Anshan makes money (Is Liaoning Anshan have money)

Huaxia Times Network (Reporter: Li Meixue) Wu Zhanship is a birthday of 80 girls who are born in Zhuquan County, Shaanxi Province. Wu Shizheng said that because of his adolescence, he did not like to learn, it has led to the early departure of the school.


After step into society, Wu Zhanshi is not happy again, and I always want to do some business, achievements through my own efforts. I want to eat when I have a career, I want to play, I want to buy it, I will buy free and petizes. Therefore, after graduation, she has done a small food wholesale, and the partnership of my friends have been sold through the small printing mill, and I also sell women’s bags, diamond paintings, digital oil painting some crafts, but they have repeatedly defeated. Why is this? Xiao Zeng began to stop the province’s life trajectory. Every industry is not doing yourself. It is not hard enough to work hard, nor because of money is not good, but make money. The crow drinking water has changed, one is still throwing stone, and the other has been using the straw! Ten years ago, thinking about ten years later, maybe exhausted, may thirst, it may be enough to maintain life, if you don’t want to be eliminated, you must keep up with the times! Change the way of thinking.

2018 is already a network era, the country has strongly supported and developing the Internet. In the face of us, the physical store has been influenced by online shopping. Whether it is or even some 60 after online shopping, Xiao Zen believes that it is necessary to start a business or have to start from the Internet.


Wu Zhaizheng unintentionally saw Bayou in a sister’s WeChat circle, she called a call. And various Baidu on the Internet. The original Bayi is an e-commerce platform that the star Liu Tao endorsed the Belle Group. It is also a large network supermarket. It is not a micro-business without a proxy. It does not need to be pressed. It doesn’t use it. It doesn’t ship the goods. There is no funding pressure. It has a star stock share, China Life is doing underwriting, genuine brand, so we sell Reassuring, with confidence. Moreover, the CCTV has several channels to interview Bayou many times and promote it for Bayou.

辽宁省鞍山市创业典范月入万元小编带你探访萌妹子吴肖盟 Since the meeting of the life of Xiao Meng after meeting the Bayi, she has passed her efforts. I got my own free life, and I also got the economic income you dreamed of. Don’t rely on the husband, don’t look at anyone’s face, don’t worry about I can’t afford my favorite things. So Xiao Za is also willing to share his own money secret to friends, Xiao Za, also welcome everyone to visit her Bayian, Xiao Zen’s Bayi invitation code is 19009721, Zang Zeng also hopes that other friends can also hope that other friends can also It is the same step by step.

Wu Shizheng finally said: If there is a friend who needs help, welcome everyone to come to me, I will teach you one-on-one, handle, bring you together, friends who need it can add me WeChat W308818415As long as you have a positive heart, there is a pair of hands with hard work, beautiful life is not a problem.

Wu Shaozen: People in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, now live in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, go to work in a shoe store, now there is still six or thousand yuan in the month, and she believesThe more fortunate, the more fortunate, as long as you arework, the beautiful life is not a problem, and finally, she said that the difficult friend of life came to me, she is willing to change her own, change the world with friends needed.

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