At present, open a maternal and child store to make money, how much profit?

! Additional service, below, I will estimate how many maternal and child stores are estimated for everyone according to these categories.



Daily consumables are divided into general goods and self-owned brands, and the goods are that you have other stores, others. You also have the store, this type of product usually has little profit margin, such as Yili’s milk powder, the flower king’s diaper, the famous product is also, then the profit space is very limited, about 10%, but If it is an independent brand, then the profit can reach about 30%, which is why many maternal and child stores will focus on their own brands.


Mother and Baby Store Profit 2: Maternal and Children’s Clothing

The cost of clothing is very high, and the specific reference garment store will know, because each store is purchased Not the same, so winning the customer is the most important. The main thing is the most important thing to be a mother-in-child industry. If your store can meet the needs of customers, the profits brought by the clothing are very considerable, according to the tag price If the price is almost the price, the price of the tag is two fold, three fold, so the sale of a clothing is approximately 70% profit.


Mother and Baby Store Profit 3: Health Products

If you can do it well, you will become the main product of store profits. The price of this type is relatively high, and there are few maternal and child stores involve this type, small market competition, but the sales of nutrition and health products require professional product knowledge, and the common problems of the baby and pregnant women. A certain insights can make practical suggestions, and have to trust, there will be someone to buy, and if you want to do this, it is a long-lasting thing, but once the profit of nutrition and health products can reach 70%. -90%.


Mother and Baby Store Profit 4: Domestic Products

The things of life supplies are much more, profit is high, not good, The price and pricing of the lathe, toys, and bottles are different. If the low price and high prices are sold, the average profit is approximately 25%. 目前开一家母婴店还赚钱吗,利润有多少?

目前开一家母婴店还赚钱吗,利润有多少? Maternal and Baby Store Profit 5: Additional Service

Additional service is often the most value-added service, as a maternal and child store, its additional service can have Baby swimming pool, postpartum care, etc. Profit can be reached90%. Different product hair profits are also different, requiring specific analysis, these substantially covers the business products of the maternal and icy store, hoping to help everyone.

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