Can earn money with face (face yourself)

In the view of the temperature I have long broken through the psychological barrier of \”face\” thinking. As early as early as early as early as the early 1980s, the warmth of the shoulder, walking in the streets in various cities across the country, drinking, adding the pot, repair shoes, popping cotton, many people can’t afford to use the locals. They, I feel that the repair of a pair of shoes earned a few more money, and even the farmers who think that they are doing very much. But they don’t agree, silently bear the secular vocal light, make money in a solidity. When I was laughing, when I wake up, the temperature of the temperature has completed the original capital accumulation, and now the high flat exhibition is a macro map. Today, they not only have a fortune but also build a large batch of giant ship companies such as Pixne, Zhengtai, Hung Hom, Xi Xi Bird, and magnificently ride to the country: to the world. How much face is this!

However, the rich downs did not lose their hardship, because suffering has become a warm habit. Talking about the hard work, Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Youyi has a personal memory: \”Many years ago, in a small county at the foot of Snow Mountain, Altai, Xinjiang, I have encountered a Wenzhou shoe restoring for half an old town, He picked a burden, it was a quite a complete soldirery, one is a mirror, toothpaste and other small department stores. I tried to try, heavy. He told me that he is in the spring, he has picked this burden, stepped on the first Snow covered, all the way to catch up with the Kazakh tribe of the migration on the horse back. The herdsmen wearing the horse boots are sewn with leather, and the snow on the ground is very easy to grind, so this is good to earn money. Time. But the two legs must catch up with the horse of the four legs, do you have to take off the footer? The blood bubble is self-written. I didn’t go home for three years, asking if I can help him send it to my family back to Beijing, I promised. I went to see him the next day, I have gone to the bed and catch up with the herds. [123 ]

China’s self-researchers. The four major industries of the ancients, the so-called \”Sannong Industry and Commerce, Si people\”, the business is the last. Sima moves \”Historical Record\”, will be the \”Calife Biography\” of Shang Chuan On the end of the book, in Sima Qian’s thoughts, the status of the merchants, even the way, the way is not as good. After the founding of New China, the industry ranking is also \”worker farmers\”, \”business\” is still in the most At the end.

So, when some people started to start business, because they are ashamed to link with \”business people\”, they will cover their business is to create a business. But the temperature is trying to see, do not cover up My own purpose, it is straightforward to make money! Powerful lighter Co., Ltd. is the question of \”What is the driving force of your entrepreneurial\”, his answer is: \”Just make money, live a good day. \”

Wenzhou people’s characteristics are not afraid of suffering, others are not willing to do things, as long as they have moneyEarn them will do it, this character is related to the historical environment of Wenzhou. Wenzhou natural conditions are not good, there are fewer mountains. In order to survive Wenzhou people, they will not scrap what faces, the old lady of the director of the unit does not matter.

For example, in the eyes of some people, the occupation of the shoe is very embarrassed, and there is no need to do anything. If there is no way to live in life, you will go far from home, and the acquaintance is less. Some places, the east gate, the Western door is a lot of young people, and in Wenzhou, everyone is very busy, the big company is old, the boss of the small workshop, also has the shoat of the shoe in front of their own door, it can be described as a big ability Be big money, little ability earns a small money, not as many people can’t earn, small money does not want to earn, and the dead love is alive.

Wenzhou development is also an important experience is also their greatest development momentum, which is to adapt to the cultural values \u200b\u200bof the market economy requirements, forming a unique \”Wenzhou Culture\”. Wenzhou people think that it is not shameless, see the toilet, the shoe shoes make money is not shackled, in order not to be shameful, go to the toilet, rub the shoes, to help yourself, through the shoe, see the toilet to accumulate funds, laid the foundation for future development . And some people think: \”Do not make money don’t matter, don’t eat it, I don’t want to see the toilet, rubbing these shares.\” This is the gap between the employment concepts of the advanced areas such as Wenzhou. The big problem of economic development.

Some people rub the shoes for their lives, and Wenzhou people rubber shoes are for entrepreneurship. Wiping with a lifelice in a lifetime, and Wenzhou people are destined to wipe the shoes forever! This is the entrepreneurial concept of Wenzhou people.

Nan Fuhui, from the hard-working small repair shoemaker in the past Wenzhou City, several struggles have become more than 100 million US dollars, and the chairman and president of Zhengtai Group Corporation, three consecutive years to board the Forbes China The list, the big spans, the huge movement, is actually a story of a legendary modern version of the little shoemaker.

