Box technology is good to provide multiple help, help business entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not easy for everyone, only to continuously improve the business ability, in order to stand out in the market competition, success. Box technology as a high-quality third-party payment service provider, good to make multiple help for the business of entrepreneurs, is a good helper for business entrepreneurship.


In the case of university in the box technology, it is one of the \”territorial benefits\” supermarkets in Urumqi, Xinjiang. In addition to a \”boxer\”, the boss of this supermarket is a \”boxer\”, and the boxer is an entrepreneurial model introduced by the box technology. It is such a double identity, let Liu Anlin not only have a supermarket business, but also has a very high-quality entrepreneurial platform, and it has achieved great success.

In the supermarket business performance, the \”territory Hui purchase\” is only 100 square meters of small supermarkets, but can harvest 5,000 orders every day, such performance is incredible. The reason why the boss Liu Anlin can create such a performance, the box technology is good and its products and service work cannot be.

With the help of the digital smart store, Liu Anlin’s supermarket operation efficiency has achieved great improvement. Through the good news of the Yunyun Shop, drainage, attracting a large number of users to easily download the product through Yun Xiaodian applet, and the distributor sent the goods to the user in hand in 30 minutes, enhances the convenience of customers. Simultaneously use member management functions, guide users’ registered members, through various member activities, stimulate members in our store, rewards the new, supermarkets, the turnover is very fast.

盒子科技好哒提供多重帮助,助力商家创业 Secondly, through the good eERP cashier system, not only quickly arrive, the account is accurate, but also through the complete importance management function, online simultaneous update Inventory, avoid the situation of goods sold out online, and you can always understand the inventory business situation and make adjustment management. A good wisdom store solution has brought great convenience to his store.

In addition to using the box technology to improve the supermarket performance, when using the box technology, Liu Anlin became a boxer under the recommendation of a friend. After meticulous understanding, Liu Anlin chose to sell good products. With the good market competitiveness, plus Liu Anlin provides users with quality pre-sales service, so he successfully sold 800,000 products and systems.

After entrepreneurial success, Liu Anlin also actively provided training for other boxes to build a team, which made him a stable benefit. With the help of the box technology, Liu Anlin has got the success of the career. He expressed through this experience. He fully experienced the help brought by the box technology to the user’s entrepreneurship. He will share this experience to more people!

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