After the bank card is lost, he is brought to a hotel, rubbing the tattoo on his hand with a steel silk.

Source: \”Fang Yuan\” magazine

Author: Fang Fei Guo Jianhe Li Dan

Guo Xiaozhong, who was brought by a dozen people, in a room, in a room One level is ten days. Before, he just lost his bank card. One of the people named And Mingyu puts a lesson of Guo Xiaoliang, refers to the other person to buy a steel wire, forcing Guo Xiaoying to rub the tattoo on his hand with a steel silk ball.

Anti Yu said: \”Who let you lose the bank card? Give it! Don’t cut off your legs, you choose!\”

Who also If you can’t think of it, these fierce people are actually a group of childish teenagers.

Putting students out of school for threat

2018, 17-year-old Liu Yining, no heart to learn, all day in society. On October, Liu Yining was accidentally found in a QQ group. People who publish bank card information online are called Yanyu. Liu Yining thinks this is a \”business\” that can earn money.

After the successful application, Liu Yining founded Wen Junsheng, Liu Mingliang, Angyu three students, with tanker, and led the other party to play the conditions, bought a large number of bank cards (including mobile card , Bank card, U shield). These students don’t know, after buying bank cards, Yan Baiyu intends to transfer to criminals for illegal activities.

Yan Bai Yu received a total of about 500 bank cards from Liu Yining and then transferred. He asked the owner of the bank card to fail within 3 months, the mobile phone card bought, the bank card mainly passed the way. , Circulation to Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan.

Since October 2018, in order to prevent the reselling bank cards from using the bank cards, the illegal income cannot be taken out, and Yan Bai Yu means that Liu Yining will handle the personnel who will report the bank card.

Guo Xiaozhong, who was selling cards to Liu Yining, is a school student. In April 2019, Guo Xiaoying was sold after selling his bank card, which was afraid of selling a criminal activity, and lost the bank card sold. After Liu Yining, I took more than a dozen people from the school to take Guo Xiaob Zhong, in one hotel, during which, Liu Yining recovered the bank card lost by Guo Xiaoliang, took away more than 200,000 yuan on the card, then It shifted to another hotel to continue to detain a week.

After Wang Hao gave this group of people, Wang Hao was afraid that he was dangerous, so he will sell the card. But Liu Yining and others bring Wang Hao from the school dormitory and forced it to the hotel. They told Wang Hao: \”If you know that you know the bank card, take the money on the card, you will take a gun to school to find you.\” Wang Yu was scared to cry, promise no longer cancel the bank card again . Liu Yining took a video, and the video of Wang Hao held an ID card, crying on the ground, explaining the reason for the cancellation card in the video. Liu Yining passed the video toYan Bai Yu, Wang Yucai was allowed to return to school.

It is even more boldly that this group is moving directly to the home of the card. At the age of 17, Chen Yuqi was 17 years old, a high school student in Luoyang City, Henan Province, after selling cards to this group, the card listening to the classmates can be used to laundering crimes, afraid that they are involved, will lose bank card After the card is taken out of the card, it is logged out of the card. In a few days, Liu Yining took 5 people to wait until the school. I will force Chen Yuqi to drag and drop the school gate. Chen Yuqi slammed back to the school, this group found his father, Chen Yuqi father After paying 15,000 yuan to the other party, he told this matter.

There is also a student selling card, just because the bank card is locked, it is required to replenish a card by Liu Yining and others, and threatened. Each card was taken by Liu Yining with a few hundred yuan, and the price of thousands of yuan was sold. Liu Yining profit more than 30,000 yuan, giving three students to help each person or two thousand yuan.

I want to be worried about my family, I will be missed into astray

On April 24, 2019, a resident in Xinhe County, Hebei Province was deceived more than 600,000 yuan on the online gambling platform. On April 27, 2019, he went to the Xinhe County Public Security Bureau to report the case, the public security organ was investigated. The police followed this clue to find fraudulent money into some accounts, and found a group of people who bought the bank card in Shunyi, which had Yanyu and Liu Yining.

The investigation of the Xinhe County Public Security Bureau found that Yan Baiyu is a criminal gang of selling bank cards (there are three main prisoners in this case Zhou Yi Qiang, Zhang Xiaoyhong, Xiao Jiarui, these three people respectively committed the case, have been investigated and sentenced) He picked Liu Yining for the purpose of earnings, and three minors Wen Junsheng, Liu Mingliang, and Angyu collected the bank card of others, and transferred to criminals for illegal activities.

Handling the case, Liu Yining, Wen Junsheng, An Mingyu, Liu Mingliang and others bare tattoo will bring the bank cards to the school’s remote, hotel, and even directly to the students, intimidation, threats, Dravings, forced students to shoot videos, give victims, especially giving minors, have brought very strong psychological fear and shadows. The series of behaviors in line with two high, and two \”guidance opinions on issues of black and evil forces’ crime cases\”.

It is, Wen Junsheng, An Mingyu, and Liu Mingliang are the students of Luoyang Technical College. Wen Junsheng has been looking for a campus part-time because of family life, and it is used by Liu Yining. Naming Yu and Liu Ming have grown together from Xiaoyu. And Mingyu knows that Liu Mingliang’s father has died in his death. His mother took himself with his brother, and the burden was heavier, so he introduced Liu Mingliang to the gang.