The father of South Fuhui is a well-known old shoemaker in Wenzhou Yueqing, and Xiaoluhui started from six or seven years old. After 13 years old, I just graduated from the beginning of the year, my father couldn’t afford it. As a eldest son, southern storage, the child is a father. Since then, there is a lesson in the campus, but there is a small shoemaker in the streets in the field of perspective. From the age of 13 to 16, he picked the toolbox early every day, and a shock was three years. When Nan Cuhui recalled this \”very experienced\”, his face still revealed some proud, \”Thane, the money I earn every day, and I will be with myself, my face is thick. Child, quality is reliable. \”

In the shoes of the shoes, South Chai was discovered a chance to change his life. At that time, Yueqing Liu City had a lot of supplies in all parts of the country. They brought back a lot of information. Because the country implemented the planned economic system, the factory sold is the whole machine, and most of them are batchFor example, a part of the machine is broken, it is often difficult to buy. Liu City, the company with commercial minds, seized market demand to remove bad machines, and many forevesters began to make machine parts, and slowly showed assembly workshops. The 16-year-old South Chai will still be indulgent, he found a few friends, borrowing money together, and finally built a workshop \”Strong\” switch plant in a broken house. Four people did not have a month without night, and the first money earned only 40 yuan.

The three partners were frustrated, and South Chai is excited because he felt that he finally found a path to wealth. South Model encouraged his partners to continue their efforts and told them: \”We must do it, you must pay attention to quality, you can’t make money.\” South Chai Hui is in the beginning of entrepreneurship. Quality is the key to enterprises. In this regard, a boss who took out the \”stage\” when the quality problem in Liu City low-voltage electrical appliances said: \”The product is good and bad, we are only trapped in front of the interests, I didn’t expect this to be the way. South Chai Qing, he wins me, quality is the key. \”

After 10 years, South Monhui officially created Wenzhou Zhengtai Group. At this point, there are two roads in front of the South Model; one is to persist in its absolute control; the other is the road to the red into the shares and sharing the risk.

Nan Mochi chooses the latter. For the choice of myself, South Model has its own explanation, he thinks this is the objective environment at the time. At that time, he did not have much money, and he couldn’t afford it with high salary. In addition, although it seems to make the equity, it is actually risks to the equity. Everyone in Wenzhou does not like to work, you don’t give him dividends, he will think that it is to work for you; give him a shares, he has a boss feeling. This is also a two-whole way.

Nan Fuhui is outstanding in the group of private entrepreneurs in Wenzhou, not only in his entrepreneurial experience, but also his superior vision, he doesn’t only recognize the importance of quality, but also first break Wenzhou consistent Family business practices. In 1991, Nanchuhui took out the property, and founded the first Chinese and foreign joint venture in Liu Town, and implemented the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. Hand your own family is working with others, and have been ignorant by his family and some of the non-discussy of others. But South Model has its own understanding: \”Family companies should develop, first break the family management. Only the road to modern enterprise system is the way home enterprise.\” South Model uses its own practical action to improve \”Wenzhou mode \”Into the road.

Wenzhou Liu City called \”Eastern Electric Appliances\” in the late 1980s, the reason why it is called this name. At that time, many family companies in Wenzhou will do a low-voltage electrical appliance, especially in 1989, almost a low-voltage electrical appliance, but the problem is that there is no very similar. At this point, South China is aware of the willowThe low-voltage electrical appliances of the city are not in the track, and the radiation capacity is impossible to form a certain scale. If not integrated, it will definitely form a vicious competition. In the case of the situation at the time, many people are very worried, and even some people have issued such a speech, saying that thousands of low-voltage electrical appliances in Liu, only form one or two giants. In this situation, South Model showed his own style of style. He published the article \”Union: the road to the low-voltage electrical appliances to meet the challenge of the challenge\”, analyzing the cause of the Liu City industry, believes that there is no future investment, only through multi-level combination In order to integrate resources. Once the article is published, Suddenly he has caused a lot of repercussions in Liu, some small owners can’t hate it immediately with Zhengtai.

In 1993, China’s real estate began to heat. The people around South Chai felt that the real estate is profitable, and there is a mobilization of South Chai Hui to invest in the development of real estate. However, Nanyuhui did not care about these people, but listened to an expert, and invested 4.5 million, built a low-voltage electrical equipment testing station. Maybe some people say that South Model is a fool, but from the long-term interests, the fixed responsibility investment is slow, but the Thai is therefore listed as an exemption product in more than 20 provinces. In fact, the way to get rich in South Chai is to throw all the so-called faces and dare to do. Since South Model is no distraction in the low-voltage electrical field, a heart is full of strength, today, the Zhengtai Group has had more than 6,000 employees, with total assets of 800 million yuan. At 6 special companies, 48 \u200b\u200bmember enterprises, more than 800 collaborative corporate, forming a modern enterprise group integrating scientific research, industrial, trade and information.

Successful examples of Southern Mono, is the epitome of thousands of Wenzhou people. From the small business, small sales, put the money to make money as the biggest face, firmly believe in his belief, gallop on the road of entrepreneurship.

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