Businessman, the biggest wish, how to make money quickly.But Ignore weak natural conditions

Author: 刚 商 / Source: Original. Starting station 生意人,最大的愿望,如何快速赚钱。却,忽略了薄弱的自然条件

Some people often ask some questions about business operations. For example, \”Project can make money – quickly make big money\”, \”Project has a stable market development prospect\”, or \”there is a burst of fire\” …….

[Panggang Meristite] believes that as long as the behavior of commercial operational attributes, it has a market development potential, which can give you a certain return rate. However, the business operation is not in the project selection (of course, only the scope of the low-end industry), mostly in the operating main body, and the effective marketing content.

I belongs to the general public, only due to its own conditions, the ability, background environment, technical content, knowledge structure, etc., has caused some effects on business operations.

Even so, there is no hindrance, and many ordinary friends, self-employment trials.

said that this kind of entrepreneurial will, you can do it, you can do it; just

However, in reality, many colleagues, always habit, put specific entrepreneurship details, all delivered to God, or \”destiny\”; if this entrepreneurial behavior means \”gambling\” industry?

Obviously, such entrepreneurial properties, is it, pre-introduced, and the individual development of the twists and turns is buried!

, let everyone feel the business operation, there is difficulty because of the factors? Not working enough! Don’t know how to be ignorant! Al or, the control of the market economy is not strong enough.

Any colleagues will not give up personal ideals, no one will struggle! The result of the result is always cruel, and everyone is expected. Entrepreneurial colleagues, always think: investment + pay + effort, you must earn money – success! However, the situation is worrying! Even, the scar is tired! This is all entrepreneurial colleagues, confused.

[Pang Gang] feels that it has made super normalization leaps from perception, from perception, and ideology … Just, in terms of panic and disadvantages, risk thinking, let everyone want to succeed, and fear of failure. Caused \”I want to get\”, and \”I can’t get\” pain!

In the current economic development environment, this business operation effect, the public entrepreneurial era is a more common phenomenon. In addition, it is not limited to this, there are many details. Below, according to its own business conditions, we can try to cut into systematic analysis. 生意人,最大的愿望,如何快速赚钱。却,忽略了薄弱的自然条件 One

Ordinary Volkswagen, engaged in business operations, why make money slower, and it is still very difficult?

It is necessary to recognize a point, investment and return, in a sense, it is proportional to.

Maybe, everyoneI like to use \”investment gold\” to measure standards. actually not. The detailed \”investment\” content is not completely dependent on the size of the investment, the ancients are trained: the time, the land, people and.

If we are only limited to \”funds\” investment behavior, but ignore \”goods\” \”material\” \”field\” closely connected, then, in the process of entrepreneurship, there is certain deviation, and the operating effect is not good. It has caused sales performance to be unhappy. How come a high level!

Comprehension, specific marketing content, management model, social relationship (communication), sales channel, consumption positioning …

Although it is a public era, but in the true sense, A few people!

Do not do \”Delica\” is compatible, then most colleagues, almost all \”dead\” under the same industry, cruelly competitiveness. A large number of social resources, funeral delivery in the bottomless competition.

The mall is like a battlefield. Not you die, that is, I live! There is no coexistence chamber of Yan Yue.

The lower capacity of overcapacity, the strength, the product, price, texture, but, diversified marketing thinking logic – intelligence. Exploration on \”human nature\”!

So, entrepreneurship, not so simple, and fortunate!

Why don’t you have a good market development potential? 生意人,最大的愿望,如何快速赚钱。却,忽略了薄弱的自然条件 Technology innovation era, giant challenges and opportunities! \”Challenge\” means technological innovation. \”Opportunity\”, technological innovation function, the miracle created!

Agile of entity retail industry, a batch of technical poverty – no knowledge, no resources, no technical ability. Talk about how technology innovation!

Economic transformation is upgraded, and it is the most painful and bitter group in society. Everyone continues traditional business logic, carrying out the development order of low-end industries, and is also facing low-profit dilemmas! Faced with cruel competitiveness. What is the difficulty of hardshiping, so that everyone is most interested in the future, is the future, where is it? How to go out from the economic crisis …

reason, reflecting a better environment for development does not come out, because: enough to go around, uneven sharing cake. Especially the capital consortium, occupy an absolute advantage in market competition, looted a large number of social resources. To the general public Hexibeifeng ……

In other words, the public business, now, the market is facing terrible economic crisis, from the bottom of the economic downturn, consumer fatigue, loss of the normal cycle of economic effectiveness of the role! So, everyone’s business operations more difficult. I hope in sight!

Why three, suffered heavy losses, and we always do?

1. Scarce resources.

2. technological innovation, the lack of power.

生意人,最大的愿望,如何快速赚钱。却,忽略了薄弱的自然条件 3. Caught in financial circles.

4. Volkswagen entrepreneurship, fierce competition.

5. Project operation, general imitation phenomenon.

6. Anti-risk ability is limited – fragile.

7. Blind follows the wind, catching tide, expanding.

8. Cardgy stenosis, the pattern is too small.

9. Cannot be systematic, instant, refined operation.

10. Insufficient control for the situation.

The epidemic is raging, I hope all the colleagues, in 2022, fulfill their duties, attack hard, steadily advance!

The large environment, and personal limited conditions, ability, determines the future of a project operation!Can I achieve an ideal vision, not the project, but is the main body.Whether there is a powerful market development prospect, it is also the project choice!

Temporary: Choose is greater than\u003e effort.But, you can’t easily ignore your potential natural conditions!Your ability determines whether it is able to control …Nor, what you think is as simple as you think!

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