Analysis from the Decy effect, why don’t I advocate a red envelope to be promoted?

Editor’s Initiative, the Decy effect is considered that moderately rewards contribute to consolidating the internal motivation of individuals, but too many rewards may reduce individual interest in the matter, and then reduce their internal motives. When we are in progress, it often uses a red envelope, but this is not a good way to promote. This article combines the Gercy effect and analyzes us.

从德西效应分析,为什么我不提倡用红包来做群促活? As an operation of a few years in the facultial organization, it is really getting more and more troublesome now. Because my usual work is to pull new transformation, every time I passed the activities, all kinds of learning interest groups.

At the beginning, everyone’s interaction is quite high, and it will discuss various issues, but in order to further improve the activity of groups and increase the number of groups, I will send some small gifts or red envelopes from time to time. Everyone share forwards.

The problem is coming, although the people who enter the group are really much, but the group is active, and even some transformations have not been able to do, these groups have become a dead group that is not talking. Even if I have a red envelope, I have to send an expression bag in addition to the red envelope, and there is no other interaction.

This situation can I only improve the conversion by continuously built a group? I can understand the case you said, I usually add a lot of groups, but as you said, more than 80% is active for two days, there is basically unconscious death.

For the user, a group is dead, it doesn’t matter, but for the operator who is a community, each group can be his own heart, dead, have a heartache for a long time.

But the reality is such a cruel.

Before there was a group of groups, after completing a fission activity, he said he said with me: C sister, I have built more than 50 interest groups in this event. I pulled more than 10,000 people in the beginning, and I took a red envelope, a small gift, and pulled nearly 10,000 people, more than 20,000 people, too accumulated.

But for two days, he came to me to cry: C sister, I built more than 50 groups, more than 90% of the group, basically no one talks, even the red envelope is activated.

Really, this situation is now particularly common. The community has been exhausted for many days, pulled up a group, and the result is less than two days to become a dead group, the rest It is still insisting on a bunch of advertising screens, it is true. Surprisingly, when many groups have just been built, everyone is actually active, but when they start to send red envelopes and small gifts to promote life, it is not active?

I. Motivation and behavior

In fact, this phenomenon not only sees in community operations, but also occurs frequently in other things.

For a 10-year-old child, because of his interest to learn to draw painting, you will give him a tool, he willIt is particularly positive, and it is particularly useful. But when you said to him: \”You learn this painting today, I will give you 10 yuan.\” \”You learn the deputy painting tomorrow, I will give you 10 yuan again.\”

child start For those 10 yuan, you can learn aggressive, but after a while, he will feel very interesting, gradually lose the driving force of learning, why does this happen?

Actually, people’s motives have changed, resulting in changes in behavior. Such as a sense of accomplishment, curiosity, interest, pride, is our internal motivation, if one thing is because the inner motive is done, we insist on relatively long.

and money, score, position, etc. are our external motivation. If one thing is for external motives, we will soon lose due to changes in motives, Dynamics of this matter.

When operating the group, the user has been in the group because of the group of interest, so speaking, the question is very active.

However, when the operator used the number of people to expand the number of groups, the taste of the group began to change, everyone waited for your red envelope to active atmosphere, grab The red envelope immediately withdraws, and there is no more enthusiasm for discussing. 从德西效应分析,为什么我不提倡用红包来做群促活?

Second, Decy Effect

This phenomenon has a special name \”Decy effect\” in psychology, which is discovered and proposed by American psychologist Edward Decy .

Edward Dess

This theory believes that when people give outside the inner rewards, they are in the future, they are engaged in these activities. It will become lack of intrinsic power.

In order to verify this phenomenon, Decy has made an experiment in 1971: he lets college students do the subject, answering interesting mental problems in the laboratory, and the experiment is divided into three phases: [ 123] 从德西效应分析,为什么我不提倡用红包来做群促活? The first stage: No matter what you can answer, all students have no rewards; the second stage: divide students into two groups, the experimental group students answer a problem, you can get 1 US dollar Remuneration; and the student of the control group is the same as the first stage, there is no compensation; the third stage: for free rest time, what students want to do, the researchers observe if the students are still in solving the problem. As an indicator of the students’ interest interest.

