Can all K songs make money? Can you make money in K songs in the whole people?


From Wangjing Soho, I walked to the subway station for a few minutes, Liang Fengfei quickly recorded a \”good hard\”. In less than two minutes, the fans rushed to the scene, \”The voice is too stable, like\”.

He is just an ordinary programmer. In September 2016, he downloaded the national K song when he was bored. Two years, 200 songs, let him have more than 50,000 fans. When he went home in the Spring Festival, he gave him a custom microphone to his mother. \”My mother sang every night on time.\” Liang Feng said to me.

This seems to be a minority of the national K song users. Young people contribute to 60-70 contribute sticky and online time.

500 million registered users, 50 million days, this is the latest official data of the K songs of the whole people. \”This data is at least 7 to 8 times the competition.\” In the industry, Lin Ye was to the tiger.

What does this data mean? The reference department that can be given is, in 2017, the \”King of the King\”, which is unlimited to Tencent, is 200 million, and the number of monthly users is 54.12 million.

For Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME), this data brought real gold. According to the report of the Reid Net, as of the end of 2016, the Tencent Music Entertainment Group (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Sound Entertainment) with QQ Music, Cool Dog, and Cool Music. Net profit close to 600 million. The Group expects more than 9 billion operating income in 2017, with a net profit of more than 1.6 billion. A few days ago, Tencent announced in the 2017 results report also proved that this increase in social network revenue increased by 52% year-on-year, benefited from the promotion of music virtual props.

This beautiful transcript also became a sufficient condition for Tencent voice entertainment split. Liu Chipping, President Tencent, said: \”In the foreseeable future, Tencent’s voice entertainment is a candidate (split),\” and the premise of this sentence except for the organization architecture independence, it is the most important factor.

Tencent’s voice entertainment may be the world’s first world, and the only profitable digital music company. Contributing the national K songs of most military power chapters (the music player is still a difference between burning money), just like WeChat, online games, is not the product of Tencent core battle team. This is still a victory of Ma Huateng – a QQ product team that is unfavorable from the PC-side transformation, once again, and finally played the role of \”White Knight\”.

Even the people inside Tencent, the data of this product is surprised. \”At the beginning, no one is optimistic about the online K song direction, (2014) I feel that listening to songs is more important than singing, high frequency.\” Zhang Qi, who is five years in Tencent. At that time, there were at least two online K song products to participate in competition. But because the betting PC is used as the main scene, raising the threshold, and finally can onlyLooking at the national K singing army.

Tencent’s three killings

Entrepreneurs in each social field must face the problem: if Tencent enters this track, how do you deal with?

In May 2014, Chen Hua, the founder Chen Hua, who was singing. Chen Hua, was also asked. At this time, his answer is:

\”The first thing to pay is rich, psychologically not afraid of competitors, technology must be better than anyone.\”

Unfortunately, after 7 months of the counterpart, the national K song has been cutting the cake and surpassed. Since April 2015, no matter the Baidu index or the iOS version of the app, the national K song exceeds singing.

Tencent once again became a harvest, there were three reasons –

WeChat \”change\” ceiling

traffic costs, for other competitors, This is precisely the strengths of Tencent. Tencent rely on WeChat and QQ two weapons, directly exchanged the Ceiling of the National K Singe.

After the Spring Festival this year, WeChat and WeChat consolidated a monthly living household more than 1 billion, QQ mobile terminal is 683 million monthly. According to QUESTMOBILE statistics, the number of mobile Internet monthly active equipment is 1.085 billion at the end of 2017. That is to say, WeChat and QQ covers most of China’s mobile Internet users.

So, comprehensive K songs released a 0 version in December 2014, and immediately welcomed the first download peak immediately by importing Tencent WeChat and QQ relationship chain. After the user is in, the remaining is relatively simple. Unlike ordinary music player products, social products have a high migration cost, and users have rarely retain two similar products in the mobile phone. \”Friends, there will be no energy to play so many similar APPs.\” Liang Ye smented to Tiger.

There is no doubt that Tencent has set the exclusive copyright of Global, Sony and Warner 3 Music Company after obtaining the copyright of Global Music. The national K song sharing copyright with QQ music, only with copyright, you can hold the throat of competitors.

Tiger Snorked the previous article \”Netease cloud music is saved? \”It is pointed out that even if the National Copyright Bureau promotes mutual authorization, it does not calculate exclusive, Tencent music can also retain 17,000 songs; calculate exclusive, up to 50,000 songs. For general users, the core song used is 300,000 to 50,000.

In this case, the status of Tencent’s voice entertainment can be shaken.

\”The song list of the national K song is enough.\” Senior users Li Wen opened the competition app Spitway, \”You look at this recommended list, who will sing?\”

[ 123] Hunan Satellite TV does not

From the time node of turning, since the April 2015, the IOS version of the national K songs and the Baidu index exceeded singing.

