After replacing the wooden floor into the ground brick, I regret it!There are still many people who say: deep sense

Decorative materials, tiles are a key point. Many people are tangled, it is to choose a tile or wooden floor and I am in

Under the suggestion of a friend, the wooden floor is replaced with a floor tile, but now regret it.

Today, let’s analyze it, which is better!

Wood floor can be divided into: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite floor, reinforced composite wood flooring

The advantage of the wooden floor has a rich natural texture, high value, can match a variety of decoration style.

2. Differences from the hard feeling of tile ice, the foot of the wooden floor is good, there is no problem with the bare feet, the anti-slip performance is strong, and the pain of wrestling is far lower than the tile.


将木地板换成地砖后,我后悔了!还有不少人表示:深有同感 The disadvantageous abrasion resistance of the wood floor is poorly affected by the weather and humidity, and the phenomenon of moisture deformation may be poor. When cleaning, I don’t dare to use a wet mop to drag directly. I am afraid that the water is immersed in the inside of the floor, causing arch.

3. Wooden floor unless a solid wood floor, like solid wood composite, the enhanced composite wood floor will be used in the production project, and all presence formaldehyde is inevitable.

4. The color is mostly the log, the shape is generally a rectangular or square, the style is more than a single selectivity.

The advantage of tiles 将木地板换成地砖后,我后悔了!还有不少人表示:深有同感 1. The tiles have very rich colors and specifications. You can choose, with matte polished, with square hexagon, in total.

2. Tiles are burnned by the earth, without any formaldehyde, very environmentally friendly.

3. Tiles are very easy to manage, do not absorb the water without oil, there is stains on the surface, directly with a wet cloth, it can be wiped, and the maintenance is also required in the later period. All space at home.

4. The corrosion resistance of the tiles is strong, and it is completely no problem with the previous 20 years.

Tiles of tiles 将木地板换成地砖后,我后悔了!还有不少人表示:深有同感 1. Compared to the wooden floor, the tiles are very hard, the comfort is poor, and the pain is strong.

2. The surface of the tile is smooth, it is very easy to fall, especially back to the South, the ground, the wall is the water, so the tile is still not suitable for the family with children in the home.

3. There is a gap after the pavement, but also beautiful sewing or fill.

4. Inferior tiles may have radiation or other harmful substances.

5. In the later stage maintenance, it is necessary to regularly waxue maintenance.

The board and tiles have a good or bad, then how do you choose? You can start from 6 aspects

floor: the floor is in the 1st, 2nd floor, the slide will be compared Serious, tiles are more reliable. Light: Relatively, the reflection effect of the floor tile is good, can improve the light, so the house lightingNot good, you can consider the floor tiles.Residents: There is a child with a child at home, more suitable for \”soft\” wood floor.

4. Hardworking: The floor tile is convenient, the floor is difficult to do, but also have regular maintenance, so the lazy old selection brick

5. Budget value: a lotPeople think that the wooden floor is more expensive. In fact, the price of the floor tiles dozens to hundreds are not, good tiles are more expensive than solid wood flooring, so what is selected, but also to see the economy.

6. Whether it is warm: Wood floor heat can be deformed, and the floor tile does not have this problem, and the thermal conductivity is better.


Summary: The floor and tiles have good and bad, each has a thousand autumn.But I personally, I prefer wooden floors.If there is a chance to renovate the next house, I definitely choose the wooden floor, as long as I use it slightly, don’t you still be very fragrant?

Which one is your home?Welcome comments tell me your opinion!

将木地板换成地砖后,我后悔了!还有不少人表示:深有同感 More renovation design, dry goods, @ 家装 设计 设计 小 能手 有

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