Badminton Hall Shares Disassembly and Reconstruction

Traditional Badminton Hall, a friend who is launched by natural people, and a friend who is associated with the same portraits. The process is most like this, find the right space, talk about the rent, and then there is no rental period, start looking for construction teams and suppliers, and put the spatial space of the ball into playing venues.


1, the cost includes changing the chamber, the ground is flat, and then installing the lighting and facilities. The initial cost is basically the cost of construction costs and procurement costs, including power distribution, lighting, floor, floor, gelatin and net column, etc., including front desk, store decoration and initial sellers and cables. Also part of the rental deposit.

2, costs are affected by targeting the barrier because of bargaining capacity and market supply.

3, usually, in the contribution budget, basically contain labor and facility materials and deposits, and do not consider the cost of the store and the front desk management system. For the operation of the ball, think that after the opening, you can cover your operation. This is a misunderstanding, and the operation is also a relatively high cost. Therefore, after an investment, the operational budget is not attached and considered, causing the revenue of the alley to be less. Some investors will comfort themselves. After all, the ball has just opened, and it is normal. Waiting for everyone to know.

4, in the case where there is no operational operation, or strong self-extrusion operation budget, it is incomplete, or some functions are very weak. The situation appears. There is no operational budget or not high, please do not request the right operator. Some investors can only break their hearts, but still do not have a good effect. Because operation is a specialized discipline, you need to continue learning and hone, continuously optimize, in order to achieve an ideal situation. And the operation is uncertain, it is a large number of test error in the initial stage to get a little outcome. Even the old hands doing, you also need to re-analyze the customer group.

5, in this unfavorable situation, the confidence of investors has been hit by an investor. For additional investments, the heart is doubt, some partners can’t see the hope of profitability, will have the idea of \u200b\u200bretaining stocks. Some will step forward, don’t let me add investment, how do you do it. The ball is open, rent, salary, water and electricity, health expenses, and various market costs cannot be stopped. Do not continue to invest, only losses more. Things continue to evolve in the direction of deterioration. Even if there is a lot of improvement, it also makes up for the preliminary loss.

羽毛球馆股份拆解与重构 6, all shareholders of an investment are divided into shares in accordance with the proportion of capital, and the ball is losing, and the largest shareholders are the most. This is unfair, but the rules are so unable to change easily. In turn, think that if you continue to make money, the share of the shareholders is also much.The rules of the game cannot be only one side. Due to economic contradictions and disputes, a good job of good wishes is fine. This non-harmonious atmosphere between shareholders often passes the overall atmosphere of the ballhouse, which is very disadvantageous to the construction of intangible assets such as the mall image word of mouth, which is an invisible negative asset. But few people recognize that it is a gray rhinoceros hidden in the alley.

7, we will invest initially once, can be called the original shareholder, and the total holdings of the same hold. For a new earttee, the original shareholder is an angel investor. The budget has been transformed into everything you see in the ballhouse, in fact, it is not withdrawn. And to bear all the risks of the next goal, the most common is the loss. Lifelies, only the original shareholders will be forced to invest in accordance with the proportion of capital or the shareholding. Even if the budget at the time is quite sufficient, this situation is only delayed.

8, the revenue of the ball, to pay the rent artificial hydropower and other fees. The remainder is the income that the shareholders can dominate. Because the ball is usually recharge consumption using membership, the ballhouse will prioritize the amount of payment of membership previvale for payment loss, thereby forming a lot of implicit liabilities. Many fitness studios cannot continue to operate because of this reason.

9, look at this model, the initial investment of most alcoals, the return rate is very low, especially at the beginning of the start of operation. Every month, it is possible to hold a flat, paying a rent of hydropower, and has owed a lot of membership fees, and it is necessary to pay in the future. The result of a large number of membership is owed, the result may be that the previous operation confirmed is high, but there is no recharge. It will form a strange phenomenon, and there are many people who play, the scene is very lively, but the ball is still without money to bear the expenditure of the month. This is the tidal phenomenon caused by the account, which is extremely destructive. It is not the operation of the operation, and you can solve all problems. In the crisis operation, it may be just a short-lived backlight. Operators don’t understand the innate problems of the ball, just like a doctor’s headache for medical foot pain, can’t solve fundamental problems. Gao Ming’s doctor may cure your illness, but the doctor does not guarantee the saving everyone, including himself. 羽毛球馆股份拆解与重构

10 The development of things has their own rules, if they are in a state of hesitation, then it will fail. If the proportion of funds has equal cases, then the rights and decision-making power can be divided. The income right is calculated in accordance with the ratio, and the decision-making right is divided in accordance with both experience and knowledge framework. Why is ownership and management rights to be separated, is a helpless choice, because the owner is not necessarily a professionalCampors, the overall efficiency and benefit are low.

