By electricity earning money (machine that makes money)

Electric fish, we all know that, do you know, now more and more people join this industry, then what kind of value has brought by Puttong, how did he become popular? Under profit, it is only a cockroach, long press praise, your support is our greatest motivation.

Fishing friends probably not feel good for people of electric fish, not only destroying the ecological environment without technical content, it is difficult to wait until the country is banned, but it hasn’t been there for a long time. I didn’t think of it in this life. I will be electrically added in the underground. The so-called electricity is actually very simple. It uses an inverter to direct the battery, and then connect the positive and negative electrical poles of DC electrical wires. Tied into a conductor into the underground, making a current between the two poles and the nearby range, which makes the earth in the earth and escape the surface, but the saying goes well, often in the river, there is no wet shoes In 2017, a villager in Haikou Qiongshan District was wet. This villager just received a new electricity, and couldn’t wait to invite friends to go to the exhibition. He came to a dark and humid place to quickly The instrument is adjusted according to the instructions, and just accidentally occurs when the conductor of the instrument is inserted.


His body suddenly twitched, it seems to be in the same time, the companion looks like this is frightened, and he dare not touch him with his hand. Finally, I finally found a stick to open my partners and the conductor. The villagers who were opened were soft, and the companion saw the police and the hospital quickly, but before the ambulance came, this village is already No breath, the companion said when I received the police asked, I looked at the online a lot of people earned money through this way. I want to take advantage of the price. I have a lot of doubt. I have a question. How big is the value behind it, it can lead to people’s life. At present, people have captured cockroaches mainly used in the following aspects, drugs: 蚓 in the medicinal materials, with clear heat, flat liver, asthma, Tongluo The role can treat the wind, convulsions, wind hot, headache, the next red, half-length, 蚓 and rose oil mix can improve the baldness, the martyr enzyme developed can also inhibit the esophageal cancer, and even many cosmetics are used. Edible: There is a habit of edible cockroaches in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and North America, which is said to add amino acids and vitamins.


Astragalus feed: high protein and more than 20 kinds of amino acids, it is an indispensable element that is long and long-term, and it is clear that it is clear that it is clear. However, it will be very widely used, from above, it can be used for 3-5 yuan from above, and you can sell 3-5 yuan. After drying, you can sell the medicinal materials, and even the high price of 70 yuan, of course, it takes seven eight pounds. Living can only make a pound of a pound, and in 2018, he became a local emerging industry in 2018. According to local蚓 蚓 购 说 说 点 点 点 点 点 点 点 点 点 家 清 清 清 清 清 清 清 清 清 晨 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上It can get three or five hundred pounds for a long time using high-power battery, so that the local villagers can earn 300-1500 yuan a day, buy electricity, the money can be made two or three days, can see this is a profiteering industry. , But this money is so good, or this is a industry that should appear?

The people of electricity generally want to do this without buying, and some are Zhenqi farmers, because buying feed needs a lot of money, so I also follow it. If you don’t want the money, you always hold out the instrument with people who have a variety of purposes. Under the exhaustion of the fishery, the number of local cockroaches has dropped sharply, just a few hundred pounds every day in just a month to every day. Tens of pounds, it is obvious that the number of places in this place decreases sharply, and this hazard caused by this situation is also huge, and the ecosystem plays an extremely important role. This is an other animal alternative, and the cave in the soil. It will loosen the soil, increasing the flow of air in the soil, which is conducive to the development of plant roots, and artificial fertilizers are supplemented with nutrients for soil, which will lead to imbalance in nutrients in the soil, but there are a lot of cockroaches in the soil. Organic matter will greatly improve the soil environment. 电蚯蚓成为新兴行业?宁冒生命危险也不听劝,里面到底多大利润?

The study showed that the soil lack of cockroaches will be deteriorated, the soil plate knot, sandization, and long time, the soil will gradually lose the plowed to become a dead place, and electric arrest Targeting just cockroaches, the actual current will kill a large number of microorganisms in the soil, and affect other underground living animals, if it is ever-eaten, it will become inch, and it can be seen on the surface of the electricity behavior. It is not intensive, in fact, in the event of our human survival, the invention is used to facilitate the farmers, and now it has become a tool to naturally, now many places have banned this electric arrest. The behavior is, it also advocates that everyone should not figure out the interests of the benefits to destroy the survival. Finally, the last purchase can only be ourselves, I am afraid that they die under the electric migramid, but our future.

电蚯蚓成为新兴行业?宁冒生命危险也不听劝,里面到底多大利润? So what do you want to say about electric arrest?

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