After the law, the lawyer can make money, it is not so easy in the system.

Legal vocational qualification certificate is a certificate that must be taken from lawyer’s occupation. Many candidates have paid a lot in order to obtain this certificate. After obtaining the certificate, they can get a lawyer certificate after they go to the Law Institute, and then engage in agent business.

For candidates within the system, how do this thing say, there is not much to use, although the law enforcement unit is engaged in administrative punishment, administrative case handlers have to have this qualification, but the unit is not very important to it. It can only be said that you have passed these lives, but you can’t get any other substances or mentally recognized, the system can apply for public office lawyers, engage in some unit disputes, of course I will pay my own expense, according to my knowledge, some units will give reimbursement, some units are a bit difficult, of course, this is to see yourself, because it is clear that it is appointed by the public office, it will agree that the relevant fees should be reimbursed, Leaders pay attention to it. Our unit is reimbursed. I took the public office lawyer to give the leadership, he signed [smile]

in the reimbursement order, so the system has passed the legal test, and the public office is not a money. , Free labor, but more related legal transactions, make yourself grow more. I am a public office in the system, but I mainly attack intellectual property case. I have learned a lot in handling the case. If I have a non-public lawyer, I can directly change the lawyer’s lawyer card. I can go directly, I will work directly. Development will be more powerful.

Finally, if it is a candidate in the system, the sooner, the sooner, because the world is changing, you never know what will happen in the future, always give yourself a backward road, especially necessary. Now the system is inherently reform, how to change it, it is important to adapt, if you think about it, this is also a road, at least there will be too much behind you. Now that the civil servant is too much, it costs much more than before. So work hard, the system is in the system, and now there is now the judicial reform, the opportunity is more, hurry to get the card [Come on]

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