The procuratorial organ introduced in advance

This case is the first case involving bank card trading by Xinhe County Procuratorate, consideringThe case of this case, the number of people, involving minor crime, evil sin, etc.

The case prosecutor told the \”Fangyuan\” reporter: \”According to the highest law, the highest inspection, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of April 2020,\” About the Opinions on the Implementation of the Implementation of Black Wills \” (Hereinafter referred to as \”Opinions\”), the underworld of using occasionally involved criminal activities, generally does not identify members of the criminal organizational organization, such as the three minors in this case, Wen Junsheng, An Mingyu, Liu Mingliang. \”

\”\” Student group is relatively simple, easy to be utilized by black and evil forces, and it is also easy to become a criminal object. It is suspected of improving credit card management, according to the rule, the quantile is actually relatively heavy, although the general person involves The amount of the crime is dozens or hundreds, but the subjective viciousness of the minor suspect in this case is not big. \”The prosecutor said.

On September 29, 2019, the public security organs were suspected of improving credit card management, illegal detention, and prosecuting crimes, such as Yan Bai Yu, Liu Yining, Wen Jun, Liu Mingliang, An Mingyu, etc. . The prosecutor’s contract with the statutory agents involving the minors involved in the case, on September 30, visiting the Minor County Detention Center met the minors.

After a day of affection, three minors were voluntarily signed a book, and their legal agents, and defending lawyers signed agreement.

From September 29th to October 29, in more than a month, for the psychological characteristics of minors, especially for universal victims, the prosecutor implemented one-stop inquiry.

During the examination of the case, during the prosecution, the minor procuratorial case team has applied for legal aid for the case of the case, and the prosecutor actively and Xinhe County legal aid for the case. Communication, the assistance center selection is a serious responsibility, business care, and loved outstanding lawyers provide a full-time one-on-one assistance to minors, maximizing their legitimate rights and interests.

At the same time, the prosecutor also passed the contact Luoyang City procuratorate, entrusting the Justice Bureau of Luoyang City, the Justice Bureau of Dongshan District, to carry out the social survey of the minor Wen Junsheng, Liu Mingliang, and An Mingyu. The usual performance and the cause of illegal crimes.

Zhang Weiqing told the \”Fangyuan\” reporter: \”After careful analysis of the results of the survey, the status quo of the minors into the criminal cliff is saddened, and I feel that as a legal supervision authority, we have a responsibility to bring your child from the cliff On the side, I suggest that the court applies to Wen Junsheng, Liu Mingliang, and Angyu’s application of probation from wide treatment, and helps them through the community to help them change their new. \”

Prevent minors from being tempted by

[ 123] On October 29, 2019, the procuratorate was suspected ofHill the credit card management, illegal detain, and find four people in the crime of the evil force gang, Liu Yanyu, Liu Yining, Wen Junsheng, Liu Mingliang, And Mingyu four minors are also hidden by credit card management, seeking trouble Live a public prosecution. According to the crime of the criminal gang in the criminal gang, the procuratorate recommends that the Court has applied from the three minors from wide treatment.

On December 31, 2019, the case opened. In the end, the court allocated procuratorate indictment opinions, and sentenced Yan Baiyu to credit card administration, illegal convincing, and the crime of finding troubles, and decided to count the crime and punishment.

Wen Junsheng, Liu Mingliang, although the beginning is to be deceived by Liu Yining to make money with part-time, unauthorized saying, but after understanding the illegal behavior of the acquisition of bank card sales, he did not stick to the bottom line to refuse temptation, continue To acquire bank cards, it is allegedly suspected of improving credit card management.

On December 31, 2019, Xinhe County Court found that the gang of the evil forces was established in accordance with the law. He sentenced Yan Baiyu to four years in prison, sentenced Liu Yining three years and six months, sentenced to temperature Junsheng, Liu Mingliang, Angangyu is sentenced to six months until two years and two months.

The case prosecutor believes that it is necessary to combat such criminal acts in a timely manner. First, strengthen the rule of law of minors. Although the case did not involve minors in the region, in addition to actively urged the public security organ to send a letter to Luoyang, it also urged Xinhe County High School and Vocational Education Schools to take the ring and strengthen the management of students. Education, enhance students’ legal awareness. It is a criminal behavior to aware of illegal holdings.

Second, establishing a preventive mechanism for the behavior of minor card behavior. Referring to the school, the hospital’s minor injured system reported to the public inspection law agency, the report and filing system of the minors should be established, and the audit system for the minor card is increased, and the card class can also be verified. It is not my use, there are several cards under the name, and some limitations are set to the card capabilities of minors.

Third, minors must establish the right life concept, values, and clearly non-concept. Schools and parents should also strengthen communication, do a good job in the monitoring and education of minors, and always pay attention to preventing the behavior of minors, only to do education and prevention can protect the healthy growth of minors. (The characters involved in the text)

Columns Editor: Yang Rong Qicheng Source: Visual Chinese Picture Editor: Xu Jiamin

Source: Author: Fang Yuanfei Guo Jianhe Li Dan

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