At the same time, do some small traders, see how the truck driver is unique.

Although the truck driver \”old age\” is serious in the past few years, the driver’s main force is more than 70-80, and the strength of the waves in the Yangtze River is also the main force of the top 90, and most of them are For many years, the qualifications are deeper is the second generation. After coming from the school, I will immediately go to the car, and I have inherited my father’s clothes.


In the truth, there is a lot of experience in the running car, and the experience of the experience of the old road will be relaxed. When studying the car, when buying a car, you can get the source of supply. According to the corresponding care, if the parent is a truck driver, then you will definitely share the resources to the younger generation, the advantage of the second generation is to struggle for several years.

24-year-old card second generation, already alone

The reason why young people will pay more and less will choose to drive the truck, which is the revenue decline, even if it is a lot of competition, it is very competitive. , Less supply, low price, etc.

拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面 Plus 90 after the young people are alive, from small and outstanding, if they are suffering from the driving truck, I am afraid that many people can not bear, except for small will A firm young man, growing up in the car, or loves the truck, can accept this bitterness, and the harsh living environment is also a major problem.

Even if there is any shortcomings in the truck industry, in front of Xiao Wu, everything is nothing, this year’s 24-year-old Xiao Wu is a standard 95, Xiao Wu’s student era is very \”rush\” The original 24-year-old age should be college graduation, and he dropped out of school after reading, and even he did not read the day of reading, why bought hard.

After dropping out of school, I have been love to the truck. After half a year after the repair shop, I started to run with my own car, starting from the dip ghost, the stacked cloth, until the age of 18, I took the C1 after 18 years old Driver’s license, tell the truth, is interested in the truck, learning the car is fast, the first time I took a small self-unloading car, Xiao Wu took the movement of the car when he learned when he was studying with the car.

\”If there is this talent in learning, then it is certainly taking a college.\” This young man is also fun, there is a young man’s style, then Xiao since Unloading or only running a short way, just in the two-year overhaul highway, the family bought a single bridge car, will open the experience after you will open the experience, single bridge car is often trapped, one is going down I have to be like a clay.

拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面 At the beginning, I don’t know how hard this is, I feel very fun. I really like driving, I like to sit in the cab, I like it. At that time, I went home to sleep. I couldn’t sleep in three hours, I got up to eat something and opened the car out, I didn’t know how to be tired, even did it.Finally, I finally feel tired, lying on the bed and slept one night.

Although Xiao Wu is very young, it is also a old driver. Many young people \”Tongxia\” like to open a quick car, and Xiao Wu drives very stable, because he knows that the truck is not fast. But it is necessary to steady, safely go home, and go home is the most important. Plus the building materials don’t need to catch the time, cement, sand, bricks, and send it to the destination before the sky. The site can start, start early. Slowly on the road is completely available.

From the beginning of his father, he will follow his own car from time to time, guide what places to pay attention to, and later the foundation is almost the same, the father is relieved to let Xiao Wu himself Open, but will still check the car of Xiao Wu from time to time, worry that the young people are careless and not concerned about the car, this little Wu feels very warm.

If the car is helpless, everything is done by the future

Xiao Wu rushed to the gas station. Since the fixed oil is fixed here, the car parked on the air station next to the gas station. You don’t have to worry about parking, there is a 13-meter flat car in the family, so you can’t stop the car, and you will have only 600 meters from the gas station. After stopping the car, go home. 拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面

This green three-ring Haolong is a new car just bought at the end of last year. I thought that the source of goods was already less. I only knew what nightmare this year. Xiao Wulle’s goods owner gave himself to him. I took the cement boss for more than a decade of cement. My father also had a friend relationship with them, gave Xiao Wu’s goods.

Since the bulk cement has become a development trend due to recent years, many construction sites are built in bulk cement. Some rural areas are directly pulled to the village with trailers, and then use agricultural car cars into the village, so that they can save Many shipping costs, we must know that the tonnage of the trailer is large, the freight is much cheap than the small car.

拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面 The Fuda dump truck in nearly 5 years was also can’t hold. It had no advantage of the original load-bearing tonnage. After seeing the re-poll, the heart is also cool, and the total quality of the two-axle is 18 tons. The self-weight of the blue brand has exceeded 4495kg, and it is strictly caught at all, and it has been sold.

(do not need parking fees)

In fact, Xiao Wu’s goal is A2 driver’s license, and drive carriages have always been own. Ideally, a large part is that the salary of the trailer is high. Now he has operating a top four after the first four, the net profit earned by the year is also ten million, and the pure salary of the driver’s driver is almost horizontally. Why Xiao Wu does not Directly boost? Instead, I bought this new car.

He analyzed two reasons, one: \”Just waiting for the old customers, the other is that the father is already running the car, and I will not be urgent later. Now I have a self-unloading. I have time to take care of my family. I have arrived at home. It is a big problem to ask a wife.

拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面 Usually mainly transporting bags, red bricks, sometimes return will be found on the platform, the right price will also bring some, this year, the goods are also pulled up, stainless steel products, wood pieces, cement ring These, the price on the platform is not very high, run more than 200 kilometers to make more than two hundred dollars.

Cement is given to the goods, and the red brick market is a famous film with a few friends. It is still more than the red brick in the rural cover, sometimes Cuts introduced the neighbors, a car’s red brick shipping fee is still a thousand five six. When you go to the factory, you will be unloaded, and you will be 6-7 hours. This money can be earned.

After a brief introduction, this is the most headache of a professional truck driver. Many people think that 24 years old is still very young. It actually two years ago, Xiao Wu began to look. Basically, it is a matter of disappointing my job, or it will open the high price \”color ceremony\”, or the requirements of buying a house.

For an ordinary family, it is a bit difficult, not to live with yourself, Xiao Wu feels that such feelings don’t want, and I have been dragging to now.

The character is lively, the eyes are unique

, I can feel that Xiao Wu is a tangant, the character is also very cheerful, why can’t I find the right object, I think it is really because the truck driver belongs to In the high-risk industry, if you change the white-collar workers who are nine nights, I estimate that he now children will soy sauce. 拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面

The character also determines his own driving style. When Xiao Wu is a car, you will pick up the popular \”Sao Green\”. Xiao Wu said before the county. Someone bought a green dragon, I feel very bright, I can see it, and the red is very tradition, the previous car is not a red, blue, now The popular green is too novel, and the land of the land is also green, and the environmental protection is not to be green.

The father’s view of Xiao Wu was very excluded. It felt that the green was too public, and the feudal perspective wanted to make a sense, and finally smashed Xiao Wu. Adhere to the idea of \u200b\u200byoung people, and if you don’t have to finish the car, \”Green Giants\” is really handsome, \”Green Giant\” is the inspiration of Xiao Wu from the game, I used to play very much. CF, there is a green giant in the biochemical mode.

拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面 (Aluminum alloy tank + aluminum alloy tank, lightweight label)

About the problem of the car,Challenging the mainstream model, the three-ring dragon has been very popular in recent years, the price is relatively cheap, the products of the three parts, the electrical accessories and Dongfeng products are also common, stability is good, small investment, returning to this cycle, mainly It is also a light quantization, it is good, and it is still suitable for a short way.

I looked online, Dongfeng, Jianghuai, these cars, the price is expensive than three or 40,000, there is not much in the local capital, or there is a lot of maintenance, and there are many maintenance. 拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面

In the field of dump trucks, the Yuchai engine mount ratio is really high, the first four after the local, the first four after six, the first four after eight dump trucks basically They are all equipped with a ferruwer, and the running mountain road is very suitable. This three-ring Haolong is also equipped with Yuchai engine, the maximum 220 hp, output power 162KW, the torque 860nm, matches the Fight Bar gearbox, the rear axle speed 5.571 , Big horsepower, speed ratio, heavy car climbing is easy, and it also saves climbing time in aging.

The business car should be more pondered, and it is good at finding the way 拉货的同时自己做点小买卖,看95后卡车司机如何独当一面 maybe many people will say that the run is still wanting to make a fortune? Then I opened a dozen or twenty years, why didn’t I find a fortune, I actually drive this kind of business, I can do some small business, but I have not found it. Many people are simply driving, earning a job. The freight is even calculated, and the current young people think about it.

(long-term mountain road driving, water tanks are essential)

Like Xiao Wu and a few friends in the business of red brick wholesale, the biggest The advantage is that it is very familiar with the brick factory boss, not only the source can be handed over to Xiao Wu. If you have a door to sell the brick, you can take the goods at a lower export price, which can not only make shipping, but also make your own Business money, it is still necessary to run business.

The running business requires a thick face, and the small Wu face is thin. It can only look at the friends to make money. Later, he also \”eyes red\”, bite a car to the surrounding village. Asked, I saw that there was a covered house, and I pulled the household’s chat. I have established a business channel for a long time.


In fact, I also have a way of planning the future. Now I am another step by step. I can’t be proud of my money. Secondly, I have to be a small business. I have to talk about integrity. The brick didn’t come to the money, this is the recognition of Xiao Wu, and also the customer covers the house owes a brick, several car bricks 3,40,000 yuan, sometimes it is also a headache for the year ago. It can only be said that there is a line of difficulties.


\”Tiandao Remals\”, believe that the hard work will receive the return, according to the current country building materials, single from the Red Brick Market, everything needs to be discovered by himself, If you have the opportunity to revenue, like Xiao Wu’s story, there are a lot of local pull bricks to pull the business to sell bricks, and the competition is also very fierce, but only see this market isWho has already discovered.(Text / Carter Number: Truck)

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