Can Jedi survive? (How much is Jedi survived)

After the \”stimulating battlefield\”, it has become \”Peace Elite\”. With the online launch of the gold system, a bunch of gold players will go far from the road of, then the most happy estimate of this behind it is Ma Huateng. After the successful opening of the golden passage, many people once again saw that this group of Chinese players in the game golden field is stronger, it is rare.

Before \”Peace Elite\”, Tencent’s \”King Glory\” has always been a father-level person on the global mobile income list, and \”stimulating the battlefield\” becomes \”peace After elite, \”Peace Elite\” continued for three months, and the glory of the global mobile game in the top three consecutive months.

PUBG手游到底多赚钱?7月份赚了11个亿 全球第一 According to Sensortower report, Tencent mobile game \”Jedi survival\” (including \”peace elite\”) in July The income is as high as $ 167 million (more than RMB 1180 million), which has risen several times from $ 46 million last year, which also makes \”Jedi survival\” have become the world’s most popular big escape.

Due to \”Peaceful Elite\” has supported goods, in the past two months, the Chinese market is \”Survival \”The mobile game contributed about 241 million US dollars, about 28% of the total game total income, and this data did not even calculate the Android version of\” Peace Elite \”. From the picture below, we can see that compared with \”Fortress Night\” and \”Wilderness Action\”, \”Jedi Survival\” mobile games have a long time to face a few months, and the total income has also surpassed these two games. .

PUBG手游到底多赚钱?7月份赚了11个亿 全球第一

Sensor Tower Joint Founder Alex Malafee Vu Show to the Council in the email: \”China is the main major Driving force – In just two months, the Chinese market contributed 30% of the total revenue of the game history. Despite this, even if the income of the Chinese market, the income of this game has increased by 310% compared with last year, very \”

At present, in the three majesty of the big escape, the total income of\” Peace Elite \”has exceeded the\” Night \”and\” \” Wilderness action, and this is a game that has just opened the purchase channel, but before this, Tencent rely on \”stimulating battlefield\” to accumulate a large number of users, and the time is longer, so that many players can succeed and transition to smoothly \”Peace Elite\” is also the advantage of Tencent. The \”King\” and \”Peace Elite\” and \”Peace Elite\” to support Tencent’s entire mobile phone department is completely no problem, but the broad bean is still looking forward to there are more, more boutique mobile games.

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