After the state-owned enterprises laid off, it is not possible to find a social security in the age of 56. What should I do?

After the state-owned enterprise unit, this year is 56 years old. Did not find a job, no social security, what should I do? First, if you have not found a job, it is actually paying social security in a flexible employment. So we can pay the flexible employment of employee pension insurance and employee medical insurance, the social security paying the social security Social security paid, the social security paid is exactly the same, still can effectively accumulate its own payment period.

So, if you have not found a job, you have not given up the need to pay social security, because you can be insured in a flexible employment, this is no doubt. So if you find the work unit, you can use the working unit to be insured, but you didn’t find the work unit to participate in the flexible employment, increase your own cumulative payment period, you can get a more Gao numerous pensions.


And one age stage of you, the basic pension insurance and basic medical insurance for 56 years old, can have a benefit, that is Enjoy the subsidy treatment of social security, many regions for social security subsidy treatment is the stage of legal retirement ages less than 5 years, can apply normally, women are probably 45 years old, men are 55 years old. So you are a condition for social security subsidies.

Of course, after you meet the social security subsidy conditions, you will mean that you pay the total amount of social security, some of which can be allowed to enjoy subsidies, and some parts of the subsidy are 50%, and some subsidies are subsidized. The proportion is about 2/3, which is equivalent to 70%, so it is better than you, the total amount of payment of 10,000 yuan is paid, and the remaining 5,000 money or about 7,000 yuan is about 7,000 yuan. It can be subsidized, then this If you come, the cost of your own expense is about two or three thousand dollars.


It is obvious that in this age, the social security should not be given, and the payment should be normal to participate. After all, after enjoying social security subsidies, yourself The cost paying is also relatively low, then I can’t find a job, because after all, if you still have a 4-year time, you can go to retire, so I will hold it again, I have passed the 4 years, then you will You can apply for retirement and enjoy the treatment of pension.

In order to make your pension treatment more, so don’t give up, these four-year social security payment, you will have another important condition, just before the legal retirement age, must More than 15 years, the accumulated payment period, if you don’t have more than 15 years of accumulated payment years, it is not possible to get pension treatment, this is very important for yourself, suppose you have not paid before laid off 15 Year, then in the lastDuring these four years, we must be normal to participate, in order to ensure that the payment period of more than 15 years is to go to retirement, and enjoy the pension treatment.

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