11, and inappropriate shareholders partnership, it is also one of the reasons why the overall thing to negatively develop. It is also a necessary choice to define good words and profit or loss intervals. Don’t talk according to your personal emotions, you have to speak according to the contract, the so-called unforgettable is always. As the background changes and the evolution of the situation, people who can not forget the initial heart, very rare.


12, there is another important problem, which is to contribute. The resources needed by the ball must be converted into general equivalents, that is, money. But the process of converting is more complicated. If you pay money, you can buy resources, and the resources have a bad measure, some are easy, and some are not easy. For example, such as exit, out of the framework, how to count, it is not that simple. Generally, it can be considered, the resources are converted into funds according to the price level of the market price, and the distribution is obtained. The rent of the ground and the house is usually packaged together, because if the ball is gone, these resources will be automatically recovered or rolled, and the residual value will not be damaged. Also called real estate. After investing in other facilities of the ball, depreciation is serious. If it is a house frame, do not accept rental partnership to do the ball, accounting for the shares, you should evaluate the price. Either rent is used as a shareholding, sustained expansion of shares. This is also the reason for the king. The shareholding is the right to use. Therefore, for the constant residual value, pay the rent, it is more convenient to calculate. If the monthly expenditure, the rent is half, which is equivalent to the same price as the same as cash investment, and it is cheaper. And this investment is cost-effective. This is just a digital game.

13, of course, if you pay more, you can consider buying a place, cover the ball, so successful probability will be higher. Even if the ball is fails, the remaining places and homes are still a large asset available. In fact, the landlord has always been the shareholders of the museum, he has always had a vote.

14, just mentioned the initial logic of investment, then, how to withdraw it. Do not consider the investment of exit, basically, very small exit. It is unclear that the revenue retreat is the underlying logic of investment, the entry of the alley, and the mechanism of exiting is not clear, so the fund size of the entry to the alley is restricted. Only by a major shareholder’s enthusiasm, the expansion and expansion cannot be maximized on the scale.


15 We can divide the investment into several types, and can no longer let the funds enter the ball full of uncertainty.

16, an angel investment in major shareholders, belongs to the scope of full responsibility, if the ballhouseLoss, Angel Investment assumes all of the loss. Then you can introduce financial investment in Posted. That is, the funds of the goal are not affected by the loss, you can completely exit, and do not enjoy the real value of the ball. If the ball is losing, in the financial plan, this shareholder does not undertake responsibility for continued loss. When earnings, the proportion of allocation is reduced accordingly, which reduces the risk of the ball due to the nervousness of the fund chain. . There is a little debt investment, but it is not exactly the same. In principle, the investment scale of debt attributes should not exceed the total amount of angel investment.

17, second, whether it can also introduce the concept of consumer investment, as long as the funds of the ball are, the corresponding consumption is long, the stock can be in the alley Consumption, within one year, the consumption quota is also involved in the dividend of the library. If there is no profit, consumption is also obtained, but not liable for losses. Users are the components of the ball, and it is the most important part, allowing some users to enter shareholders, which will greatly stimulate the loyalty of the globe consumption. If the consumption amount becomes one of the dividends, then the amount of funds deposited can no longer be returned, but the funds invested in the angel shareholder are allocated. This surplus is equivalent to the consumer points set by the ball for recharge, which is also very easy to calculate under system bonding.

18, finally, consumers, users who are unwilling to join the Guest Shareholders, consume in accordance with traditional consumption patterns.

19, we envisage the scene of introducing new shares. Angel’s investment shareholder is also the same as that, invested 1 million, in accordance with the original way, the probability of loss is about 70%, and the investment cannot be exited, but also continues to pay for forced investment, and forced investment It is not possible to change the changes of the shares. Introducing non-risk debt investment, expanding the size of the investment, no need to continue to pay, but the ratio of the benefits is reduced. Introducing consumption financial investment, the income is further reduced, but the opportunity of profitability is increased. In the process of introducing new investments, you can find a firm fund to transfer some of the angel stocks. If you exit enough, you can open a new goal. Make some funds in a flexible regular state. 羽毛球馆股份拆解与重构

20, further refinement. If the angels invest 1 million, the introduction of debt investment is 500,000, introducing a consumption investment of 500,000. If the overall expenditure of a year’s alley is 500,000, then the profit of the year has been balanced. Ensure that this ball has no loss of loss in this year. And there are 500,000 funds on the books. If you are retreat, 500,000 can be completely returned to the debt investor. If consumer investment income is 1 million. Then, it was a profit of 500,000. It can be provided for tripartite allocation, and the proportion of allocation can be conventionally. For example, 4: 3: 2: 1, angel shares 40%, debtShares 30%, consumption shares 20%, rest 10% as operator rewards. Continue allocation is assigned according to the amount proportional to the amount.