The results of the experiment are that students who have reward this group have indeed hard work in the second phase, but these students continue to solve the problem in the third phase, indicating that their interest is very fast. Without rewarding this group of students, there are more people to spend more rest time to continue to solve the problem, indicating that their interest is still enhancement.

Finally, Dessi’s conclusion is that people are moving with interested, curiosity, etc., when conducting a pleasant activity,If you provide an external material reward, it will reduce his enthusiasm of participating in this event.

This law is a well-known Deli effect in psychology.

从德西效应分析,为什么我不提倡用红包来做群促活? In order to make everyone more imperfectly understand this effect, we can look at a story.

In front of an old man’s home, there is a group of children often play loudly there, the ghosts cry, the old people are unbearable. In order to solve this trouble, the old man thought of a way.

He first gave each child 25 cents, and said to them: \”You let you become very busy, I feel that I have a lot of young, this time I express my little gratitude.\” 123]

The children were very happy, and the next day, they came again, as always played. The old man continued to make money, but this time I only gave each child 15 cents, and explained: \”I have no income, I can only give it less.\”

15 cents can also The child is very satisfied, and it is soaring. 从德西效应分析,为什么我不提倡用红包来做群促活? On the third day, the children came again, and this old man only gave each child 5 cents. The children are not happy: \”Talent is only 5 cents a day, it is really hard, and it will never come again later.\” The head did not return.

In this story, the old man is actually utilized is the motivation of children. He turned the children’s internal motivation \”Happy to be happy\”, and became an external motive \”to get the cents to play\”, I eventually changed the kids to play this line.

Third, providing intrinsic value

So, this theory is to do social groups, what enlightenses can you bring?

I think it can be started from two aspects:

Don’t always think about the enthusiasm of using red envelopes

Many of the small partners who have been operated now, have been habits Use a red envelope to solve everything and group related issues. For example, no one speaks, send a red envelope in the group; you have to make an event preheated, send a red envelope in the group; to remind the user to play, send a red envelope in the group … It seems that all the problems to send a red packet is solved. .

But is this really useful? In fact, many times is really not big, and the most is to harvest a wave of \”group owners\” \”Thank you boss\” \”praise\” and other polite expression packs, some or even the expression bag is too lazy, grab the diving or diving.

What is better? You should first think about what they have to enter this group, anyway, it is definitely not to grab the red envelope. For example, you pull a group of parents who want to give children less children’s programming classes, and their points of interest must want to understand the programming.

This time you can create some topics related to children’s programming. For example, is the child be a few years old to learn programming? What are the benefits of learning to children? Will learning programming will affect children other disciplines?

Throw these topics, don’t be able to promote, parents will active.

2. Multi-Design Some things that can provide users with intrinsic value

Sometimes, you may build a parent group that has already reported your course, but also need to keep the group activity. .

What should I do? It is impossible to lose a red envelope in the group every day, let everyone have fun, you need to figure out what your parents care. What do they care? It is definitely a child, the child’s learning, the child’s usual performance, the school can provide the value of the child, etc.

At this time, you can design some things that can provide the inner value for parents.

For example, the child is a painting lesson, you can draw a good painting in the group, or the child’s achievements in some painting competitions, this is easy to trigger parents. Pride, the activity of the group is naturally there is natural.

Provides the intrinsic value to the user, which is more meaningful than providing external rewards.


[1] Deci, Edward L. \”Effects of External Mediated Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation.\” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 18.1 (1971): 105.

[2] DECI, E .; Koestner, R.; Ryan, R. (2001). \”The Pervasive Negative Effects of Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation: Response To Cameron (2001)\”. Review of EduCational Research. 71 ( 1): 43-51. Doi: 10.3102/00346543071001043

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