After the reduction, take a takeaway is more expensive?Lawyer: or belonging to price fraud

See the news KNEWS reporter Xu Yue Wu Jiawei Wu Haowei Chen Wei

Recently, Ms. Zhu, who lives in Xuhui District, said that she is hungry? The merchant purchases the package, discovers the price of the same package of the merchant, the price on the takeaway platform, the price is nearly doubled. When she used a pile of coupons, the price got was different from the hall. Ms. Zhu questioned that this kind of activity after raising the price is a virtual price.

Ms. Zhu said that she is hungry, Dongchi, who is hungry, purchases a package, and a package of more than 20 yuan in the store, the price is up to 40 yuan on the platform. Only by using various coupons can make prices until the same price is similar to the price of the store, but this also has to see how many coupons in our hands. A dollar set of 20 yuan, I have turned over to the takeaway platform. Miss Zhu felt very unreasonable, so I called to the store to complain.

Merchant will push the responsibility to the platform, and Ms. Zhu is called to hungry. Ms. Zhu said that the platform tells her that commodity pricing is not responsible for them. 满减后外卖比堂吃更贵?律师:或属于价格欺诈

Who is the price of meals on the takeaway platform? Look at the news Knews reporter found this Dongchi, who was reflected by Ms. Zhu, Hui Mi Road. Look at the news Knews reporter as seen in the store, the platform price of 45.99 yuan crispy chicken leg rice, the actual price of the store is 27 yuan. The price of the takeaway platform is 19 yuan. The store said that the price on the takeaway platform is the platform.

满减后外卖比堂吃更贵?律师:或属于价格欺诈 Subsequently, see the news KNEWS reporter called Hungry, the customer service staff said that the platform will not help the store to set up online product prices, but the area and store of the platform and the store are right. Intervention.

满减后外卖比堂吃更贵?律师:或属于价格欺诈 When I walked out of the store of Zhu, I saw the news Knews reporter opened the platform and found a rice flour shop, a bowl of magnificent snail powder, labeled 38 price on the platform. After the discount, the actual payment price is 21 yuan.

Subsequently, see the news KNEWS reporter to call the merchant, the other person tells the news Knews reporter, in fact, the price of this bowl powder is 18 yuan. 满减后外卖比堂吃更贵?律师:或属于价格欺诈

For the case of seeing the criterion of the news Knews reporter, hungry, is hungry, and the official has conducted a written reply. The other party said that the merchant commodity pricing is a merchant in the background, and the platform is reviewed. For unreasonable prices, the platform will also communicate with merchants and strive to create a good consumption platform for consumers.

Legal person said that according to the \”Consumer Protection Law\”, the operator provides goods or services should be marked. The price of the platform is a price reduction price, or the price is implemented after the price of the platform.Fraud.

(See News Knews Reporter: Xu Yue Wu Jiawei Wu Haowen Chen Wei Editor: Quiet)

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