Barbecue earning money (barbecue make money game)

\”7 o’clock, eat barbecue! When you go to work, you can eat the barbecue when you eat.\” Outside the barbecue store, Chen Dado from Qingdao is drinking here. His face has a smile, on the one hand, because there are many people who spend on the barbecue store, and the other aspect is really very much. I really like my job.


First, the background introduction

Although Chen Da Ge’s barbecue store is booming daily, it is actually a year ago, his barbecue is almost closed, Chen Da Ge At that time, it was also seen the business opportunity, decided to open a barbecue shop, but later he found that now this industry is very competitive, just in the 4 months after he opened, there are more than two barbecue stores. Everyone sees. The night economy, squeezed the head to take a piece of one.

The cake is so big. Once the merchants are more, the split is very serious, so the business is immediately bad, this is very simple, and Chen Da Ge is also very anxious, seeing this situation, he In fact, it is ready to \”retreat\”. He is more cautious. Although there is no loss at that time, he has found that the problem is relatively, if you don’t hurry, no one will pick up.


Although it is so thinking, it is actually that Chen Dado does not really put the store, just when he is desperate, he encounters his own noble. That is a friend who has not seen for a long time, and did a very long-lasting business. At that time, Chen Da Ge was also a mentality of trying to try him. I didn’t expect to follow his suggestions, the busbar’s business is really good. Get up, but also earned 400,000 in half a year.

What kind of suggestions have this friend given? Let me introduce it to you, I will introduce you

II. Details

The night economy is very popular, I believe everyone is very clear, and what group is going to eat the barbecue in the evening? Basically, it is still a young man, so the barbecue shop wants to attract consumers, you need to attract young people first, so how to attract young people? The focus is to introduce relative marketing methods.

\”Thoughts decide to go out.\” The activities (industries) cases are just a few ways of teachers. When you can’t find the door, you can see what the game in the column is what the gameplay is, the experience of others is the ladder of your success!

The young man eats the barbecue very atmosphere, so the barbecue store has launched an event. Just guess the fight to win beer, what does it mean? Very simple, as long as the customer guess the staff of the barbecue store, if you win, you can get a bottle of beer given by the barbecue.

青岛男人开烧烤店,顾客猜拳就能赢啤酒,反而半年赚了40万,真牛 The power of this activity is, first of all, it is the form of the game, and does not require customers to pay additional costs, so he heard this activityAfter that, a large number of customers have come to the barbecue store to consume, especially those young people, all into the barbecue store.

In addition to the first activity, consumption is to launch another activity in addition to the first activity. Give a member card worth 100 yuan, this activity is also very attractive.

The consumer is not a fool, they will know if they are consumption, and now I went to Chen Da Ge’s barbecue store to get value 100 Yuan’s membership card, naturally, is more willing to go to the barbecue shop of Chen Dago.

Maybe there will be friends to ask, whether the first activity is still the second activity, all of which is more favorable for consumers, although this kind of promotion can attract many consumers, but this There is a problem in it, that is, the barbecue store is actually what is nothing to earn.

青岛男人开烧烤店,顾客猜拳就能赢啤酒,反而半年赚了40万,真牛 Is it really this? Obviously, it is not, in fact, the final make money is also a barbecue shop, but most people can’t see the routines, let me find it well, how to make the barbecue, believe It will definitely bring you huge help.

Three, profit analysis

First, let’s look at the first event, although the barbecue store is to guess the guess, send beer, but in fact, it is necessary to send beer for barbecue. The store will not lose money, very simple, the beer of the barbecue store is actually directly given by the manufacturer. This is actually a small secret of the catering industry. In order to advertise, the beer manufacturers will directly package the warehouse, that is, you only Can sell their beer, and as returns, beer vendors will give a lot of beer to the merchant.

Of course, in fact, if you sell beer, the barbecue can also make a lot, but through this approach, the popular barbecue shop is getting more and more strong, in fact, it is equivalent to exchange for customers, now If you do business, there is basically no profit, the key is how to make the benefits to maximize the benefits.

The second activity is also a routine, although the customer has obtained a member card worth 100 yuan, but it is not able to use it directly, but it needs to be activated, then how to activate? It is also very simple, that is, customers need to invite 3 customers, and their respective consumption reached 50 yuan.


In fact, the main purpose of this activity is to drain the lock, although the previous can not see too obvious effect, but in the later, customers develop fixed consumption habits. BBQ stores will get better and better.

If a friend is also ready to open a barbecue store, I suggest it still need three thoughts and then, although the husband and wife have succeeded, but it doesn’t mean you can succeed, with it to invest hundreds of thousands to do \”experiment\”\”, It is better to see my article, learn more about the success of others, and the stone of the mountain can attack jade, it is absolutely not just a empty talk.

Some small changes can make Chen Da Ge’s barbecueThe store glows, and has been derived from a number of profit points. It is really \”thinking one change, the market\”.

Interested friends can also go to the column to see a look, the article summarizes the different industriesWonderful case, I hope to give you a little idea. 青岛男人开烧烤店,顾客猜拳就能赢啤酒,反而半年赚了40万,真牛

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