. It is best to contact the community security. One day to buy a few packages, then find a slightly conspicuous place.

90后夫妻开服装店,9.9元卖衣服,不亏还赚160万,盈利点在哪? Anyway, the main purpose is to letNearby residents know that there is such an event in your store, of course, if the X exhibition rack is done in detail, it is better, such as: the quality of the sale of clothes, the market, the market price, the sample map, give him to play, let When the customer saw that this is definitely a big and cheap feeling (actually is indeed because it is a loss)

The event is very simple, but if you do this, you will find you and You can’t make money, and your longer the event, the longer the reason is simple, but the details are important, such as quality and purchase.

About the activity program, today just a small method, there are more ways in my column, about the strategy of physical stores, if you are interested, you can click to watch

1: Quality and cost

Do this activity, product quality is very important, if your product looks like the kind of fake product, it is basically not beginning to die. . However, while ensuring product quality, general cost will rise, how do you solve cost problems? The two methods are the first to find tail, the second is to find a factory

Many stores will stand a lot of stock, you can help them in stock, but the price is guaranteed to be 12 pieces This will give you even if they lose money.

There is another kind of to the order-style reduction, I don’t know if you know the factory order price is a stepped matter?

is all factorys, if the same list is shipped, then the price will be 10, but if you have 500 pieces of the same list, the price will become 6 yuan, if it is 1000 pieces, then the price is lower.

Note: If you have your own trademark, you will give him directly, he will help you change it.

Do you think, this step is no matter what we do, in the case of guaranteeing quality, the sale of clothes will definitely lose a few dollars.

But it is this effect, only you lose, the customer will really get \”cheap\”, but do you really lose?

2: Profit

In fact, it is not lost, why do you say this? Let’s calculate a bill, cost 12 or so price of 9.9 yuan is equivalent to spending 2 money to buy a customer, 1000 customers are only 2,000 yuan, this is our guest cost.

And this activity in order to be effective, you can spend 5 days to do drainage, then 2 days to make profits, also means Saturday And the Japanese will have a large number of customers to enter the store to buy a T-shirt.

So this time, there are so many people in the store, there are other clothing in the store, is there a chance to buy? That if you launch a activity, such as 20% off, the second is 40% off,The third is 40% off, the fourth white delivery will not buy customers?

According to the province’s law and the profit of the garment industry, the 2000 customer has sold 400 people. As long as a customer earns 5 yuan, this activity is not lost, but can only earn 5 yuan??

One month four events, four soldiers are different, last three months, a total of 1.6 million profits is so simple.

About the activity plan, today is just a small method, there are more in my column, about the strategy of physical stores, if you are interested, you can click to watch


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