Baidu \”complement\” incident is painful, it is also an opportunity

\”Multi-Da Da\” you searched from the search engine is not the \”complement\” you want? Regarding this question, Baidu gives the answer, it may not make most people satisfied, which also allows Baidu to stand again in the style of public opinion: According to CCTV exposure, patients point out the \”Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Hospital\” by Baidu The result opened a private \”complex hospital\” page, and then went to seek medical treatment, spent a big price to see a doctor, but did not improve, think was \”pit\” by Baidu. \”

In response to related events, Baidu responded that the hospital name of Shanghai Qianlian Hospital has a certain semantic similarity of the relevant subsidiary hospitals of Shanghai Fudan University, misleading netizens’ medical options. In this regard, Baidu apologizes. In fact, Baidu has basically protected the name of the public hospital, and often uses a lot of \”simple and irregular\” abbreviations in people’s use, so that it has repeatedly misunderstandings. In this regard, Baidu also expressed the hope that netizens can provide more spoken evolution, expand the scope of protection of public hospitals, and avoid misunderstanding.

In addition, Baidu said that in the public hospital brand protection project, the relevant subsidiary hospitals of Shanghai Fudan University have been protected, involving more than 1,200 related search keywords. If the user is searching for \”Shanghai Red House Hospital\”, \”Fudan attached\”, it will prioritize the official website of the hospital, and no commercial advertisement will appear.

For the external question, Baidu, the search advertisement earned \”black heart\”, and the company’s Baidu has been responded in the way \”self-business model revolution\”. As Baidu said in the public statement, Baidu has launched an independent app \”simple search\” and promises no ads in the search results. Welcome the user to download and supervise feedback. From the current view, \”Simple Search\” has been a good reputation, but further expands to more users know and download and use, but also have a long way.

No matter how much remedies have been done in Baidu, this incident plus a few medical promotion incidents, it is really a bit of Baidu’s reputation. In fact, it is better to build a good prevention of the hedge. As a public platform with certain influence, in addition to the operation of the rules, there must be a certain sense of social responsibility and moral bottom line, and cannot guide the user to \”black road\” and yourself is on the side. In addition, this confusion will not occur in Baidu, and other search engines may also exist, so other search engine companies should also be joined in addition to Baidu.

After another \”Search is pit\” incident, netizens’s security Internet awareness and the screening ability of information should also be improved. According to Internet experts, the protagonist of this incident also provides an additional netizen security plan. If the user has been deceived or damaged, it can be required to compensate in Baidu, but according to observation, in actual Users who do to log in to the account in this step is less and less.

With the new day of Internet technology, the technique of advertising promotion is constantly refurbished.Although my country’s advertising law has clearly stated that the advertisement must be \”significantly indicated\”, the actual situation is that in a complicated page, the advertising promotion is not strong, and consumers often prevent it, it is easy to fall into the \”pit\”.At present, advertising is not small in many Internet company revenue, and the Lending words are prone to the Internet company’s own reviews.Therefore, the relevant regulatory authorities should also keep pace with the times, and timely follow up new forms of advertising under the new technical conditions, expand the scope of supervision and efforts.

In order to prevent the \”complex\” incident, the government department needs to strengthen supervision, enterprises to improve the self-examination mechanism, and netizens improve self-protection awareness, only parties have formed together, in order to enhance netizens’ Internet experience, promoteThe advancement of society.

Nanfang Daily reporter Ye Dan

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