Bao Ma is cheating tens of thousands of dollars because of being handmade.How is this going?

By doing manual part-time attractive mom. For example, a common diamond painting, the treasure moms can obtain part-time costs by making this diamonds at home. The production of this diamond painting is also very simple, and the purchase of semi-finished products is completely completed. If you want to get this part-time, the material costs of 150 yuan will get a set of things, including making work canvas. A painted picture is sent to the company a painting with a 78-piece manual fees, and many Bao Ma cannot work in the family, hoping home.

Bao Majiao company is a group of Xingyao company, and there are more than 14 groups of more than 500 people. Looking at the company is quite big, these treasures have been invested 150 yuan, and they have received their income, and they have also got money. Bao Ma also trusts this model, and it feels that this mode is rewarded by manual labor. When you are idle, you can do your hand, you can receive money. When the treasure moms trusted the company to earn a small money, the company said that the company has to send a welfare to everyone, let the treasure mom pay 300 yuan each. Directly take two paintings back, and then pay the payment. All Bao Ma is very happy to pay a total. After the year, everyone is happy to return to the delivery, the company is starting to work, and the account is not as clear. I hope that I have not settle it for two days. When the goods of all people were sent back, the company suddenly disbanded. When the treasure mothers reacted, they found that they were cheated. Everyone was cheated 300 yuan. The money did not earn, but was cheated. Think about how many day and night sleepless works in order to earn money, just make some money soon. The result is a scam. So a little mother’s story will hear some of these treasures of the mother’s story is inevitable. First, the treasure moms only see how much money can earn, but forget the material fee is actually unreasonable.

Second, the liar is too bad, even the money of the treasure mother is also deceived. Bao Ma will not go to work, and he is interested. I can only choose part-time for children. This only way out but full of scams. It’s too bad.

We often see such advertising for 150 days, in fact, most of them are a liar. You have not yet earned money, first let you pay a bunch of deposits, bought his bunch of useless products. It is really harmful.


Advised the treasure moms not to be up again, the craftsmanship 150 days at home is doing the scam! There is a market in the place where there is such a large user group. Some criminals rack their brains. The purpose is to make money from the Po Mapping pocket, what is the advertisement such as 150 days, in fact, just a scam. No matter how good the other party is saying, I will make you pay for the money, although they will promise you how much money can earn a day, in fact, in order to tempt to pay, once you go, immediately is pulled black.

Hand-lived 150 days at home, the deception process is explained:

Since it is a handSome materials are needed, but these materials are definitely no, they need them to mail, to keep you a certain amount of funds, or equivalent to express delivery + cost, and promise that when your hand has completed, it will be return.

For Bao Ma, do not understand these routines, I want to do the material if I don’t need it. So, the express delivery also needs the cost, plus some of the other certificate impact, may pay a few hundred yuan of margin, and Some sets of depths, the first time I will make money, slowly ask for more margin, thousands, tens of thousands! Or change the postage fee. In general, the liar wants to make an empty your money. Bao Mae just remembers a sentence: Anyone pays, no matter how much it is, all the scammers. There are still some postages, although there are not much money, but there will be any members who can free postage only, and the full return is also a liar after the inspection is successful. Their charge seems reasonable. But you want to work together, just like going to work, you will pay for it, and you will go to work, and you have salary. I want to know more. In fact, the liar is not high, but it has repeatedly. It is because the treasures are too much to make money to subsidize their home. The story of a little mom will pay attention to the baby’s life, write to the daily life of the baby! We are willing to share everyone and be vigilant! Don’t be cheated. In fact, the mothers can try a part-time job in the top of this day. The regular platform is more reliable! Don’t worry about your money. When you are calm, you think more. May the mothers live and music! Financial resources! Focus on my mother’s story.

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