21, the consumer shares are in the position of the assigned target, so the shares cannot pass through the year, and the next year is re-accumulated. And Angel Shares and Debt Shares have been involved in allocation. Of course, this is just a simple model and needs constant corrections.

22, the benefits of this are: all sports companies on the market, such as sport suppliers, training institutions, competition planning companies, horizontal service companies, operations, You can invest in the museum’s debt shares, and become a long-term collaborator of the interests of the destination. The units and individuals, clubs, and small training institutions that have nearby venues, can become the holders of the globe consumption shares, and can also benefit from the whole. Everyone became one of the new owners of the ball and built a very strong belonging.

23, this and fund-raising difference is that every money has a corresponding target. You can always find your own investment object. Through multi-level investment, ensure that the ball can spend a short difficulty and walk to the correct operational track. There is no opportunity to reward.

羽毛球馆股份拆解与重构 24. If your alley wants to reduce business risks, achieve profitability, improve operational levels, improve efficiency, improve experience, and see a message.

25, in front of the shares, if the previous operation is enough, it is already enough for those who have a deep understanding of the shares, and introduce the ball to the new shareholder. OK, solve the financing, also solved the user.

26, you can also put this problem, refine, is a digital part. This is less understanding. First, start with the shares. Most of us are priced from cost, that is, how much cost invested in the previous period, and later payment. If the ball is always your own, this is no problem. But if new investors are introduced, the situation will change. The first thing to face is the value revaluation. It is possible to revaluize the cost of the investment, which is more likely to be lower than the cost of the investment. It’s like learning a hard work, just going down the mountain, the big probability will be the same as the blood flow. The first investment experience is insufficient, and it is difficult to control the cost. If you say, the materials I bought are the lowest price, which can basically determine the results. This does not extend too far, or returned to the revaluation of the shares, and it is difficult to obtain the trust of the new shareholder for the shareholders who do not admit that their investment is not professional.

27, why said this, because this is the first ridge transformed from the private domain from the private domain, and it is not going to talk about it.. Only more open mentality, transparent cost, increase visibility, to finance the public. This requires great courage. Booting costs, there is no dissection yourself, facing the public. Moreover, it is necessary to obtain the future operation mode, the trust in the mode, thus involving service standards. 羽毛球馆股份拆解与重构

28, the pattern is open, the service standard is established, which means that there is a report to future investment and revenue, and regularly report to the new shareholder. It is necessary to establish a new mechanism to establish a new mechanism, and in traditional operations, this is not required. It only takes the original shareholder to see it. This is also a divergence point for continuous improvement of services and revenue and adjusting strategies. The reason why traditional operations cannot expand rapidly, a large part of the reason is that the card is in this place, only part of the loyal user, can not continuously adjust the loyal users. The viscosity obtained by short-term incentives such as discount points, overdrawn future profits, rather than improving services, gaining popularity and revenue continued.

29, the operation of the ball is more than just mathematics, but it must be based on mathematics. Any blurred judgment and short-term behavior will form a small pit in a sustained operation, no small pit can ignore the past, it needs to fill in the future. And there are many small lines ignore it, and finally become a mess, it is difficult to obey it. It is a difficult thing. Only accept public supervision, not lazy, do not let go of yourself, date and day, you may keep the clearness of operation. Don’t let the operation have been going to fill the pit and self-cleaning. He can let go of the pace and move toward higher goals.

羽毛球馆股份拆解与重构 13 Intervention, each thing can reproduce, can be traced, visualization, clear structure, complete algorithm, can be implemented and implemented. The data of the revenue has always been a goal that everyone pays attention to, contains a lot of secrets, due to the advancement of electronic payment, makes the data clear, become possible, do not accept electronic payment in the present background, almost impossible .

31, digital process, accompanying information. Put all the resource information of the ball and directly provide users to choose, it is the revaluation of the value of the ball. When the price list is hung, the limit of the revenue of the ball has been placed in front of the public, but everyone does not have through the algorithm, it is presented. For daily revenue potential, how to excise, is a basic homework that qualified operators face. Can not progress, but you can’t work hard. Don’t donate, I don’t forget, I have a ringback.

32, a suitable mechanism, only premise, still need a seriesThe means of the column is guaranteed, which requires various design around the overall target.The devil is hidden in the details, also hidden in all cognitive misunderstandings.Let new thinking in traditional operations, and need to be careful and support.

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