Boy learning the best costs (what technology is good now, what is the good boy now)

As the saying goes: \”Men is afraid of entering the wrong line\”, boys choose a profession that suits you. In the face of an endless occupation in today’s era, how do boys choose?


· Learn beauty salon, a month salary 2,000 yuan? ?

Some boys, I want to learn a technology after graduating from junior high school, they will take care of beauty salon. In fact, after the truly entered this line, they really feel the bitterness.

Learning beauty salon to contact chemical agents for a long time, will seriously affect your health. Working will stand for a long time, a big work strength, and people are exhausted. In addition, the salary of the hairdressing industry is low, I want to have the day, it is difficult!

· Learning Welding Repair? Work conditions, high dangerous coefficient!

Some parents may think that boys have a good technique, not only the practical technology, but also a good income. In fact, people who are familiar with this industry know that the welding operation is observed and carried out under the mask.

「男生必看」男生学什么技术够酷够炫够挣钱? Due to the unclear vision, the working conditions are poor, so to ensure welding quality, not only have more skilled operations, but also highly concentrated attention. Learning electric welding maintenance, dirty and tired not only make yourself tired, and there is a big danger.

Learn Internet Technology, Achieve IT White Collar Elite Life

China’s first time to achieve China’s first realization with the Internet, to now the wind, the wind, in just 20 years The Internet has changed this changing our lifestyle and became an indispensable part of our lives.

Therefore, with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the IT industry has already occupied 35% of the market, which can be said to be very extensive, and talent needs are very large. The annual IT talent needs can reach more than 20 million, and it is growing year by year. If you want to learn a technology, you should prefer the Internet industry because they have a special advantage for learning this technology.

Compared to other industries, the salary level of the Internet industry is also considerable. According to statistics, the average salary in 2020, a high industry is an IT industry, an annual average salary of 14,7678 yuan. With the transformation of economic structures, the Internet is gradually become \”infrastructure\”, and the graduates of Internet related major are more likely to get high starting and good development space.

Choosing the industry, actually choosing the future! If you want to enter the IT industry that is cool enough to earn money, you will hurry to learn from Xinhua, Sichuan.


Electronic Athletics + Broadcast Host

my country’s electricity market will break 100 billion, but it corresponds to this, it is me.The national electricity practitioner is currently only 50,000.

The electricity industry will drastically expand, and we need various types of electricity talents, and Sichuan Xinhua has cultivated not only a compound talents combined with other products. It is for the entire electricity industry. Talent.

Electronic sportsman, e-sports operator has become a formal profession, meaning that the electric competition, coach, operations and other positions will be able to get more social support. So multi-position vacancies also means learning e-sports professional talents, your chance is coming!


New Media UI Elite Designer

In the Internet era, V New Media UI elite designers have become a profession after 90,000.

1. The prospects are good: the decoration industry is urgently needed to talent, and companies need VR + environmental art designers!

2. The development space: New Media UI elite designer can choose employment, or choose independent entrepreneurship, you can also choose SOHO!

3. Professional new: new occupation, small competition, find satisfactory work!

4. Excellent treatment: New Media UI elite designer is an important talent of the company! The treatment is relatively high!

5. Easy: No education requirements, learning entry is easier, no working work cycle. 「男生必看」男生学什么技术够酷够炫够挣钱? 6. Freedom: It is a boss, relatively easy and freedom.

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