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At the 30th new crown pneumonia epidemic situation prevention and control work in Xi’an, there were 8 cases of local confirmed cases and the main activity trajectory of 1 caseless semacchable infection.

Main activity trajectory:

On December 10th to 15th, daily trajectory should involve Vientiane Tiandi Shopping Mall 4th floor Yue Changan Snack City, Manician Store Nearby, sputum, bubble restaurant.

On December 16, the nucleic acid detection point of Wahudong community, the 4th floor of the Vientiane Tiandi Shopping Mall in Laian Center. It is managed on the same day.

Main activity trajectory:

December 10, 12: 19 Yanta District Chang Yanbao Road Weifeng Garden Dongmen Fusheng Yi Bai Green Food The Milin Shop near the supermarket, 17: 35 East Vegetable market.

December 12, 08: 00 元 包 子 店 (Yanta District Chang Yanbao Road Weifeng Garden East Gate), 17: 50 East Vegetable Market.

December 13th, 12: 04 口 味米 店店 (1-2 rooms in the west side of the southern area of \u200b\u200bthe southern area of \u200b\u200bXixuan District, Yanta District).

December 14, 14: 27 Zhang Xianglikou (opposite to the space base), 14: 30 actually House (space base shop), 17: 34 Changan Drama Troupe 2 Floor Property Office, 20: 32 嘹 嘹 嘹 (near the East Vegetable market).

On December 15th, 08: 46 元 味 子, 19: 00 Changning Old Stick (No. 2, Liujiazhai Village, Chang’an Avenue, Chang’an District).

On December 17th, 08:00 Xi’an Aerospace General Hospital heated the first clinic, the initial sirness of the nucleic acid was controlled.

Main activity trajectories:

On December 12, 7: 40-9: 00 Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital Pediatrics Clinic on vaccination vaccination.

Controlled on December 15.

Main activity trajectory:

December 13, 7: 18 Yumu Shop (No. 60, Hanshi North Road, Lianhu District), 7: 26 flow Dining car (Seoul Subway B).

December 14, 12:00 old sustauscus face (Hui Chengzhi C-seat opposite side).

On December 16th, 12:00 old supramine mushroom noodles (Huicheng Tianzhi C-seat opposite side), 12:30 in Yawei Jiafu Food Convenience Store (Hui Cheng Tianzi), 18:30 Wang Junxing Trading Store (near Seoul No. 1).

On December 17th, 13: 30 AVIC Xi’an Hospital sent hot clinics, nucleic acid detection is abnormal.

Case 5

Main activity trajectories:

December 11 – December 1On the 2nd, the four-season restaurant VIP2 private room, VIP3 private room.

On December 13th, 22:30-23: 40, No. 3, Husong Community, 2nd Road.

On December 14th, the four-season restaurant work.

December 15th, 10:00 arrived in the four seasons of restaurants.

Case 6

Main activity trajectories:

From about 07:30, gave a child to Cuihua Kindergarten in Chang’an University.

On December 15th, 20: 35 Crystal Estate (Hydrological Lane 88) Door Nucleic Acid Detection Nucleic Acid Sampling.

Beginning on December 16th.

Case 7

Main activity trajectories:

December 11, 7: 46 Qujiang Wangzhang Tang Dynasty convenience store shopping, 13: 00-17: 10 Goodfish gym (No.1, Nanmen No. 1, Chang’an North Road), 18: 43 Xibei Village (Joy City), 20: 00 Datang Night City, 21: 40 Honey Snow Ice City (才Road No. 246), Kenshu Duke Playing Restaurant (1st Floor, Jiaxin Building, Cuihua Road, Yanta District).

December 12, 11: 34 Goodfish Gym (Datunteen Nanmen No. 1 Building), 15: 00 Provincial Stadium North 200m Tang Long Convenience Store (No. 26, Chang’an North Road, Beilin District). 17:50 China Trade Square F2 (Shengyun Self-help).

