After the opening of the mother and baby shop, my real experience and feelings

\”The arrogance makes others can’t love me, prejudice to let me love others.\”

When I saw this sentence, I just felt funny and didn’t think too much. But when I bid farewell to a white-collar life, I truly understand this sentence after I opened my family.

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I am an ordinary white-collar worker, in order to do a \”big thing\” before the age of 30, I decided to start the store. But I didn’t have any related experience, so I thought of joining. But when further understanding, I naturally heard a lot of questioning sounds. But I think that if there is so many shortcomings if I open the franchise store, why can those brands can be done step by step? If you really lose money, why do people who make sounds always the \”small part\”?


It is said that some people will not be affected, and it is considered that some people are aggrieved. Now this era, information dissemination can not only \”not responsible\”, unless they are touched. Just like you are awkward, it may not be able to hear the language of moral condemnation. In such an environment, it is difficult for someone who has been wronged.

开母婴店之后,我真实的经历与感悟 This can be seen that the joining itself is not so terrible, it can indeed help me to give me a little bit to some extent.

I really understand, I am still a little flustered after joining. After all, the money investment in the store is also a small investment for individuals. But since I did the choice, how can I give up? So I put down my inherent \”inertial thinking\” guess, and began to spend my own partner, time to visit the partner.

Soon the store slowly opened, I started a \”class\” on time and used these practical skills on their own store. In the case of the semi-theoretical half practice, my store has become a local \”net red shop\”. In general, I am fortunate, I haven’t met too big setback during the store.

Recall that the prejudice to listen to \”there is no easy success, you lie to me\”, maybe this is the \”little arrogant\” in my nature. I think I have groped the truth, I can see the falsehood, in fact, it is also not coming out in my own cognition. 开母婴店之后,我真实的经历与感悟

I opened my affinity parent-child store to get \”small success\” except for the help of the brand, every moment I seriously. The above experiences and open shops give each person who are \”habit thinking\”, and give every person in the effort, \”details\” requires yourself.

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