The Hunan Satellite Hunan Satellite Hunan, the fund mango, and the host Xie Na, He Wei, and Wang Han also sang the investor. This complicated relationship makes the battle a bit of drama color.

On November 8, 2014, the national K song is implanted \”Happy Camp\”, and Zhang Yuying, Liu Yifei and other stars completed the game link through the national K song; online, the national K song chose Large path, but more effective mode – hold a game. From January 2015, the national K songs and \”I am a singer\” have been cooperated in the third quarter of the third quarter to hold offline competitions. At the same time, enter the campus to hold a singer contest and obtain 50,000 students.

Tencent’s high wall

relying on Tencent left hand traffic, the right-hand copyright, the national K song, has begun to refund to refund.

This point can be seen from it in 2017 Tencent famous. Another product that is also selected is \”through the fire line\” mobile game. This game with a variety of guns with a variety of guns, which constitutes a million income of Tencent games.

The importance of K songs in the whole people lies in that it relies on the existing resources of Tencent’s voice entertainment and come out of a way to earn money. This is a strategic meaning for the future distribution of Tencent music.

Tencent’s voice entertainment business and business model, generally divided into three lines: player business represented by QQ music, cool music, cool dog music; live broadcast of cool dog lives; The online K song community represented by the National K song. These services can extend the B-termination of advertisements, and T-terminal income, C-terminal income includes paid members, fans (virtual props reward, digital album sale), hardware (microphone).

The national K songs have almost included all the features of all C-terminal payments, and the copyright is completely dependent on Tencent’s voice entertainment, it can be said that it is a way to eat more.

As early as the second half of 2016, QQ music announced profit. In September 2017, Wu Weilin, Vice President of Tencent Yunyu, publicly said that Tencent music has 17 million paid users, calculated at 10 yuan / month, only pays only one user per year, Tencent’s voice entertainment income exceeds 2 billion yuan.

Other competitors, Yun Yuncus, Ali Music, although each commercial trial .

The enemy of the empire

Tencent’s voice entertainment is a \”invincible\” existence in the digital music industry, but is this enough?

\”\” Kill Weibo will not be another Weibo \”. The same reason, the enemy of the whole people K song, and even the whole Tencent’s voice is not the next broadcast.The device or the K song history.

Who will its enemies? Short video platform represented by shake and fast hands.

At first glance is a completely different types of content products, but if they are all as entertainment information stream products, everything will be clear. All content products are attempted to maximize the number and user time. The more users, the longer the user’s use time, the more accurate data calculated by the product algorithm, the stronger the user’s stickiness.

and the dimension from the achievement is also true. On December 15th, December 15th, Tencent Employee Conference, Ma Huateng said that Tencent needs more to b ability. This is not only a service, and it means a change. So ask a simple question, if you are a brand, you are more willing to put a hanging happiness, or QQ music, the national K song?

User growth slows down, the ceiling is one of the reasons.

According to Ai Rui Mobile, the number of independent equipment in the national K songs is 81 million, down 3.5% from the previous month; total monthly Effective use is 180 million hours, the ring is more than 20%. The data of the shake (only reference only) is completely another level. The number of moon-independent equipment is 150 million, an increase of 43% from the previous month; the total monthly effective use of the market is 540 million hours, an increase of 38%. The specific data may have a deviation, but the trend can be known.

Another aspect, the player and the online K songship area are difficult to manufacture explosions, which is new anxiety.

\”All audio APPs want to become good channels, in other words, there is the ability to promote music into explosions. But\” we are not the same \”or\” seaweed dance \”these explosions are not Audio App pushes fire, this is their most embarrassing place. \”Lin Ye said.

Shake, the quick hand is a short video platform, the ability to promote explosive models is that Tencent’s voice entertainment is difficult to look back. Obviously, Tencent also felt the transfer of users, and the K songs of the whole world showed short video features. Tencent’s insiders revealed that quietly tight microsight will be re-made by Tencent to do strategic products, which is also considered to be a short video to go back to the horse. 闷声发大财的全民K歌 This is not a teacher of Tencent’s voice entertainment, even just changed the NetEase cloud music (\”power of music\”), and recently quietly launched short video features. The time to compete for digital music platforms and short video platforms is fully launched. 闷声发大财的全民K歌

In the circle of friends, Tencent employees are \”urgent short video content operation\”. You see, the social giant of \”Forever Anxiety\” is looking for the next cash cow.

According to the requirements of the interview, Lin Ye, Liang Feng, Zhang Qi, Li Wen, etc. are all named.

In the future, you and I am still a child, still don’t download the tiger to sniff the APP to sniff innovation!

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