December 14, 12: 55 Goodfish Fitness (Big Southern Gate 1st Building), 14: 30-15: 00, the case 3 published on the 16th is slide together.

December 16, it was controlled.

diagnosis case 8

Main activity trajectories:

On December 10, the city cube square.

On December 11th, 14: 00 City Cube Plaza Zhang Xingbang is a leather clip.

December 12, 15: 20-15: 50 Yongxingfang, 16: 00-17: 30 City Wall Scenic Area.

December 13th, 08: 35 Mindermen West Pinchaka Handmade fresh shop, 14: 00 City Cube, 15: 23 Viewmark Technology (Charleson glasses, second floor of the city cube square , 18: 30-19: 20 Panel on the Mindhande West Area.

On December 14, 08: 50 Pinnam Handmade fresh storage shop, 14:00 City Cube, 15: 40-16: 40 Yanta District Government Service Center on the third floor.

On December 15th, 08: 50 Penali Handmade fresh shop, 11: 30-12: 00 City Cube 5th floor steamed bowl, 15: 00-18: 00 未 未 购Square, 18: 00-19: 30 sandBoat Ole.

December 17, 09: 30 Shaanxi Rehabilitation Hospital Nucleic Acid Detection, 10: 30 Downstairs Supermarket (Shaanxi Jingbo Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd.). It is managed on the same day.

Main activity trajectories:

December 10, 15: 47 Yanta District Chinese Medicine Hospital (No. 495, Chang’an South Road, Yanta District), 19 : 02 Qujiang New District Huang Master Fu Die Snack Bar (Yanta District North Pool Tou 2 Road, Yanta Zi Ting Court).

December 11th, 16: 47 Bai Dafu massage shop (near the South Gate of the Aerospace Temple).

December 12, 18: 10 Zhenemplate source (Yanta).

On December 13, 16: 00 Qujiang Eastern Water Community Nucleic acid Sampling Point, 16: 10 Pixin (Exhibition Center), 17:00 Meet the Style Barbers (Exhibition Center), 18:30 Barber shop next door fruit store.

December 14, 14: 16 Huahong Snack Store near the 18 Fengcheng 12th Road, 17:00 Yongwang Tea (No. 17, 1st Floor, White Light Industry Wholesale Market, Changle Zhong Road, New Town ), 19: 00 Chaoshan Rhodiole Beef Hot Pot (Red Brick South Road).

On December 15th, 10:50, thousands of miles (near the east gate of Ming Deminger).

On December 16th, 14: 00 Rookie Station and Zhongtong Express (Mingdemen Xintiandi Community Hospital), 15: 07 China Merchants Bank Suzaku Street Branch, 15: 40 Mami Line Store (Suzaku Street South Section ), 18: 00 provincial spots of the three-爻 community nucleic acid sampling point.

December 17, 14:00 is controlled.

Please have a trajectory that is disconnected, and the coincidental friends will take the initiative to report to the community, work unit, and cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid detection, isolation management.

The Provincial CDC called: the general public friend, nucleic acid detection is the \”monitoring network\” of the epidemic prevention and control, and the nucleic acid detection is to quickly discover viral infections, effectively cut off the pathway, to prevent the most spread of the epidemic Important means. In order to prevent the epidemic from further spreading, the possible infectious sources are found, and Xi’an is now a nucleic acid detection of the city’s personnel (including coming to Xi’an personnel, mobile personnel). This is a very difficult and meticulous work, can’t leave the general public friends. Active cooperation. At present, all districts and counties and development areas of the city have set a large number of nucleic acid sampling points outdoors along the street. Please choose the sampling point of the community to carry out nucleic acid sampling. If it is not allowed to participate in the nucleic acid sample, please go to the near sample point as soon as possible. sampling. All units, communities are invited to mobilize, and they have extensively launch cadres and the citizens actively participate in all nucleic acid detection.

Author: Gong Shijian Jianyuan 原

Source: People’s Daily Client Shaanxi Channel

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