As the industry leader, the drip successfully listed, why is it difficult to earn?

On June 30, 2021, the drip is listed in the New Year with \”DIDI\” for the stock code. Although the stock price is not expected to skyrocket, the drip is undoubtedly the most shining star in the listed enterprise this year. The listing of the drip has also driven the enthusiasm of the domestic network, follow-up T3 travel, ticking, and the possibility of being available.


While drip these years work hard to open the overseas market, the scale of the domestic market is still very huge, and there are 40 million orders in the day, making the drip in 2018. – Revenue 135.3 billion yuan, 154.8 billion yuan and 141.7 billion yuan. However, it corresponds to it. The loss of the drip in 2018-12020 is 15 billion yuan, 9.7 billion yuan and 10.6 billion, until the first quarter of 2021, has achieved profit for the first time, earning 5.5 billion yuan, but Still can’t fill in the company’s financial loopholes.

Many companies’ hangouts are the case, especially Internet companies, in the early stage, relying on burning subsidies to obtain market share, and finally form a monopoly reward, so that at this time Users have to choose, but this road drop is obviously unlike.

First, the profit of the drip is very low, and the drip is in 2020, and the summary is usually about 20%. It is also necessary to subtract 10% of the passenger subsidies, the platform maintenance and upgrade, the last net profit is only about two percent. 作为行业引领者,成功上市的滴滴,为什么难以盈利?

Although the amount of oil is very low, the drip does not increase the price, this is also very simple. Although now the net approximachi is the leader, the rest of the net approximation platform dozens of webmark platforms, if the drop is blindly raised, it will cause the user to lose the loss, if this time, one platform will be subsidized Tactics, then it is likely to replace the drip, T3, Tick, and there is this idea. So the drip can not increase the price, it can only be kept tight, which is also a reason why the stock stock has not risen.

This problem can be solved, but it takes a long time, and the drip will become a technology company from a taxi company. Bottom is currently working hard, not only accelerating experts from artificial intelligence, but also reached a strategic cooperation with GAC Eshan to jointly develop automatic driving. Cheng Wei’s goal is very clear, that is to seize the top of the next time, that is, artificial intelligence and smart driving, these two points are very fit with the drip company.


The current market value of 67 billion US dollars is around $ 67 billion, which seems to have a distance from the target of millions of dollars, but it can also be a good thing, too high estimate The value will also make the development of the drip difficult, if the drip is working hard in the future, it is worth looking forward to.

In the long run, the appearance of the drip has indeed changed our travel habits, and let our lives are more convenient, providing a lot of jobs, these three points, can reflect the value of the drip.As a company established still less than ten years, the drip has just started, we should give it enough patience, after all, the world’s large business is not all this?

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