Analysis of Accounting Professional Employment Direction and Prospects

The accounting profession of this paper mainly refers to the relevant major of undergraduate level, financial management, etc. Standard, the employment direction of accounting professional graduates have the following four categories:


Mainly include banks and securities industries , A large number of accounting professional graduates enter the banking and securities industry, the reason is the fact that the financial industry is relatively high, but in recent years, the overall income of the industry has decreased slightly.

(2) Administrative institutions, troops


Simply, in the system, generally need national examination, provincial examination, institutional exam and troops The civilian examination has gradually diverse in the past few years, but it is still the exam. The advantages of entering the administrative unit are mainly stable, decent, and the level of life is low.

The disadvantage of entering the administrative unit is that in addition to the high-level economic development levels such as Shenzhen, most of the country’s internal personnel income are relatively high; second, if the accounting professional graduates are not Enter tax, finance, audit, people’s banking, etc. It is more relaxed in previous work. In recent years, work tasks are getting heavier, overtime is also often.


Mainly the accounting firm, providing various audits, identification services, tax agencies, asset assessment, accounting services, management Consultation, performance evaluation and other services. The industry is overtime and business trips, usually very busy, but the income is relatively high, there are many excellent practitioners working for a period of time, have the opportunity to hip to larger companies as financial officers or audit ministers. If you can get a registered accountant, the income will be higher, but in recent years, with the increase in practitioners, the CPA has also decreased year by year.


Mainly engaged in accounting, tax, funds, budget, etc. The quantity is quite large, and the nature of the company determines the difference in salary. Generally, the listed company, the state-owned enterprise is better, and the small enterprise is in a little. Excellent practitioners can gradually promote the financial manager of the company, the finance directors.

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