An forgotten common sense: profit model of teaching gear mechanism – traffic, product and transformation

Some agencies make money, lose money and some agencies, some agencies had a chance to make money had disappeared, and some agencies catch for many years suddenly began to decline in performance. In the end what factors determine the final result, some people say that is because people, some people would say that is because the policy, some people would say that because of changes in the environment.

are both right, but it seems from the looks are the reason for the results of reverse thrust, so it can not be summed up valuable experience, to more effectively guide business practices. From my point of view, all of the fundamental problems is that since the release of information explosion, has made many people forget basic business common sense is the most basic business model, and that is: by what way to what products sold to someone.

in other words, too complicated, when you return to unraveling the core of the law, you will be more clear. This matter is very important, to seize the main contradiction, you can solve the main problem, so be sure to live in the moment, in order to find the right medicine focus, aimed at a target to aim for.


something unusual must have a demon, all are intended to guide the flow sensational

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there have traffic tomorrow, have a chance to verify the flow of the competitiveness of your products, before we talk about your user experience, have a sense of participation and user stickiness. A mechanism door is not no second door step, how will traffic? To see the phone number of the WeChat friends know you influence around three kilometers.

In addition to traffic to go out, but also require packaging, the need to give yourself a label affixed, you are noble and elegant, or plain. Traffic is needed is exposure, not just the push of advertising posters, also need to come up with new concepts do speculation, come up with a marketing major events and work on welfare do charity.

traffic can come from? Random example, store a lot of small business line, there is no cooperation to find someone to do? As long as the number of dollars in spending over the other side of the store, just add one yuan you can send the voucher number, which is to solve the problems of others to meet their needs.

willing to cooperate to pull the group, fixed time every week dividends and sun rankings, partners have to pipe up. If someone pushed a single to earn hundreds of Shang Hao, it is easy to form a long-term cooperation, not negotiated can be pulled to the group, melons for the masses develop slowly.


For example, the country has a number of convenient, especially some small local county, urban management, public security, surveillance, traffic police, environmental protection, audit, etc. convenient public court number one by one to talk about, refer to the above points the way to the commission, to talk about cooperation with the above case, one can talk about is the next one, which number more than public advertisementIt is much more expense.

In addition, such as local high-end community riders will ask your parents to have riders who will mix. In addition, QQ group search local name + car + community name, then find a group of people talking here, you can have that commission, find cooperation. I can talk about it, I can’t talk to the group, and then continue to rank the sun every week.

However, there is only one movement of how many teaching facilities and store types of stores, that is, send a short price drainage. Turned the WeChat, how many friends in your WeChat are parents, every time I have done it, it is staring at the old students to make the wool, why don’t you go, it’s better to reflect.

The traffic is not necessarily to spend money, but the flow is certainly inseparable from the profit segmentation and external channels. Unfortunately, there are not a few people can do it, so the entrance is not open, where is the traffic.

The so-called product of most of the teaching facilities can only be described by six words: comrades have worked hard

一个被遗忘的常识:教培机构的盈利模式——流量、产品和转化 Good product must be serving customer service, the essence of the product belongs to users. It is just in the teaching training industry, especially the art training institution, so far, it can’t accept this fact that he is a service industry. Your teaching is not for your own services, your teaching is for the child to serve, for parents. In other words, your teaching is not to make yourself more cool, but to make your child more excellent, make parents more comfortable.

It is important to show what you show, but what parents and children have seen. It is important not to express anything, but what the user knows; it is not what value is realized, but the user knows its value.

In other words, what is a dance training institution, what is the value of parents and children? What will she lose this training institution? This child does not learn art, don’t learn to sing, will he lose?

The five levels of physiological, safety, social needs, respect and self-realization of Maslo demand, one by one, and the heart of our quality education institutions meet the needs of users .

For example, many dance institutions are promoting the scientific training law, which seems to meet the safety needs, then will I not participate in dance training? There is also agency in promoting art training, which can solve the future of the future, what you mean is the teacher of this child as a training institution in the future?

The school training is actually a luxury existence. From the user’s perspective, it is necessary to be satisfied.Survival and social needs, such training products will really form long-term value. Therefore, the idea is backward, and the mountain will be repeated, and there is no way; the ideological liberation will be a village.

The traffic and the product are expenditure links, only transformation is the profit link

Demand and product There are four obstacles, it can be simplified into four questions: First, users know that they don’t know their needs, which means parents may not be sure that their children should learn art dance or other. Second, the user knows that you don’t know your product, this is the first part of the exposure and traffic issues. Third, why users choose your product, this is the problem of your product selling point. Fourth, how do users know what you are talking about, and the fourth point is to build trust in achieving effective transformation.

Establishing trust achieving effective transformation is actually very testing, I used to have a high-end dance training institution in Qingdao, and the concept of the main stage drama attracted me. After talked about a few words, I turned stuffed it. It turned out to be a test textbook for the North Dance. Typical reflection does not change the medicine.

In this communication process, the other party’s enrollment consultant must be to complete the product in accordance with the previous training process, and some of the above, whether it is learning time, teaching content, course arrangement, and teachers are difficult to say. Because it is an ordinary dance training institution being packaged into the concept of the stage drama, plus the label of the southeast island, which is not a key issue.


In the teen training this market, for parents, the most trusted thing is not your advertisement. Attractive eye, nor discounting, and even brand effects are not so big, the most trustworthy is a word-of-mouth, the word of mouth of those people who have learned, for this institution, the biggest trouble is that she can’t tell her clearly I, a child can get the same way to achieve what she said here is to achieve the very dazzling effect of her.

The flow and products are not just consistent, and the process of transformation is to achieve the effective transmission of information between the two, reaching the final consensus. This is not a problem that you can solve it in a number of times you read more, but you need to repeat practice, accumulation and summary to achieve higher conversion efficiency.

Brand and marketing brings traffic, teaching and platform supporting products, implementation and processes ensure conversion, in all service-based activities for end users, this is three missions Uncomfortable key tasks. And some institutions have encountered hindrances, and must have problems in these three levels.

With the comrades, be sure to make the short board and add some, put the foundation and prison!

Trustees, come on!

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