Arcade fishing game \”Ace Phishing\” launches free demo Demo


After the generation, the arcade fishing game \”Ace\”, which allows players to reproduce the charm of arcade fishing in Switch’s feeling. Once sold, it was sold in Japan!

According to the report of Fami, \”Ace Phishing\” Switch Edition As of September 19, 2019, 160,000 entities were sold in Japan. This is really amazing for a work that is not a masterpiece.

Nowadays, now make persistent efforts, in order to attract more players, I will try to play Demo, but this demo can not find directly in Eshop, players need to download the codeword in Japanese ESHOP!

[ 123] The exchange code is: D3GM3303T42BVWLB.

Players who are interested to experience can go to download, anyway, free! If you like, the game has a Chinese entity version, you need to buy!

\”Ace fishing Hand \”is the work of\” ACE Angler \”on the playground\” Angler \”for the playground. Use Joy-Con all physical fitness, no matter where, players can experience realistic fishing feelings with their families and friends. There will be more than 250 kinds of fish, or there may be a surprising big fish bite.

First waving JOY-CON throwing buoys, then rotates another wrist simulation roll action, support HD vibration and reaction force, and feel the feel after the fish is hooked.

街机捕鱼游戏《王牌钓手》推出免费试玩demo Hedge brothers lead, completely experience the \”coin mode\” and \”Adventure Mode\” (single play) of the exclusive play of the playground, \”Single Play), and 4 3 game modes such as \”General Assembly Mode\” in the war.


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